Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Wednesday, September 19, 2012

BREAKING NEWS, NEW DETAILS ON ATTACK AGAINST AMERICANS IN LIBYA, Source, Amb. Stevens worried about never ending security risks: Anderson Cooper reports, interviews Sen. John McCain and then follows up with Bob Baer & Fran Townsend

STRATEGY SHIFT, Romney team: Video "debunked", "selectively edited": Anderson's follow up with Dylan Byers (Politico Media Reporter who denies the fact that he "debunked" the video as the Romney campaign claims), Gloria Borger and John King

ROMNEY NOT WORRIED ABOUT 47% OF AMERICANS, McCain, "In 2007, I was given up for dead politically": More of Anderson's interview with McCain

AMANDA KNOX'S EX SPEAKS OUT, Ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito tells his side in new memoir: Anderson's interview with Sollecito
(Note: For those interested, Sollecito will be a guest on Anderson's talk show tomorrow, the segment was taped earlier today.)




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Anonymous said...

I'm about to rant, but tonight was just over the top for me. First, Anderson let John McCain make a totally false statement regarding President Obama ending the Iraq War. Perhaps McCain has selective recall, but it was George W. Bush that signed the agreement in 2008, for the U.S. to pull out combat troops in December 2011. President Obama upheld that agreement. The fact that Anderson didn't push back with Senator McCain is beyond me.

I believe it was just last night on AC360 that John King was showing us how unpopular the war in Afghanistan is with the American people (not to mention the massive debt we are accumulating and people's concern with the national debt), but apparently the war not going well in Afghanistan is President Obama's fault, too, according to John McCain. Perhaps if Bush hadn't taken his eye off Afghanistan to invade Iraq, the U.S. would have retained sympathy and assistance within the international community and the outcome in Afghanistan may have been differnt.

McCain is complaining about security in Libya and he was the one on AC360 night after night pushing for the U.S. to take action (without a coalition) in Libya and has also pushed for the same in Syria. Does he not realize why Al-Queda is upset with Americans?

If McCain is so high on a Mitt Romney as president, why didn't he select Mitt to be his running mate in 2008; oh that's right, he picked She Who Shall Not Be Named.

Then it wasn't long ago that I remember Anderson called out another guest about not naming his source and called the claims non-credible because no source was namted (I believe that was Senator Harry Reid concerning Mitt's tax records), yet Anderson wouldn't name his source tonight in the "Breaking News" lead story. I guess he has selective re-call, too?

And, why oh why did the ex-boyfriend of Amanda Knox hocking his recent book make AC360 and there was no mention of the Republican's in the Senate killing a bill that would have created jobs for veterans? Guess it's easier to double dip, when said guest was interviewed today for a segment on your talk show tomorrow - than to try to question McCain about what his fellow Republican senators have against jobs for veterans?

I'm sorry, but for me AC360 was a major fail tonight - full of inaccuracies and laziness.

-- Jenn

Anonymous said...

Anderson,what did John McCain mean when he said"I`m glad,and I believe you may be,that foreign policy has finally emerged as at least an issue to be discussed in this campaign"? then finished with jobs and the economy. That statement sounds like he`s glad that there was a riot in the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what can I say after Jenn's awesome 10:17 pm post? Well written, Jenn!

360 at least had a question mark in the 'Romney Video Debunked?' segment. Dylan Byers was well-spoken and made his point, loved John King's line, "Don't bother looking for logic in politics." At first Gloria Borger got some points when she brought up the poll - who's better connected to ordinary Americans (Registered Voters)" - the poll had Obama at 60% and Romney in the mid-20s. Borger strongly implied the 60% was entirely made up of those in the 47%. Anderson should have said something there also.

The Amanda Knox ex-boyfriend segment wasn't interesting but at least it wasn't about politics or attacks on Americans. However, I agree with Jenn that the veterans jobs bill should have been mentioned, at least in the Bulletin.

Note to Isha - after the Shot Anderson teased you for not having a loose baby tooth ever pulled out in a fun way. I'm in the same boat, no door slamming or race cars.

Note to Anderson - former Miss Teen South Carolina Caite redeemed herself a great deal by being on The Amazing Race and making it to the final leg.


aries moon said...

I agree with everything Jenn stated about Wednesday's 360. Not only did Anderson not name the source, it sounded to me as if they only had one source and AC has also said in the past that you need at least two sources before reporting the info--Fran Townsend also seemed to be a little fuzzy on details regarding what the Ambassador expressed about the danger to him in Libya and whether or not he knew if he was on the Al-Queda hit list--I'd imagine he did know and we don't know what sort of arrangements or discussions he may have had with other officials. Why doesn't 360 ever have someone from the Obama Administration or a Democratic spokesperson on to give another perspective on Libya? Why is John McCain always given a platform on 360 to rant against the president without any questioning or push-back from Anderson? Why did we need to hear McCain's thoughts on Romney? Since McCain has an agenda and is still bitter about losing to Obama, perhaps they could book a conservative who is capable of reasonable reflection--there are a few out there considering the criticism Romney's getting from his own party. Since McCain gets to make regular appearances on 360 criticizing the Obama Administration, it's only fair that a Democrat be allowed to come on the show whenever he appears to counter him, otherwise they can't really claim to be non-partisan.

And 360 ignoring the Republicans blocking of the Veteran's Jobs bill is inexcusable. No one cares about Amanda Knox.

Anonymous said...

It's Jenn,

Just found out that McCain actually cast a 'nay' vote himself on the Veteran's jobs bill today. I always thought Anderson supported the troops and stuck up for them. I guess that takes a back seat to his sucking up to McCain?

Anonymous said...

I see where my post about Anderson not having time to do his homework because of his dayshow, was just casually ignored.
I'm sorry.
Did I touch a nerve because everyone here said basically the same thing and one person said he "sucked up to McCain."
He sucked up to McCain because if he challenged him, McCain wouldn't be a source for anti Obama rhetoric.