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Anderson Cooper, Hurricane Katrina: A Look Back, Part 2

Today we look back at some more of Anderson's reporting from NOLA and The Gulf on various anniversaries of Hurricane Katrina. Enjoy ~

30 Days Later: Anderson is back reporting from Waveland ~

3 Months: Kid's raise money to help pets, other kids; and enlist Anderson's help for distribution
Part 1 ~
Part 2 ~

One Year Later:

August 28, 2006: The second hour of AC30 was a special called 'Dispatches from Katrina' which looked back at initial reporting, with narration by Anderson.

Dispatches from Katrina, part 1a ~

Dispatches from Katrina, part 1b ~

Dispatches from Katrina, part 2 ~

Dispatches from Katrina, part 3 and end ~

August 29, 2006:

Thanks for joining us for this special hour of 360. You know, one year ago tonight we were just beginning to grasp the disaster unfolding here in New Orleans. Water was pouring into the city fast, turning houses into death traps. Eventually 80 percent of the city would be flooded. It would get worse, of course, much worse before it was over. As the days ticked by and the death toll rose, it became horribly clear that human error had made the worst natural disaster in the U.S. history even deadlier. It turned it into a catastrophe. ~ Anderson Cooper

Overview of Lower Ninth Ward location ~

Reporter's Notebook & Miss Connie update ~

Between the first and second anniversaries of Hurricane Katrina, Anderson made several trips back to NOLA and the Gulf. During a few of those times he introduced us to and followed up with Herbert Gettridge ~

January 2007, We meet Herbert ~

February 2007, A progress report ~

April 2007, A Tour of Herbert's nearly completed home ~

And somewhere along the way Herbert Gettridge was featured in THE SHOT ~

Two Year's Later
August 29, 2007:

We don't care much for anniversaries on this program, solemn remembrances of stories long since past. But tonight we come to you from New Orleans to report on a story that is still very much unfolding. Two years ago tonight these streets were filling with water. Levees poorly build over decades on shifting sand failed. And two years ago tonight what was a national disaster became, very quickly, a man made one. Now, two years later, the recovery of this city, this region, is underway and it too is man made. Two years ago government failed, the people here have not. New Orleans is rising again. ~ Anderson Cooper

Opening & Waveland then and now ~

Boat ride flashback and home demolition taking place ~

Final Thoughts & End ~

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