Monday, September 03, 2012

Anderson Cooper Monday 9/3/12

Anderson Cooper tweeted on Monday that he had arrived in Charlotte to cover the Democratic National Convention.

Anderson anchored a 1/2 hour special that was sandwiched between premiere of the Obama Revealed documentary and its repeat. He led a group discussion of the documentary with Jessica Yellin, Candy Crowley, James Carville, Alex Castellanos, Wolf Blitzer and Gloria Borger.

Sam Feist tweeted this picture of the group watching the special as it aired.


@SheridanWCNC tweeted this pic of AC arriving at the convention for tonight's live show.

And yet again this weekend's Fashion Police had an Anderson mention. Why does Joan Rivers have her panties in a wad over Cooper's sexuality? While we understand that Rivers is a comedian does she cross the line this time?

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Anonymous said...

Joan Rivers is a has been who is trying to make herself seem relevant. She did cross a line.

Anonymous said...

To answer your question, yes Joan crossed the line, IMO, but then that's what she does and why I won't watch her. IMO she's rude and crude and tasteless - not funny. To make jokes about someone's sexuality is mean spirited, not funny. In this age of gay bullying and young kids committing suicide because they are gay - it's especially sad that she would find this funny or appropriate, no matter the person. I understand why gay people are hesitant to make that coming out statement if this is the way they can expect to be treated. I know Anderson is a 45 year old man and can shrug it off, but what about the young kids that are struggling and can't? With all the focus on stopping bullying - why Joan finds it okay to be a bully is beyond me.

I was rather puzzled by CNN's coverage last night. It was not what they had released in their press releases or what was in the Guide on my TV or my TiVO. They apparently scrapped the 7-8pmET live hour they advertised to re-run the Romney revealed in place of "America's Choice, The Road to the Democratic Convention" then cut the 9:30-11:00ET Live special of "America's Choice, The Road to the Democratic Convention" to just 9:30 to 10ET and re-ran the President Obama special early.

This only highlights all that's wrong with CNN - the can't stay true to their press releases and what they release to TV carriers for programming so people setting their DVRs and TiVOs don't get the programming they expect. CNN spent 1 1/2 hours discussing the Romney special but only 30 minutes discussing the POTUS one - no fair and balances there. Plus, will they replay the President Obama special 8 times, like they now have the Romney one? So far only 2 maybe 3 times for the President Obama special, so when can we expect the other 5 replays - or is this further proof that CNN is leaning right more so by the day?

-- Jenn

Anonymous said...

@Jenn: It is interesting that you bring up suicide.
Joan's husband was NOT GAY and he committed suicide and at the time everyone thought her career was over.
She thought her career was over, but she over came it and kept going
and built a mulit-million dollar business on QVC.
Joan does not need to work. She does not need to be on E or hosting anything.
She is much admired by a multitude of people in the business and Anderson should have thought about how comics would take his sexuality, BEFORE going public.
I seem to remember someone thinking it was a big joke because a French actor did something unbecoming on an airplane....and he laughed about it every chance he got.