Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Anderson Cooper Tuesday 9/4/12

Anderson co-anchored with Wolf Blitzer from the Democratic National Convention during primetime tonight. The panel included Donna Brazille, James Carville, Gloria Borger, Alex Castellanos, John King, Jessica Yellin, Ali Fleischer, Rowland Martin and David Gergen. Working the floor were Candy Crowley, Kate Bolduan, Brianna Keilar, Soledad O'Brien and John Berman. Tom Foreman and Erin Burnett did the fact checking at the end of the evening.


From Fox Charlotte this morning:

Pictures from Facebook, Twitter & Instagram today.

Anderson tweeted this & said 'What I see when on tv':
and another from AC:
Pat Davis:

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Parker said...

@ Anonymous 9/1/12 - 12.20 am

I hear where you are coming from, understand your disappointment, and I’m truly sorry you feel this way.

As citizens of a Country no matter what your roots are, or whatever part of the globe you reside in, the spirit of true freedom, democracy plays a huge role in how we define ourselves and our place in society and the legacy we leave behind.

Some things in life are given to you, others you earn. In tough times our strength is tested by how we handle times of challenge. If you need to define the strength and resolve of a nation and her people, make that determination at a time of consequence.

Your right when you say “President Obama will be fighting an uphill battle”, but did it ever occur to you that this uphill battle began from the moment he took Office against a Congress whose mission from day one was to ensure this man, this President was a one term President as Mitch McConnell publically declared?

You mentioned you are “one of the many disenfranchised voters who will vote for President Obama, but not with the former zeal you once had because of the President’s unrealistic disconnect, using Twitter to show his support for the Teachers Union”, and “there will be many teachers and other public servants who were so discouraged by his lack of empathy for their job security, that they will more than likely, not vote at all”.

Would I be right in assuming you are or once were a Teacher at some point or public servant of some sort? Without sounding condescending or with no intent of disparaging any public servants, being one myself, if you are for example a Teacher, allow me to challenge your thought process, if you would please....

Let me ask you firstly, if you are a Teacher for example, why did you choose that profession? What did you hope to achieve? What did you intent to accomplish out of your life? What were the influences that led you to choose this as a career?

When you thought to become a public servant, a Teacher perhaps, did it ever occur to you - someday the President’s “lack of empathy” will disenfranchise me? Job Security is what we make of it. As Americans, as Global Citizens we are all facing challenging times. What makes YOU any different from the millions of working men, women or teenagers old enough to work? What makes you so special or different from the humanitarian aid worker who puts his or her life on the line each day, so that the less fortunate have a shot at a different life? What makes you more special than the soldier who voluntarily picks up a rifle, trains as a soldier, stands at a post in a distant land and says nothing’s going to harm you tonight, not on my watch, for I will lay down my life to protect yours?

Please know, I would never disparage the hard work and dedication of most of our public servants, least of all Teachers. But the men and women I know who dedicate themselves to public service don’t do it for the empathy, recognition or even God-forbid the job security. They do it because of the passion and endless desire to serve their fellow citizens in good times and bad. Their call to duty is driven by their passion not just to make a difference, but rather to be the difference in the lives of their fellow citizens.

Just because the President took to Twitter to show his support for the Teachers’ Union you’re tick off at him and feel disenfranchised because he seems less empathetic, give me a break. The measure of your success should be more than feeling of being disenfranchised because of a Twitter message from a man bears the burden of the Nation on his shoulders. The measure of your success as and pride as a Teacher should to know you’ve made a difference in the life of a child that day! Don’t ever take for granted the impact you make in the life of that young child or student. Your President doesn’t take you for granted. Your country does not take you for granted.

.... cont.

Parker said...

Anon 9/1/2012 12.20 am


When you do what your good at, you don’t ever have to be reminded how good you are at what you do. We are all facing tough times, and this President more than any other, is facing the most toughest of challenges, with even worse choices and the most divisive Congress we’ve seen, certainly in the last 40 years!

Our lives are changing each moment of every single day, learn to embrace it. Each of us is called to duty when times are tough, and none of us will ever know our deepest strengths until we are tested. There is going to come a time when we all have to make a choice come November. The only difference between you and the next person who walks in to that voting booth is what kind of a man you choose to lead this Country in the most trying times of our generation. We are the generation who has seen more war, more natural and manmade disasters, and a generation who has been through the most devastating Financial Crisis since the great depression.

Do not for one moment think you don’t have a choice to make a difference. You supported a man you once believed can bring about the kind of change America needs. Don’t support him because you feel you don’t have any other choice. Stand up for your convictions and Vote for him because you TRULY BELEIVE he is the BEST man to lead OUR COUNTRY.

Democracy is about choice, not fear. If you are truly a teacher, if you are a parent, if you are a student of life, here is your opportunity to truly be the leader and teach what democracy in action really looks like. Yes times are tough, and with the courage of our convictions, we now have an opportunity to own our challenges and test our true resolve by the choices we make, by the support we give our President, by challenging our Elected Officials to do better, in good times and bad.

aries moon said...

First Lady Michelle Obama's speech was amazing, warm, heartfelt and smart--I don't care what any of the pundits on CNN had to say, she was awesome. There were so many great speakers at the DNC--I especially loved Deval Patrick's fierce defense and support of President Obama, something all his surrogates could learn from.

I noticed CNN had an immediate fact check after some of the major speeches--I wonder if that was done at the RNC when Ryan was lyin' all over the place.

Nice pics--I like that overhead shot of AC, Gloria Borger and the other guy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video of Anderson chatting with the Charlotte FOX morning show. They asked all the right questions and Anderson gave all the perfect answers, a perfectly nicely packaged interview... but somewhat sterile, like it was overly rehearsed.

Anderson talked up the second season of 'Anderson' and revealed his first co-host will be Kristin Chenowith but there was nothing there to get anyone excited about the show. Or about 360 for that matter.

Is anyone here watching the convention?
Maybe just tuning in for a minute when the program you really want to watch is having a commercial break?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I was a teacher for many years and if I sent what you wrote to anyone in my association they'd laugh.
USA Today just published an article about how many NEW teachers are coming into the field because of attrition.
Because nobody wants a job where there's zero security, and zero back up and a salary that hardly matches that of a sanitation worker. (you should excuse the expression)
Your rhetoric is charming.
But charm doesn't pay the bills.
President Obama should have been in Wisconsin live and in person.
Just who does he think makes up his base?
And while were on the POTUS, Anderson should have been there as well.
Who does he thinks makes up his daytime audience, HIS BASE?
All the underemployed, disenfranchised voters you quickly dismiss.