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Anderson Cooper Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Anderson, again, co-anchored with Wolf Blitzer from the Democratic National Convention during prime time tonight. The panel included Donna Brazile, Gloria Borger, Alex Castellanos, John King, Paul Begala, Van Jones, David Gergen and Ali Fleischer.

Anderson had a funny moment in the booth that had them all chuckling ~

And an interview with former Speaker of the House, Nancy Peolsi ~

And a little "behind the scenes" compliments of John King ~

Prepping in #cnnelections skybox.


Anderson stopped by Fox Charlotte yesterday and after his interview he did a segment called "7 Questions with Anderson Cooper and Just Jess":

From Tuesday night's coverage of the Democratic National Convention ~

It was announced today that on October 15 the Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) will present its 11th annual An Enduring Vision benefit at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City. Award-winning CNN anchor Anderson Cooper will host, and Founder Sir Elton John and Chairman David Furnish will pay tribute to several esteemed philanthropists by presenting EJAF's Enduring Vision Awards to long-time supporters Robert Kraft, Diana Jenkins, and Joseph Blount. Please click here for the full press release.

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aries moon said...

CNN seems to spend more time soliciting the input of their conservative pundits than they do with talking to any Democrats. I'm really sick of Gergen, Borger and John King because everything they say about President Obama (when they actually call him "President") is gloom and doom and they act like he has to be propped up by Bill Clinton because he can't articulate anything for himself which is insulting--I like Bill Clinton and he gave a great speech, but President Obama deserves some credit for preventing this country from being worse off than it could've been these past few years. I think the Democratic pundits on CNN are not forceful enough in defending the President. All we hear is one negative thing after another from the pundits with weak rebuttals. President Obama deserves better from his surrogates. I'm pretty disappointed with the entire CNN team, including Anderson--they are entirely too concerned with what Republicans think. They had their turn last week and I don't recall Erin Burnett or Tom Foreman doing instant "reality checks" on the GOP. Burnett's so biased, she can't even be a part of the panel. John King was practically giddy at the prospect of a bad jobs report on Friday. I'm rambling and annoyed, but there's a reason why CNN is getting beat in coverage by MSNBC.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, ATA, for the video clips. Interesting and ironic that Anderson says a few times in the first one, "Nothing to see here, move along folks." Because apparently none of the ATA commentators have watched.

The second video from FOX Charlotte actually had a few good insights and lines:
- Anderson has never been to Biltmore and wishes his ancestors had spent the money not on houses but on investments so he wouldn't have to work so hard.
- Anderson's uncontrollable giggling and Dinguss (sp?) Day.
- The 'Anderson' audience dances during commercial breaks. I can not picture that.
I just wish the segment didn't have the sappy background music.

Okay, so nobody here is watching the convention. What are you watching (if anything)? Are you reading a good book? And how does it relate to Anderson?

I'll go first. I watched some of the Dallas-NY football game. Queen Latifah sang the national anthem. Usually I don't like it when singers mess around with the anthem but Queen Latifah put her own spin on it and it sounded fantastic. This relates to Anderson because she'd be a great co-host.

On YouTube, I'm watching The Amazing Race Israel 2 which hasn't been dubbed or subtitled into English. I'm a big TAR fan and can still follow the show and enjoy it but if anyone here understands Hebrew, let me know. This relates to Anderson because Anderson's been to Israel (when covering the Lebonan conflict a few years ago).

Just started a new book and it doesn't relate to Anderson at all as of yet.

There have been only two comments in the last four ATA daily posts. Come on! Write something! Even if it's just to say how much you like vanilla ice cream which relates to Anderson because it is also the color of his hair.


Phebe said...

Jaanza, I'm watching BB online, Showtime and during primetime on CBS. I swear every year I won't get sucked in again but I always do. During tonight's BB they showed the new promo for TAR and they've upped the prize to 2 million dollars. Starts very late in September.
I did watch Pres. Clinton's speech and he's better than ever. But I have a very negative opinion of the conventions in general during this time when so many people are unemployed, underemployed and living on the edge. The party atmosphere reminds me of the old idiom "Nero fiddled while Rome burned".

Anonymous said...


I took the time to post a comment yesterday on the ATA site that was 2 pages long in response to Anon 9/1/2012 12.20 am and it wasn't posted by the ATA team. Not sure why!!


The ATA Team said...

@Parker, After reading your comment we checked our dashboard and there were 5 comments in there that never were emailed to us. At least one was yours. They are now published and readers please accept our apologies.

Anonymous said...

I wrote my comment before seeing Aries Moon's post.

Good comments, Aries! Proves you've really been paying attention and are able to give a knowledgable critique of CNN's convention coverage.

Phebe - I don't think political conventions are necessary anymore, at least not these multi-day over-blown broohahas. I've watched a few BBs (Big Brother to the rest of you) early on but it just never caught on with me.

Parker and ATA - I'll check the previous days for those new posts. Right now I'll take a wild guess and presume they relate to Anderson somehow and to ice cream not at all.


Anonymous said...

I'm watching -- I've watched all of the DNC coverage both nights. I'm a political junkie and working to get President Obama re-elected.

I've watched on CNN mostly for obvious reasons and while I understand some people's views on the necessity of conventions, I can tell you that they do make a difference. Maybe not what they once did, but they fire up the base and impel people to get involved/volunteer/donate money, etc. I'm seeing if first hand with President Obama's re-election campaign organization at the local level. While I did some work in 2008 and a little more on passing the Affordable Care Act, I've really stepped up this campaign at the local level and find it all very fascinating.

Also, any convention will bolster the local economy and one of this size I'm sure has helped Charlotte - I'm guessing the hotels and restaurants are very happy to have the convention this year.

CNN needs new pundits. I'm also tired of Wolf, but he did compliment both Michelle Obama and President Clinton on their wonderful speeches. It will be interesting to see what he has to say about President Obama's speech tomorrow night, because he seems to lean right lately - as does most of CNN and I think their ratings are reflective of that.

I'd like to see Paul Begala a staple on Anderson's panel during the DNC as he is the one that will push back.

I think this convention and the debates have the potential of blowing the election wide open and if that happens it's not good for CNN. I think CNN is trying to paint a picture different from the reality for their own purposes.

I'm surprised that Anderson hasn't been doing some Celebrity interviews in the CNN Grill like he has at past conventions. I guess that assignment went to Piers and I refuse to watch him.


Anonymous said...

I'm actually watching the DNC, I also watched the Republican convention last week. I find it interesting and informative, if you dig in between the slogans and the boo-haa. I do agree that it would have been more responsible on both sides, to come up with something more modest, considering everything going on.
@Jaanza - Hebrew speaker at your service:) the amazing race is one of the better Israeli productions, it's so good that the American production actually borrowed some ideas... Reality TV is big in Israel now, as we Israelis like to import anything American. The Israeli production of Big Brother got into some serious trouble recently, as it turned out they were employing a psychiatrist to administer psychotic drugs to show participants, so they can produce more drama; as it turns out, we Israelis just don't get enough drama in real life. Sarah

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza I switch between CNN and Cspan and if it gets too boring I watch stuff On Demand.

TAR come Sept 30, I will be watching since the Fabulous Beekman Boys will be participating(Brent and Josh ARE fabulous)

Reading? Cookbooks searching for recipes that I can make this fall and squirrel away for the Winter. But I do have over 200 books on my Kindle, all were free except 2.

aries moon said...

@Jaanza, thank you!

I agree with Wonz about Paul Begala in general, he just wasn't pushing back against all the negativity last night from the pundits/anchors as hard as I would've liked, same for Donna Brazille.

Anonymous said...

Parker - I went back to 9/4/12 and read your comment. Maybe ATA didn't post it right away because it's more of a political rant. Maybe the post you were responding to was purely political also (I can't find it, no comments on the 9/1/12 ATA post). Your post was well-written and made it's point but political opinions can be found all over the internet. I come to this website to read about Anderson and 360 and CNN.

Anon 11:09 AM - I'm looking forward to TAR 21, saw the video showcasing the teams but don't have a favorite yet. I wonder about the rock musician named Abba; maybe the name is supposed to be ironic?

Sarah - thank you! There's so much I would like translated but TAR Israel 2 is something like 28 episodes on YouTube and each episode is an hour or more. Lots of words! I can follow along well enough and I really like the show. I'm up to episode 16, don't tell me how it ends.

What I'm most curious about is Alon, he's the funniest person on the show. When the teams are talking to the cameras and saying what they think about the countries, the tasks or the other teams Alon often says something that makes his brother Oren laugh. Even walking around or doing the tasks, Aron is very funny but 90% of the time it's in Hebrew. Oren cracks up and I'm left out of the joke.

TAR Israel 1 is subtitled in English on YouTube; maybe if I wait long enough TAR Israel 2 will be too in the near future.

And this relates to Anderson because I bet Anderson knows more words in Hebrew than I do.


Anonymous said...


I know you comment regularly and I appreciate that. I'm sorry if you don't like politics, but other people do and right now Anderson is covering politics. Parker's comments were appropriate. Sorry, but Anderson's not covering what book you may be reading or television show you may be watching. And as much as you may think that somehow relates to Anderson, it doesn't.

Anonymous said...

@aries moon:
As one of the more intelligent commenters here, meaning you my dear, I'm very surprised that you continue to watch Anderson, period.
I gave up on him a long time ago, though I am watching the DNC.
If YOU were that disappointed in AC, you wouldn't be watching his dayshow and you do because you always comment on it.
How can a well read, well rounded person of your caliber watch that day show...
It boggles the least my mind.
Just asking.

Anonymous said...

You were probably answering me:
I began by saying that I agreed with your "eloquent candor about the Republicans," and etc but I went on to criticize President Obama and said that he had little empathy for public servants by "using twitter to show his support," and not actually showing up to face Scott Walker in Wisconsin.
I stand by that and nothing you said in your two or three page comment is going to change my opinion.
And I also said I would vote for him anyway.
Did it really take you two whole pages to defend him for NOT showing support for public servants???
Don't answer that because I'm not a bit interested in your rationalization and neither are any of my association members.

Anonymous said...

@12:42 Unfortunately, many think that because President Obama didn't go to Wisconsin he doesn't support labor. I simply don't think that's true. While he may not have been in Wisconsin, his ground organization was and not only the OFA in Wisconsin. Many OFA offices from neighboring states were working in/with to assist in their efforts. To say the President didn't/doesn't care simply isn't true.

Parker said...

@ Jaanza – it’s unfortunate you couldn’t find anon 9/1/2012 message posted at 12.20 AM. Maybe if you had given it as much of an effort to find it, read it and understand it as you do your reality shows, you have a better understanding of my comment.

My comment is not a “political rant” as you called it, but a challenge for a deeper understanding of the challenges we face as a Nation, and the most important decision we will be called to make come November, a decision that will affect us for decades to come.

I have the privilege to travel across the globe, to the most tumultuous of Nations in the most disastrous of situations. I also have the opportunity to visit Nations in times of peace and prosperity. I cannot count the number of times I have sat at a roadside cafe under the rays of a blistering sun, or a war torn countryside, bombarded, battered and broken from the spoils of war, where citizens of those nations have looked to us as Americans, with the deep yearning for the kind of freedom and democracy we so enjoy, and unfortunately like yourself, so many take for granted and squander the opportunity.

Jaanza - Do what you will, say what you will, but don’t ever take for granted your freedom of democracy. Not now, not ever. And please, please, please, don’t ever assume perhaps because of your lack of enthusiasm for the process of democracy in action, that others would share your sentiments.
We are at the hinge of history, my previous post was meant to reflect that. It isn’t a political rant.

Anon 9/7/12 – 12.42 am - it saddens me to think of the kind of teacher you would be, (if that's what you really are).

Anon 9/7/12 – 12.17 am & – Thanks. Appreciate you.

Anon 9/7/12 - 12.26 pm - I agree totally.

Anonymous said...

Parker - I did search for the 9/1/12 12:30 comment. I just did another search and still can't find it. There are no posts on ATA's 9/1/12 comment page and on the 8/31/12 comment page there are several posts dated 9/1/12 but none are the post you are referring to.

Despite how it looks, I love democracy and voted consistently since 18. It's great that there are people who are still enthused by the whole process. I'm often burned out by the campaign 2012 coverage which has been going on for nearly a year.

When I wrote my first comment on this page, it was true there were only two comments on the last four ATA daily posts (Aries Moon's first comment here wasn't posted yet). It looked like no one was watching the convention coverage. So I asked frivolous questions just to get anyone to write in and say something, anything, whether about Anderson or other TV shows or ice cream or whatever.

And surprisingly, a few people responded with genuine answers to my off-topic questions and others had excellent on-topic comments about CNN's coverage. "Chatter" was generated and my mission was accomplished.

I especially appreciated Sarah's offer. I'm not expecting her to translate 28 hours of words but there are some some questions about the show I've been wondering about.

I will still pay attention to political news but also still get burned out on it.


Anonymous said...

@Parker: "It saddens YOU to think of what kind of a teacher I would be if that is what I really was."
Let's get one thing straight Ms Parker, Who are YOU to judge anyone?
With your superficial, superior attitude.
Tell us all, who died and left YOU in charge?

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza: Say and post whatever you like.
Nobody should be able to tell anybody else what to think, nobody.
And nobody is better than anyone else because they quote "travel the globe!"
Why Paker would like us all to think she sat across from the Secretary of State and was her assistant!
Oh My!
And yes, this is a rant but not one that is political.

The ATA Team said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The ATA Team said...

@Jaanza, Mission accomplished, you seemed to touch a nerve and get people talking. Hope you didn't mind the occasionally spirited conversation. Thank you for your loyalty.

As AC said earlier this week, nothing happening here folks it's time to move on.