Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Anderson Live, Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Anderson's Co-Host for the day was Kelly Osbourne ~

Enjoy the 'First 15' ~

Today's guest segments included: Ryan Lochte and cast members from TLC's "Breaking Amish


Per reader request, yesterday's segment with Jacqueline Laurita from "The Real Housewives of New Jersey"

Anderson's 'live chat' after the show from today ~

And from Monday ~

And from the end of Tuesday's show ~

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Anonymous said...

This was the first time I was able to sit down and actually watch the entire show without interruption, almost. The first minute was preempted by a CBS special report and I switched to CNN for details. When I did finally get back to AC LIVE I found it to be better than I expected. He seemed more relaxed and not as stressed as before. They are still doing some tweeking, but so far so good, too bad it's not live where I am.

Final note, we need music Anderson, you don't have to dance, but a little musical entertainment would bee great

Anonymous said...

Thank you for fulfilling my request
to see Jacqueline and her husband Chris.
Nicey Nash asked some very pertinent questions and her hosting skills far exceeded Anderson's.
Here's what Anderson should know about autism and didn' happens more to boys than girls and he should have done his homework.
An entire show could be built around this subject and you can't discuss this it fully in 8 minutes or less.
Jacqueline's older son is very quiet as well. He could be very well behaved or this could be symptomatic. As a viewer you can't judge by watching the show.
Her last child was had in her early forties...age also can make a difference.
MD's are at odds about whether autism could be linked to combination of required injections for school age students.
Finally, Jacqueline may have possibly been treated with fertility drugs before her pregnancy...That was shown in earlier episodes, but I'm not certain.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I finally got to see an episode of the live show. What is with the first 5 minutes where Anderson and the co-host chitchat? Its super annoying/obnoxious and ruins the entire show. I hope they ditch it. I did like Kelly Osbourne though, she was the best part of the show. If they ever decided to go with a permanent co-host Kelly Osbourne would be a good co-host.

Anonymous said...

In the Delaware area, which includes southern Delaware and parts of Maryland, Anderson Live is not being broadcasted.
Though this is not considered a major market, as in the NY area, every talker, including Wendy Williams, Steve Harvey, and Ricki Lake, as well as Katie and of course Ellen are all in the line up.
What this tells me is that some affiliates chose not to carry Anderson Live in favor of other shows like Dr Oz, who had the First Lady as his first guest.
Make what you will of it, but when affiliates say no and are given the option, Anderson Live just isn't a draw in all markets and he doesn't have a "market share."

Anonymous said...

Of the three Kelly-Ripa-like co-hosts, Kelly Osborne was the most un-Kelly-Ripa-like.

I really liked their conversation about fashion week and models "clomping" on the runway. Anderson sniffing the sun-tanner stained underwear will probably be Moment of the Week.

Also liked the conversation about Chris Brown.
"Well, given his history, he's proved he's not that smart." said Kelly.

Loved Kelly's comment about 'free-range' Mom's idea of a Central Park unsupervised play group, saying 'the world isn't like that, you can't leave kids alone in the park'.

Except for the Mermaid Lady, it was a great 'First 15'.

Lastly, loved Kelly's comment "I'm a fan of watching the swimming Olympics because that seemed to be the only thing that was on TV." You could interpret that so many ways but i'm taking it as a criticism of NBC's coverage of the Olympics.

@ACAnderfan - I have not seen the interviews or the rest of 'Anderson Live', don't know how the interviews are going. I really liked Anderson's and Kelly's chat. Do you believe the entire 'hosts chatting' idea is a bad one including Ripa and Whoever or just when Anderson does it. I agree it still needs some fine-tuning but don't think he will ever ditch it.


On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@Jaanza, I just don't like the host chat for Anderson's live show. To be honest I don't really like the live show all that much. I think the other format was much better but they're only a week into it maybe it will improve.

Anonymous said...

'Hotdog and showbiz?'
Yes, LA Times you were soooo right.