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Next Week on Anderson 9/10/12

Monday September 10:
Emmy Award®-winner Kristin Chenoweth and Grammy Award®-winner Beyoncé
Grammy® and Tony Award®-winning actress Kristin Chenoweth (GCB) kicks off the week as Anderson’s first co-host of the season; while sixteen-time Grammy Award®-winner Beyoncé discusses motherhood.

Tuesday September 11: Comedian Niecy Nash, Real Housewife Jacqueline Laurita, and The Human Lie Detector, Janine Driver
Comedy actress Niecy Nash co-hosts with Anderson as the duo sit down with Real Housewife Jacqueline Laurita (REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY) to discuss her son Nicholas’ diagnosis of autism and her fight to treat him. Then, body language expert and human lie detector, Janine Driver dissects body language by sharing her top three ways to spot a liar.

Wednesday September 12: E!’s Kelly Osbourne, U.S. Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte, and the cast of BREAKING AMISH
E!’s FASHION POLICE (Premieres Monday Sept. 24 at 10 p.m. on E!) Kelly Osbourne returns to Anderson as his co-host and they talk to two-time 2012 Olympic gold medalist swimmer Ryan Lochte about his upcoming projects. Then, the cast of BREAKING AMISH stops by to discuss how they traded horses and buggy’s with taxi cabs to break out from their respective Amish communities in their pursuit to chase big dreams in the Big Apple.

Thursday September 13:Comedian Howie Mandel
Emmy Award®-nominee Howie Mandel joins Anderson as his co-host, as the duo talk to a man who claims his hair loss treatment made him transgender.

Friday September 14: Golden Globe®-winner Richard Gere, Academy Award®-winner Susan Sarandon and David Arquette
David Arquette wraps the week as co-host with Anderson as they kickoff a new tradition called “Frugal Friday,” where viewers receive helpful money saving secrets. Then, Golden Globe®-winner Richard Gere and Academy Award®-winner Susan Sarandon discuss their latest film, Arbitrage.


From Friday, August 31st taping ~

From Friday, September 7th taping ~

The set sans audience and Anderson ~


Anderson posted this photo of the house Anderson's father grew up in ~


The promotion for Monday's season 2 premiere episode ~

From the LA Times ~
Anderson Cooper's new daytime format may require some juggling

Already one of the busiest correspondents working in television, production changes to his daily talk show could have CNN's Anderson Cooper doing even more juggling in the months ahead.

Besides having his own CNN show and serving as a correspondent for CBS's "60 Minutes," Cooper is also entering his second season as host of "Anderson Live," a daytime talk show that is distributed by Warner Bros.

During the first season, Cooper taped his shows a couple of days a week, which gave him some flexibility and didn't interfere with his CNN duties.

But ratings for the show were disappointing and now Cooper will do it live every day with a rotation of guest co-hosts. The hope is that by doing the show live and with a partner, the show will feel fresher and ratings will improve. It is set to debut on Sept. 10.

At the same time, though, Cooper will continue to chase stories for CNN, which could cause complications in terms of logistics and content.

For example, if Hurricane Isaac had taken place a few weeks from now, when "Anderson Live" was in production," Cooper would broadcast from there with the co-host handling duties in New York.

That would require scrambling to find a studio for Cooper or having do remotes from the storm. While that is what he does on CNN all the time, daytime TV is a different beast. The audience there is looking for an escape, not more reasons to be depressed.

The new approach to Cooper's show will definitely be something of a balancing act. When Cooper jets off to cover the latest tragedy or big storm, his daytime show will have to cover that while at the same time offering up the usual soft interviews with celebrities. It may create some awkward segues.

"Anderson Live" executive producer Terence Noonan is not worried.

"If you look at what works in daytime, people are looking for relevant topical information," he said. "We wanted the show to be live so we could react to what people are talking about it."

That is true, but the audience is not necessarily looking for that in a hard news form. Oprah Winfrey didn't shy away from sensitive stories or tragedy, but it was rarely done in the heat of the moment.

Trying to play to Cooper's strengths and giving the sometimes stiff host a co-host to loosen him up is not a bad idea. It's just not a sure bet that if the show bounces back and forth between soft and hard content that it will work for daytime television

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Anonymous said...

Looks like I'll only be watching Monday and Friday. Same old same old.

Anonymous said...

The second most interesting thing in today's ATA post is the picture of Wyatt Cooper's boyhood home. Humble beginnings, indeed. I hope Wyatt had a good childhood there, I have yet to find his book Families (at a reasonable price) to find out.

The third most interesting things are the photos of the 8/31 and 9/7 *tapings* of 'Anderson LIVE.' Wonder when they'll be broadcast.

The tenth or eleventh or twelfth (take your pick) most interesting thing are the topics for this week's 'Anderson Live'.

The first interesting thing is the LA Times article; lots of relevant information. I'm still not sold on the idea of co-host du jour. Personally, Neicy Nash won't make me tune in but Kelly Osborne and David Arquette might. Just like any guest, any particular co-host may spike the ratings just for that day.

Perhaps this is Anderson's way of testing out various co-host possibilities, see who works and see who doesn't. And then go to weekly co-hosts with the best ones and much later longer times.

I know nothing about what it takes to hire a daily co-host but if they keep it daily they will run out of people who look like a good fit and are willing to do it.

The LA Times article most importantly stated what would happen if a big news story or disaster happened. I'm glad Anderson would put his CNN job first and go to the disaster but leaving the daytime show with the daily co-host in charge also seems like a disaster.

Successful talk shows - daytime and nighttime - are successful because they have a fan base who will watch no matter who the guest is because they like the host so much. This is true of Oprah as well as Dave.

The Oprahs/Conans/Ellens have built a relationship with their audience. How can the ever-changing co-host build that? And how well can the co-host do the job by themselves?

And how many viewers are the die-hard fan base and tune in just for Anderson? And drop the show if Anderson's not there?

I hope for all the best for Anderson and hope this all turns out well for him. But I also worry that it won't.


Anonymous said...

Jacqueline Laurita is the only interesting guest because she's a NJ Housewife and she's not spoken publically about her son, even on her show.
She already has her hands full with her twenty year old daughter Ashley, who is wandering the streets of LA trying to find herself...or so we're told.
It is so hypocritical of Anderson to rely on celebrities after he made such a big deal about his NOT socializing or having anything to say to them.
No, I'm not going to be watching this much smaller venue either.
And as far as the juggling, why he's a master.

Anonymous said...

Anderson's father grew up in a house like that?
And he lived to marry Gloria Vanderbilt. Amazing.
Bill Maher's Friday show on HBO was all about who was poorer Michell Obama Or Ann Romney, when they were newlyweds.
They should have used this photo of Anderson's father's house.
It's just as credible.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting article from the LA Times. It just seems like all this is a disaster waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if this is true, but I heard that they were taping a bunch of shows so that if Anderson has to go on breaking news, they will use these shows that are not date driven so that he can be available for CNN. Sounds plausible and makes me happy that he wants to take care of his obligations to CNN as well.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

8:44: He's under contractual obligation to fulfill his obligations to CNN.
It is legally binding.
This is not a moral issue.