Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360 Covers Hurricane Sandy From Asbury Park

Anderson Cooper was in Asbury Park to cover Hurricane Sandy with meteorologist Rob Marciano on Monday evening.  Broadcasting was sketchy at best in the 8 PM hour and much of his reporting and interviews were done by phone with previously seen CNN storm video playing on screen.  Included in the program were Ali Velshi in Atlantic City, Chad Myers at the weather maps in Atlanta, Gary Tuchman from Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, Ashleigh Banfield in Tribeca, Jason Carroll in Lindenhurst and David Mattingly in Connecticut.

After being knocked off the air for the umpteenth time Anderson showed a bit of prerecorded video then began a series of interviews by telephone with mayors and officials.  Here's AC talking with the mayor of Asbury Park in the 8 PM hour:

Things went a little better, reception wise, in the 10 PM hour.  Here's the first live shot with AC and Rob:

And a few more minutes of Anderson and Rob from Asbury Park in the second hour of AC360:

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Anonymous said...

Anderson doing field reporting! Yay! Everybody did a fantastic job. I was especially surprised to see Ali Velshi reporting from Atlantic City; I thought he was mainly a "desk" reporter for economic issues.

Two things I would change:
- a better anchored satellite for the 8 pm hour.
- more maps. I've been to New York City a few times, I have an idea where the Battery/Brooklyn tunnel is and Tribeca, 57th Street, Hoboken, FDR Drive, etc. But there are many people who have no idea and a good map of Manhattan would have been appreciated. Likewise, I didn't know where in New Jersey Asbury Park, Atlantic City or Lindenhurst were located. Show some maps! It helps people place things and understand. Late in the 8:00 hour, Chad Meyers had map but more detail was needed.

Not one bit of political news. Yay!


aries moon said...

There were a lot of technical glitches and other problems broadcasting throughout the storm, but AC and CNN did manage to do a pretty good job covering it--I thought Ali Velshi might get swept away and Anderson and Rob blown away a few times--AC's interviews with the mayors (in particular Hoboken and Newark) and other officials were very informative, well done.

Anonymous said...

Having lived in NJ for forty years, I know where all these places were, but Jaanza is completely right.
People in other parts of the country have no idea and really resent the time spent on diasters in the metro area.
They don't realize that the tri-state metropolitan area is the economic hub of the country, so visual maps are of utmost importance.
Anderson could have been standing anywhere. There was no frame of reference and I watched the weather channel, right where the storm was, along the Delaware Coast.
They did a fantastic job and didn't leave their seats but referred to a meterologist...hello, with a MAP!

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bloomberg is going to get a whole lot of push back because it was he who first took a "wait and see attitude" about evacuating Battery Park and the areas surrounding it.
Anyone familiar with the areas and the zones knows that the Park faces the Hudson River.
He then back tracked because every government official with sense who can count to 100, told him to correct his estimation because he was wrong.
Times Up Mr.Mayor. See Ya!
You now have egg on your face and no one is going to take you seriously.