Friday, October 12, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Friday, October 12, 2012


SWING STATE STUMBLES?, Some Obama-leaning states suddenly toss-ups:  John King at the 'magic wall' & Anderson's follow up discussion with Paul Begala and Patrick Millsaps

V.P. DEBATE BODY LANGUAGE, Biden vs. Ryan:  Report by Gary Tuchman with Amy Cuddy Associate Professor, Harvard Business School

SEASONED DEBATE COACH OFFERS LESSONS, Brett O'Donnell coached Romney, McCain, Bachmann, Bush:  Anderson's interview with Brett O'Donnell (Former debate strategist to Mitt Romney)

PUBLIC LIFE, PRIVATE WIFE, Janna Ryan's path to politics:  Report by Tom Foreman

THE BIG 360 INTERVIEW, LANCE ARMSTRONG DOPING SCANDAL, Ex-cycling teammate Tyler Hamilton speaks out:  Anderson's interview with Tyler Hamilton

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN:  Gary Tuchman & Anderson Cooper (watch Anderson take over when they lose Gary's connection)

THE RIDICULIST:  Pocket Dialing

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I liked that Anderson had to do the 360 bulletin himself. Its rare that he does it himself but I really like when he does it.

Anonymous said...

Friday's 360 started out pretty well. Of course Anderson was going to talk about last night's Veep debate. During all of the clips from the debate I couldn't help thinking about a comment I saw on the internet: Jimmy Stewart vs. Eddie Munster

John King dealt with the polls and the map then a panel with Begala and Millsaps. I liked Millsaps better than some other right-wing pundits that have been on the show; Millsaps at least admitted that Romney will likely be uncomfortable in the upcoming town-hall styled debate. I also liked Begala's answer to Anderson's "Scared?" question, "There are two ways to run in America - scared and unopposed."

After that 360 went downhill. I don't care for body language analysis so I surfed around the TV, hopefully a Jimmy Stewart movie but I would have settled for an episode of 'The Munsters'. This continued during the debate coach segment.

Friday Night Filler Prize went to the segment on Jenna Ryan.

Then there was an *exclusive* interview with Lane Armstrong teammate Tyler Hamilton about the doping scandal. Hamilton was very good-looking but incredibly dull. Only extremely avid bike racing fans would have liked this segment.

As ATA stated, CNN lost contact with Gary Tuchman in the Bulletin. So Anderson read the rest of it. Which made me wonder. Why have a different person do the Bulletin? To keep more news folks employed? To give Anderson a break? To give viewers a break from Anderson?

The Ridiculist about pocket dialing or butt dialing was immature, as if Anderson and/or the staff were too lazy to come up with something clever or amusing and figured 'what the hey, it's Friday, let's just throw this on so we can end the show and go home'.


Elko said...

I liked the body language segment and hope that AC360 does the same for next week's presidential debate.