Friday, October 19, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Friday, October 19, 2012

Anderson Cooper had the night off and John King was in the AC360 anchor chair.  We ran across a couple of Anderson 'mentions' on other programs last week that didn't get posted yet, so in his absence tonight we bring you ~

Seth Myers mentions that his favorite character he's portrayed on SNL is 'Anderson Cooper' and why; The View, October 11, 2012

Bill Maher made an 'Anderson Cooper 360' joke on Real Time, October 12, 2012


A few photos from (Please click on photo to enlarge and on link for additional photos.) ~

Anderson Cooper (L) and Jeffrey Toobin visit Barnes & Noble Union Square to promote the book "The Oath: The Obama White House And The Supreme Court" on October 18, 2012 in New York City. 

Anderson has another report airing on 60 Minutes this weekend. From ~

Goldman Sachs VP explains why he quit

When Greg Smith resigned from Goldman Sachs by writing a critical article on the op-ed page of The New York Times, he says he wasn't betraying the firm that employed him for 12 years. Rather, he tells Anderson Cooper, he wanted to help by exposing problems that put the firm's future at risk. The interview with Smith, his first since his headline-making resignation last spring, will be broadcast on 60 Minutes on Sunday, Oct. 21 at 7:30 p.m. ET and 7:00 p.m. PT. (To read the full article, please click on the above link.  We'll have it covered for you.)

AC360 Transcript
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Anonymous said...

Finally, finally, finally, a story
with some meat in it.
This I will watch. A real person speaking about something vital, and a whistle blower, no less.
This is what I like to see Anderson Cooper doing, stories that have some value other than celebs, celebs, celebs....enough!
This people will watch and they should.

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected.
The NYTimes is reporting that Greg Smith has nothing on Goldman Sachs.
He provided no real documentation for his book, which is due to arrive in stores Monday and tells nothing of substance in his 60 Minutes piece.
The back story, according to The Times, is that he asked for a promotion. He was earning well over $500,000, per year and wanted a million and was denied the increase. (He was part of the toxic culture he describes.)
He is not a whistle blower according to the source thet previewed Anderson's piece.
Smith wrote an Op Ed piece for the Times, that negatively describes Goldman Sachs, after he was denied his increase.
In other words Anderson interviews "a weasel."