Monday, October 15, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 10/15/12

8:00 HOUR (prerecorded):

KEEPING THEM HONEST, TAX CUT MATH: Anderson Cooper reporting

CAMPAIGN CALCULUS: Alex Castellanos and Bill Burton

PREPPING FOR A SHOWDOWN: Jessica Yellin, Jim Acosta and Candy Crowley

BREAKING NEWS, CLINTON TAKES BLAME FOR LIBYA ATTACKS: Isha Sesay interviews Elise Labott, CNN Foreign Correspondent

DECODING DEBATE BODY LANGUAGE: Anderson Cooper interviews Janine Driver

TEEN ACTIVIST'S FIGHT FOR LIFE: Anderson interviews Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Reza Sayah


THE RIDICULIST: Kathy Lee Skeptics

10:00 HOUR (live for first 10 minutes of the hour): 

SEN. CLINTON TAKES BLAME FOR LIBYA ATTACKS: Anderson Cooper reports live and speaks with Elise Labott, Fran Townsend and Fareed Zakaria

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Anonymous said...

Another good start for 360. Anderson began by scrutinizing the math in Romney's tax plan and pushed back a couple times on Castellanos (for example, Romney stating his election, just being elected, will jumpstart the economy). Burton also had some good comments about Romney's tax plan not adding up. In the panel I was annoyed by Castellanos, on the half-screen either grimacing, pouting or smiling. He made faces constantly, I don't know whether in genuine reaction to what Burton was saying or just to earn attention. Why can't the person talking to Anderson get the full screen?

The panel on the debate - Yellin, Crowley and Acosta - was very good; three news people giving their educated guesses on what will happen.

Breaking News! Isha broke in live to report on Hillary Clinton taking the fall for the Benghazi attack. I honestly did not realize Anderson was taped. Isha finished by stating Anderson would be back with news on 14-year-old Malala, the education activist, shot in Pakiston.

But when Anderson came back it was another debate body language segment. Last week an ATA commenter (Elko?) wrote in to say the body language segments were appreciated. So there you go.

Finally the report on Malala - Sanjay Gupta on her treatment and recuperation, Reza Sayah on the political element. I was very interested in this because recently I read "Three Cups of Tea" by Greg Mortonson. Mortonson was a Himalayan mountain climber who wandered into northern Pakistan in the early 1990s and started a mission to build schools in the villages of the area, each school to include the girls. The book is about 5 -6 years old, I'm sure things have become tougher for Mortonson. It would be awesome if Anderson had him on 360.

No Bulletin? Wouldn't it be more important, more newsworthy to have the Bulletin and instead cut the Ridiculist?

There is a rumor on Gawker that Tuesday Anderson will interview Michael Brutsch, who was a prolific poster on Reddit's Jailbait section. This website was a favorite topic of Anderson's late last year.


Anonymous said...

Before anyone starts complaining about 360 being taped Anderson was at the Elton John AIDS benefit last night. The article I read mentioned that Elton mentioned Ryan White last night, that was a fantastic thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that according to TVN, 28% of the viewing audience was watching the Presidential debate on Fox News.
Why? Are they all conservatives or does Fox just do it better than anybody else?
I for one did not watch on CNN, but did catch Ari Fleischer say in analysis that it was an "even draw."
No. It was not an even draw Ari.
President Obama needed to do what he failed to do last time, strike back and hit Romney at every lie.
And could Romney be any more slimey?
Especially speaking of "jobs over seas, as in "out-sourcing?"
Still waiting, however for Obama to hit him right between the eyes and say, 'And who sent those jobs over seas,' Mr.Romney???
How did you make your billions, by keeping jobs, here?
The POTUS still needs to come out swinging, harder.