Thursday, October 18, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Thursday, October 18, 2012

KEEPING THEM HONEST, What Women Want:  A report by Anderson Cooper
THE WAR FOR WOMEN, New intensity in campaign battle for key voting bloc:  Anderson's follow up discussion with Bay Buchanan and Neera Tanden

NATION HEADED FOR FISCAL CRISIS?, No Obama, Boehner staff level talks:  Anderson's discussion with Dana Bash, Gloria Borger and Ali Velshi

ESCALATING VIOLENCE IN SYRIA, Reports of shoulder-fire missiles being used:  Anderson and Bob Baer discuss
ESCALATING VIOLENCE IN SYRIA, Concerns about extremists gaining access to weapons:  Anderson's telephone interview with Zaidoun, Syrian Activist

EXCLUSIVE, REDDIT TROLL SPEAKS OUT, Does he regret "Jailbait" and other offensive forums?:  Drew Griffin's two part report and some follow up with Anderson



10:00PM ET HOUR, LIVE (First 10 minutes only)

BREAKING NEWS, ROMNEY, OBAMA TRADE ONE-LINERS, Benefit dinner comes 2 nights after combative debate:  Anderson's discussion with Jim Acosta, Jessica Yellin and Mark Katz


From CBS Philly ~

A few photos from Anderson's time at Temple University today, via Twitter ~

And this evening with Jeff Toobin at the Barnes & Noble, Union Square, NYC ~

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Anonymous said...

I saw the 10 pm (9 pm CST) 360 instead of the original broadcast. Looking at the line-up, they took out the report on Syria to make room for the Al Smith Dinner news. I don't understand that. President Obama and Romney made some jokes at a high-class white-tie event. Does that really matter? I didn't see the report on Syria but would say what happens in Syria matters more than a few predictable jokes.

What I did see in the later 360 was mostly pretty good.

The segment on women voters and abortion was well done. I liked Anderson stating Romney 'has taken different positions on abortion through the years' and showing clips of Romeny flip-flopping.

Bay Buchanan and Neera Tanden had a great sparring over this. Buchanan didn't believe the poll showing abortion was the top issue for women and Tanden stating yes, it is an important issue because Republicans have made it an issue'. The stupidest Buchanan remark was 'No one is advocating taking away access to contraception." WTF? There are far-RW groups who want to ban the Pill. And they scare me.

Dana Bash, Ali Velshi and Gloria Borger had a terrific and intelligent discussion about U.S. finances and possible crisis ahead and what might happen if the Bush tax cuts are extended or not. Ali Velshi needs to be on more often.

Drew Griffin's interview with Micheal Brutsch didn't need to be two segments. Griffin said Brutsch was early and eager for the interview. Of course he wants to explain his side of the story and appear contrite. He's still a smarmy creep. At least he's a realist and knows he's never going to be employed again. Griffin did a good job but should have asked Brutsch if he had any kids, specifically any daughters.

There was no Bulletin in the 10pm/9pm broadcast. But there was plenty of time to show a stupid German guy cannonballing onto a frozen pool... again and again and again.


Anonymous said...

As a woman, Bay Buchanan offends me and I couldn't believe the way Anderson let her ramble on. I've usually found the person interrupting the most and talking the loudest the ones that have the most to spin. I loved that Tanden pushed back at the end and reminded Fay that she (Tanden) was commenting on a poll Anderson quoted, not making stuff up.

Romney and the Republicans have offended women throughout this whole election cycle, but Bay and her buddy Mary don't seem to see that; nor do they understand that birth control is also an economic issue for many.

Was John McCain busy tonight so the AC360 staff scheduled Bob Baer for his normal spot? Baer doesn't have a lot of credibility given his past. Certainly AC360 can schedule better guests or can't they?

I'm sorry but I had to FF through the Drew Griffin double segment on Reddit. It seemed to be filler, but with Anderson at Temple much of the day and then the conversation with Toobin when he got back to NYC, I guess AC360 needed filler tonight, but a double segment?

I found the first 10 minutes of the second hour interesting. Mark Katz had some interesting comments on self deprecating vs. attack humor. President Obama seemed to strike a better balance according to Katz's scoring, but I see that Anderson pivoted at the end and used the Romney tux example when questioning Katz.

Here's hoping Anderson does more than phone it in tomorrow night.

-- Jenn

aries moon said...

I'm guessing Bay Buchanan didn't have a problem with the Gallup poll that showed Romney ahead, but she chooses to question the validity of the Gallup poll on abortion. I think choice is a big issue for many women and if Romney/Ryan have an interest in doing away with Roe v. Wade, they're going to have a problem with a lot of women.

I don't think Anderson wants to hear another point of view on Libya other than McCain, Townsend and Baer's because I think he probably agrees with their criticism of how the Obama Administration and the State Department handled it.

Anonymous said...

The NYPost in the print edition, editorial section, is calling Candy
Crowley 'a shill'for the Obama Administration.
I don't like reading their Op Ed page because it is so one sided but that headline caught my eye.
If there's one thing Candy is not, is dishonest.
Last nite the POTUS appeared on TDS
and misspoke about Libya, something he certainly didn't have to do.
By now he should be ready, willing, and able to justify what he said the day after the bombing, and why he said it.
Jon is a supporter and he gave him the chance to clear the air.
Obama missed his chance.
The question is WHY??
Why miss the opportunity to answer exactly what was stated in the Rose Garden. It was more than disturbing.
IMHO the President flubbed his appearance and again looked unprepared.

Anonymous said...

The GOP is making a really big deal about President Obama's 'not optimal'statement in his appearance on TDS.
In all honesty, they have happen to be right, no pun intended.
Again, what was he thinking?
The Post reported that without a teleprompter, the man can't get a sentence straight.
How can any death, be 'not optimal?'
It is almost as bad as the phrase, from the Reps, 'legimate rape.'
Both are laughable and there's no excuse for either one of these gaffe's sooo close to election day.
I realize this post is off topic, but to be fair, there was no place else to place it.