Thursday, October 25, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Thursday, October 25, 1012

BREAKING NEWS, THE BATTLE FOR VOTES, NEW POLLING, NBC/WSL/Marist:  Obama, Romney tied at 48% in Colo.:  Anderson reports and discusses with Jessica Yellin, Jim Acosta & Gloria Borger

KEEPING THEM HONEST, False Advertising (Two new Romney ads):  Anderson Cooper reporting and Follow up with  Cornell Belcher & Ari Fleischer  (Romney campaign denied request for interview)

PRES. OBAMA CALLS GOV. ROMNEY A 'BULL*#$@-er', Inside the Oval Office interview:  Anderson Cooper's interview with Douglas Brinkley

COULD LATINO VOTE SWAY THE ELECTION?, Pres. Obama hopes for heavy turnout in swing states:  Report by Anderson Cooper and follow up with Jorge Ramos & Maria Elena Salinas (anchors from Univision)

"FRANKENSTORM" COULD HIT NORTHEAST U.S., Hurricane Sandy is a Category 2 storm:  Anderson and Chad Meyers discuss



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Anonymous said...

Thursday's 360 was closer to the middle. I wish I knew what caused that. How does Anderson or the producers or the CNN executives decide to be slanted to the far right one night and more to the center the next night?

The first segment about the polls and the campaign was alright. The panel - Acosta, Yellin, Borger - covered the bases well enough; there wasn't any spectacularly good or bad comments by anyone.

Loved the fact-checking-Romney-ads segment. The number of Navy ships broohaha came up again and a clip of Anderson questioning Gov. McDonnell on Tuesday was shown. I was glad to see Anderson wanting to talk to the Romney campaign about their handling of this issue and letting us know they refused to come on the show.

The panel between Fleischer and Belcher was as expected. Fleischer stated the earlier polls had 'oversampled Democrats'. Belcher refuted the remark but it would have been great for Anderson to ask Fleischer for some proof at that point.

Before the commercial break I didn't like Anderson stating Obama "insulted" Romney in the Rolling Stone interview. Obama called Romney a "". Big deal. All politicians are B.S.ers and everybody knows it. Romney IS a, his flip-flops and misleading commercials (as seen earlier in 360) prove it. At least this was balanced by talking to Douglas Brinkley, who felt it was a humorous, less serious comment and moved on to other stuff.

I didn't pay much attention to the Latino vote segment. The transcript isn't up yet so could someone tell me who - the President or the Republicans - Jorge Ramos was blaming for the Dream Act not passing.

Maybe next week we'll get fun weather-gone-haywire stories thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

I watched some of Lawrence O'Donnell later. Same planet, different world.


aries moon said...

Romney is THE "", his entire campaign is a flip-flopping, shape-shifting LIE and if some folks are insulted by the President's comment, too bad because he's just stating the facts. The President has had to deal with FAR worse in terms of lies, nasty insinuations and insults over the years.

AC360 has reached out to Romney's team to come on the show, but do they ever do that with Obama's Team, if they have, they sure don't say so like they did with Romney tonight.

The Latino vote segment with the Univision anchors was very interesting--I was happy to hear that enthusiasm for President Obama in the Latino community is equal to that of 2008 and hopefully he's got a good get out the vote effort aimed at them. Salinas also said that many Latino voters are underrepresented in the polling numbers so that there may be more Latinos planning to vote for Obama than the pollsters realize.

During the Obama and Romney live shots, I noticed AC360 had a wide shot of Romney's crowd but didn't do the same with Obama (who had 12,000 or more attendees). I don't know if the show controls what the camera people do in Ohio, but I thought that was unfair and it looked like they wanted to give the impression that only Romney had a big crowd. Obama's had VERY large crowds at his rallies all week, but I guess CNN doesn't want to show that for whatever reason.