Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 10/23/12

BATTLE TO THE FINISH: Jim Acosta, Jessica Yellin and John King

A NUMBERS GAME: Anderson speaks with Gov. Bob McDonnell R. Virginia

DECODING DEBATE BODY LANGUAGE: Gary Tuchman talks with Janine Driver

RAW POLITICS,  TARGET OF ANGER: Randi Kaye interviews Katherine Fenton

HOW DO CAMPAIGNS WOO UNDECIDEDS: AC talks with John King and Gloria Borger

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN: Susan Hendricks

THE RIDICULIST: Political Pundits

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Anonymous said...

There was some great stuff on Tuesday's 360. I really liked the first segment on the flip-flops and the panel discussing the rest of the campaign. It's always good to get the perspectives of three political reporters - Acosta, Yellin and King - instead of the pundits. Much better to have information instead of opinions. The only thing I had problems with was Acosta's McDonalds McDLT analogy.

The best segment was "Horses and Bayonets". I didn't think there was anything wrong with Obama's statement 'we have fewer ships (compared to 1916) but we also have fewer horses and bayonets...that's the nature of technology...' So where's the problem? I don't see how Gov. McDonnell found it disrespectful towards the troops and loved it when Anderson pointed out the factual number of ships now and in the pipeline but McDonnell continued to babble and blathered about defense cuts. My DH summed up McDonnell by shouting at the TV "You're a fucking IDIOT!!!"

And how long has it been since 360 has talked to an Obama - affiliated person? Too long but Anderson thankfully had Danzig (Obama campaign defense consultant) on the show. Danzig and Fareed Zakaria cut through McDonnell's spin with some good facts. Love Fareed for saying U.S. navy ships are "technologically extraordinary".

Didn't pay much attention to the body language segment.

The most interesting thing in the Katherine Fenton (pay equity for women questioner at town hall debate) segment was the fact she's still undecided. The panel with King and Borger was pretty good.

In the past two weeks it's looked like 360 is inching towards better content, better panels and more left/right equality. I hope this continues.


aries moon said...

Sounded like 360 was mocking the President's jobs "pamphlet" but they ought to keep in mind that Romney STILL hasn't given specific details on how he'd turn the economy around, he says nothing as Robert Reich pointed out and apparently it's no big deal to the MSM, but the President puts out some actual plans and it's looked at like a joke.

It was quite a surprise to FINALLY see someone connected to the Obama Administration on 360 and not surprisingly, Richard Danzig was a breath of fresh air after listening to McDonnell's nonsense--and it's always good to see Fareed on 360.

I'm sick of undecided voters--it's ridiculous to not know by now who the right candidate is for you.

Anonymous said...

President Obama used the phrase "horses and bayonets," to show how unrealistic Romney's foreign policy plan, appeared.
It's one thing to say "We need to do this that and the other thing, if you're not the President.
But once you actually obtain the position, you find out just how many constraints there are, and how many opportunists are knocking at your door....called lobbyists.
It was a smart way of putting Romeny in his place, as someone who knows nothing about foreign matters except how to criticize his opponent.
There was no problem with it except that it made Romeney look stupid.