Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Wednesday 10/24/12

BENGHAZI ATTACK SUSPECT ARRESTED: Anderson interviews Suzanne Kelly, CNN's Intelligence correspondent
Follow up with Kelly, Bob Baer, Fran Townsend and John McCain

RAW POLITICS 360,  MOURDOCK, ANY RISK FOR ROMNEY? Anderson speaks with Jim Acosta and Dan Lothien about candidate Richard Mourdock
Follow up with Sen. John McCain, Alex Castellanos, Gloria Borger and Sandra Fluke

SKYDIVE FROM SPACE: Anderson's interview with Felix Baumgartner




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Anonymous said...

For the 1/2 step forward AC360 took last night, they took 2 steps backward tonight. I guess they've had their Dem guest on for this quarter, so they can keep up the facade of fair and balanced?

I really think the writers and guest bookers for 360 need to all be fired. Anderson's opening sentence tonight was one we've heard many times before and it's like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. As for guest bookers; Benghazi = Baer and Townsend, both Republicans, part of the Bush administration, and the subject of federal investigations making their credibility questionable at best. I was encouraged by Anderson's first guest tonight - Suzanne Kelly, who actually reported facts and not spin that Baer and Townsend try to pass as fact; but after Kelly - the program was all down hill. McCain was given is bi-weekly platform to bash the current administration. While he may be a good Senator to his state, on a national level he appears a grumpy old man with an ax to grind. Acosta and Lothien were fine with their reporting, but Borger is a pundit, Alex a Repub pundit and Sandra Fluke a women's rights activist - where was the Dem on this panel? Fluke tried, but that's not her position and she was given little time.

As for the "Big Interview" - filler. It was taped yesterday and didn't make the program, so it was thrown into tonight's mix. While it was better than an old cold case file, I think there was enough news to fill the hour.

I'm late to comment on Anderson's appearance on the CBS Early Show Monday morning, but I about spit out my teeth when Charlie Rose asked him about CNN and he claimed the not taking sides mantle; and then said the CNN does breaking news well and they just need to get out their message about what they do in-between? Is he really that clueless. They became the tea party channel in 2010 and have leaned right since that time. As for getting out their message; I just laughed. AC360/CNN had good ratings without breaking news up to and in 2008 - but has slowly squandered it away through bashing the current Administration every chance they get, embracing the tea party, hires like Piers Morgan and Erin Burnett, etc. Once they quit traveling to report news from around the world and featuring their international reach/correspondents in prime time, etc. - they became a shell of what they once were. Apparently they are becoming more tabloid style news than journalism school news and the ratings reflect that.

Sorry for the rant. I'm just disappointed in what Anderson Cooper, the reporter that traveled the world to tell people's stories, has become. And no, Mr. Cooper, nothing you do on your talk show comes close to your reporting from Niger, Sri Lanka or Katrina. If you think it does, then I guess you are only fooling yourself.


Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with everything Jenn wrote. Wednesday's 360 was far more 'channel surf instead' than Tuesday's.

I didn't see the first minute or so, don't know what Anderson's opening sentence was but what I needed to know about the Benghanzi attack suspect arrest I got in two minutes. However I did not need analysis from Baer and Anderson had said that he would talk to McCain also. So I surfed around the other channels instead.

When I came back Acosta and Lothian were discussing Indiana politician Mourdock. And they did a good job. Then there was the panel. Panels can be good and informative if everyone stays on track. Castellanos laughably tried to "clarify" Mourdock's comment and turned everything around to diss the Obama administration. Echoing Jenn, Sandra Fluke should have had more time to talk. Borger surprised me. I guess she's a right-wing pundit but the last few weeks she has been more middle-of-the-road.

More channel surfing during the space dive guy interview.

The Ridiculist had some funny moments; I liked Andeson saying "We actuallyl don't think it's funny when our colleagues get hurt" right before the clip of Rick Sanchez getting tasered.

The November issue of Vanity Fair has a good article on Piers Morgan. The article mentions a few times CNN ratings decline in recent years but doesn't give any reasons why. That would be a good topic for a lnegthy article. The piece, however, did imply that Morgan and Anderson don't get along, citing the on-air interactions, the banter, ended early in Morgan's time there.


aries moon said...

Didn't care to listen to another John McCain/Bob Baer/Fran Townsend Obama bashing segment led by Anderson. If McCain's on, my TV's on mute--Anderson would probably have him on every night if it were possible. Suzanne Kelly's contribution to the first segment was the only thing worth listening to, she didn't seem to have an agenda and was just reporting the facts, but Anderson kept steering the conversation in the direction that cast suspicion on the Obama Administration/State Department.

It was also very disappointing that Sandra Fluke was only given what seemed like a minute to make her case and I'm a little paranoid, but I even sensed a bit of disdain in AC's introduction of her. For me it was completely unnecessary to hear from Castellanos and Borger since they're always pontificating on CNN, I would've preferred that AC speak with Fluke alone, at least she would've had more time, but the way things have been going on 360 lately, it seems that they'd prefer to marginalize liberal viewpoints as much as they can.

Paranoia again perhaps, but a few days ago, Paul Begala was on the show with Ari and some other conservative and I noticed that the AC360 Twitter was only tweeting out the anti-Obama statements made by Ari and the other guest--I know Paul was making some good points but they didn't even see fit to tweet anything HE said--it's incidents like that which make me wonder why AC360/CNN still like to declare how non-partisan they are because that's definitely not the reality.

Anonymous said...

@aries moon:
I fully agree with you and that's why I have chosen not to participate in anything AC has been doing.
He is a total disappointment.
And I don't think it is management.
He can call the shots. He simply chooses not to.
And yes, I post here to get this message across that we are not looking at the same Anderson Cooper we so admired in years gone by. He's gone.