Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Anderson Cooper Anchors Newsroom, October 31, 2012

Anderson Cooper anchored the 2:00 - 4:00PM ET hours of CNN's Newsroom again today, from the balcony of the Time Warner Center.  Joining Anderson in the coverage were Jessica Yellin; Candy Crowley; Brian Todd in Hoboken, N.J.; Dr. Sanjay Gupta; Michael Holmes in Toms River, N.J.; Chad Myers; Joe Johns; Benn Srauss (CEO, Climate Central); Bob Van Dillen (HLN);  Deb Feyerick; Brooke Baldwin; Sen. Robert Menendez (D) New Jersey; Wolf Blitzer; John Avlon; Paul Ballew (Fromer Adviser, Federal Reserve); and Jason Carroll.

Topics  covered included:
* President Obama's tour of the damage in New Jersey with Gov. Chris Christie
* Thousands trapped in Hoboken, N.J., National guard is on the scene rescuing people & delivering meals
* Bellevue Hospital (in NYC) being evacuated  (Breaking News with Sanjay Gupta Reporting)
* New Jersey damage is "overwhelming"
* Flood tunnels keep NYC Subway closed
* Search and rescue in New Jersey
* Romney back on the campaign trail
* Election issues because of the disaster
* Rising Sea Levels discussion sparked by Sandy
*Thousands trapped in Hoboken, N.J.
* Residents return to homes to collect valuables from fire gutted homes in Queens
* Scenes of destruction and devastation from iReporters
* Storm ravages N.J.
* President Obama tours damage in N.J. with Gov. Chris Christie
* N.Y. Gov. tours burned out Queens community
* New Territory, Election after disaster
* Devastation along the Jersey Shore  (Seaside Heights, New Jersey)
* Traffic Stopping Floods
* Hurricane shipwreck victim remembered


A few photos of Anderson's coverage of Hurricane Sandy from yesterday's Newsroom coverage were posted to the AC360 Facebook page.  Please click to enlarge ~

AC360 Transcript
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Anonymous said...

President Obama's joint effort with Chris Christie in NJ can only help the Obama team win re-election next Tuesday.
It was really a humbling moment when Christie actually thanked the President for his help.
That moment will stay in the minds of voters and personally, the Obama Administration couldn't buy a better photo op. nor could his challenger, Romeny...not for all the money in the world.
And poor little Romney and his nine year old team mate have been out of the news for almost a week.
Something tells me, if Sandie was God's Will and not science, as the Republicans think, then God really wants Obama to win re-election!

Anonymous said...

Someone has to tell Gary Tuchman not to use the phrase, 'old people,'in his tour of Hoboken, NJ.
It is demeaning to viewers who are as old as Gary Tuchman and it should be just common sense.
But then he works for CNN and if there's one thing we know about CNN, no one there has any sense, common or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the opening segment clip and the line-up of stories.

Maps! Anderson showed where Hoboken, Bellevue Hospital and Toms River NJ are located. I just would have tweaked the Bellevue map to go back further, showing more of Manhatten and showing the line where the electricity ends.

I had to giggle a little bit at Brian Todd, standing in the murky dirty water and telling folks not to go into the water like he did. Kudos to those neighborhood guys working to clear the tops of the storm sewers.

It's great for Anderson to take on this extra anchoring duty. He's getting back to his roots so to speak, and doing a terrific job.