Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Anderson Cooper, Wednesday 10/17/12


 'BINDER' BLUNDER: David S. Bernstein

BRUTAL 'BINDERS' REACTION: Jim Acosta and Jessica Yellin


ACT OF TERROR: Anderson Cooper reporting

OBAMA & ROMNEY CLASH OVER LIBYA: David Frum and Fareed Zakaria

DECODING THE TOWN HALL DEBATE: Anderson talks with Janine Driver and Brett O'Donnell

MCCAIN ON OBAMA ROMNEY DEBATE: Anderson interviews John McCain


THE RIDICULIST: Celebrity Endorsements

Anderson is scheduled to be honored at Temple University in Philadelphia tomorrow:
Temple University School of Media and Communication as it honors Anderson Cooper Oct. 18 at the Lew Klein Awards luncheon.
Following the ceremony, the anchor of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360° and host and executive producer of Anderson Live also will participate in a separate Q&A session with Temple students to offer an insider’s perspective on broadcasting and journalism in Tomlinson Theater.
Cooper will be awarded the Excellence in the Media Award at the 12th annual Lew Klein Alumni in the Media Awards luncheon on Temple’s Main Campus. The event honors one top media professional, as well as several Temple alumni who have found success in the fields of media and communication.

Then tomorrow night at 6 PM:
CNN legal analyst expert Jeffrey Toobin joins Anderson Cooper for a discussion of Toobin’s bestselling book, The Nine, and his newest work, The Oath, which examines the relationship between the current administration and the Supreme Court. The discussion will be followed by a book signing.

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Anonymous said...

By now Jeffrey Toobin should be able to stand on his own merits without Anderson's help.
He did it for the 'Nine,'but does he have to do it for every book Toobin writes?
Or is this just another way for Anderson to promote himself as well as Toobin?

Anonymous said...

I was a few minutes late but was not surprised the 'binder full of women' comment was the lead story; it was all over the internet today. I liked Anderson comparing Romney's comment with reality. The Boston guy, David Bernstein, did a great job explaining how the comment and the facts could be sliced so many different ways.

The panel was great partly for it's members - two political reporters instead of the usual pundits. Acosta gets points for pointing out that the question was actually about pay equity for women and Romeny never answered that. Yellin gets points for asking 'why did Romney need to go outside and get a binder of qualified women after being in the business world for 20+ years?'

Which also made me wonder about Ann Romney, who never worked outside of the home; what was her college major? And the Romney daughters-in-law, who are they? Do they have careers?

The question about labeling Benghazi an act of terror is a non-issue. Dissecting this question is not going to help to put food on the table. Speaking of food on the table, I switched over to 'Restaurant Impossible' and came back when Fareed Zakaria was talking about gas prices.

The debate body language segment? Back to the Food Channel. Same with the "BIG" interview with McCain.

Fortunately, I saw all of the Ridiculist. I'm not completely a philistine but when it comes to politics, I'd rather listen to Honey Boo Boo instead of John McCain. Loved the clip of Romney, when asked to choose between Snooki and Honey Boo Boo, picked Snooki and stated she had a "sparkplug personality". I appreciated Anderson questioning that remark. Does Romney have any idea who Honey Boo Boo is?


aries moon said...

The President wasn't just referring to 9/11 when he talked about an act of terror against the U.S.--it was clear that Benghazi was a large factor in his Rose Garden speech--the parsing of it by Anderson and others has begun to look foolish--just as foolish as Romney looked when he stepped into the President's Libya trap during the debate.

So sick of Anderson trotting out John McCain whenever he doesn't like what the President has to say about Libya--just because Anderson seems to think McCain is some kind of foreign policy mastermind on Libya doesn't make it a fact. Some folks on Twitter were questioning why AC360 thinks it's appropriate to have John McCain on freely bashing the administration without ever bringing in a Democrat to challenge him, but evidently AC doesn't think that's even worth an answer or an explanation--he's being so blatantly biased on Libya and it looks like McCain is the only politician he thinks should be heard from on his program. I'm perplexed as to why he and his staff don't realize that it reflects badly on them to be so one-sided on Libya. If they have reached out to Democrats and they've refused to come on the show, why not just SAY that, otherwise it looks like 360 and AC has an agenda that is against the Obama Administration on Libya.

Anonymous said...

@aries moon:
Yes, by now it is apparent that Anderson has an agenda about Libya and other things Anderson.
That is why I gave up watching him.
Also Bill Maher is very good friends with D H.Hughley and knows exactly how politically correct he is and uses him to engage the audience.
Anderson had/has no clue. Sad really.
I believe D. H will be on Bill's show this coming week.

aries moon said...

@anon 8:52, I didn't have a problem with DL on AC's show, I kind of enjoyed it, but I do have a LOT of problems with AC's Libya coverage.