Monday, October 01, 2012

Anderson Live, October 1, 2012

Anderson's co-host today was "Private Practice" star Amy Brenneman. Enjoy the 'First 15' ~

Today's guest segments: "Real Housewives of New York" star and queen of pinot grigio Ramona Singer; Why Women Pay More; and Celebrity advocates Meg Ryan, America Ferrera, Olivia Wilde and Gabrielle Union were promoting the Half The Sky, the PBS documentary about "Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide" airing October 1st & 2nd (Nick Kristoff was in the audience)


From the 'Anderson Live' photo booth today ~

Today's 'Anderson Live After Show'

Per reader request, from the September 21st show - the segments the Patti Mallette ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I thought ths ts was supposed to have had an overhaul this summer. Nothing has changed. A new set, a co-host, the first 15 minutes are all cosmetic changes. The content is still the same and with all the talk of TLC shows it should have been renamed 'The TLC Promotional Hour'.

Anonymous said...

In one show Anderson had Amy Brenneman, Romana Singer, and Meg Ryan.
Did any of them get to actually speak or was the whole show an illusion and a waste of everyone's time?
Who ever has three prominent women on plus a co-host and no theme?
Does Anderson ever rerun his fabulous shows to see what in the world is wrong with them or does he just do his photo booth and twitter and if he gets X amounts of twitters he thinks he does well.
Good grief Charlie Brown.
At least last year there was a theme.
This year there isn't even a theme and he thinks that's okay. Duh?

Anonymous said...

No matter what you may think of Katie Couric, according to TVN she and her producers are really thinking outside the box.
On Oct 1st, which is today, Katie is filming from her house and has invited Donald Trump, and Andy Cohen, and others as guests.
She will give tips on what cosmetics she uses to what she prepares in the kitchen, like her meatloaf.
I'm no cook but I really would like to see her house, so I will watch.
Will Anderson ever think outside the box or does he prefer to have someone do the thinking for him, so he'll have someone to blame when it fails?

Anonymous said...

I hope this isn't a dumb question but I've only watched the 'First 15' clips here on ATA, never seen the whole 'Anderson' show.

Last few weeks there were many comments concerning the co-hosts chatting with Anderson in the 'First 15' and then disappearing for most or all of the rest of the show.

This week's line-ups from the 'Anderson' site state things like
" the duo sit down with..."
"...while the pair interviews..."
"...the duo catch up with..."

So was Amy Brenneman an active participant in the interviews today? Will all the co-hosts this week be there throughout the entire show?


aries moon said...

I wish someone would put Donald Trump in a box and toss him off a cliff so we'd never have to see or hear from him again.

Anderson said that he wanted to keep his house (the firehouse) private so I don't think he'd ever want to film there, other than the bits and pieces he's filmed there previously.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of it just me or does Anderson rarely have any dudes on the show? Kinda tired of this whole sort of sisterhood *yeah I'll say it* VAGINA FEST! thing he's got going on. If he's trying to cater to women he damn well better get some men on his show...I'm just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

@1:17AM: You bring up an interesting point.
Katie Couric may be doing well because she is a woman and women in general like to watch other women.
Anderson, and this is only my theory, does not do well interviewing women.
Maybe it is because he has had so little "experience" shall we say, interacting naturally with women.
He is often awkward with them.
He was even awkward with Kelly until he got used to her and she put him at ease.
But you are right. He may very well do better with

Anonymous said...

I lied.
Anderson Live is on in southern Delaware.
I wasn't looking for him, but I accidently found him between the hours of one and two PM.on Fox 5.
He's supposed to be on at noon, but I guess they changed it.
I do know he is not on, every day.
Today he had Bethany from NYC fame, who has made a fortune selling Skinny Dipping products or something.
Now every housewife wants to be Bethany, even Teresa.
She and her new husband who is her manager, sold her brand name for, wait for it, $100 million dollars.
I read it in Fortune Magazine.
Now that's a whole lot of "skinny."

Anonymous said...

Why does Anyone cares to watch his Trash Show! If people Will Stop watching his Crap, the show Will End! His show is doing No One No Good, except showing a Weird Freako side of him that No One Cares for!

Anonymous said...

@9:56PM: You are right and I don't watch.
I do watch some of the clips but I must confess that Betheny was the only co-host so far that I was the least bit interested in.
My prediction is...she will get a talkshow.
She looks great and has something to say to women and women like her.
That's the key to her success.
She's non-threatening and has come from nothing to be a success story.
Unfortunately, Anderson knows nothing about her history or anyone
elses background, and no one on his staff is telling him to do HIS HOMEWORK OR GO HOME.