Sunday, October 14, 2012

From The ATA Archives: Anderson Cooper on 'Inside Africa' December 2007

On  Friday, when talking to Ben Affleck, Anderson mentioned Ben's work in the Congo and Ben shot back that Anderson had visited/reported from there many times himself.  The two discussed Ben coming back on 'Anderson Live' discuss their experiences.  Here's hoping it actually happens.  We dug through the vault and found a two part interview Anderson did with Femi Oke of CNN's 'Inside Africa' program back in December of 2007 ~

In part one of the interview, Anderson talks to Femi about tracking down and interviewing Gen. Laurent Nikunda, The leader of the National Congress for the Defense of the People, and a War Lord being pursued for committing war crimes  and violating human rights ~

Anderson spoke of getting on a truck, with no idea where Nikunda was taking him...

...and ending up at a camp where Nikunda's troops were assembled, waiting and dancing.

The topic for part two of the interview was Anderson's numerous visits to see the Mountain Gorilla's in the Congo ~

Anderson spoke about the trek to see the gorillas, how time spent with them is limited, and how the "war"/Nikunda's troops are endangering the gorillas.

Blogger's Note:  We have video of Anderson's 60 Minutes piece "Kings of The Cong" and more of his reporting from the Congo in September/October 2006 that we will be sharing in the coming weeks.   Don't forget to tune into 60 Minutes on CBS tonight for Anderson's story on 50 years of James Bond.  We will have it covered for you.

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