Sunday, October 07, 2012

From The ATA Archives: Anderson Cooper & Star Jones

When Anderson talked about Star Jones' response to his coming out as a ratings ploy on Thursday's 'Anderson Live'  (video below ICYMI) ~

And  Star's Twitter response to Anderson "flipping out" as described in the Huffington Post ~

It made us think of this vintage Anderson Cooper "gem" from June 29, 2006, when Anderson had a few comments about the dust up between Star and Barbara Walters when Star's contract wasn't renewed by "The View" and she came on CNN's "Larry King Live" to tell her side of the story ~

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aries moon said...

Thanks for posting this clip, it was something I remembered well from the old 360 (fancy AC360 intro back then). Start Jones is such a repulsive phony, her "smile" makes my skin crawl. It's quite clear Anderson was never a fan.

Anonymous said...

Star Jones is not the only one who thinks that whatever Anderson does from now on, is for ratings.
And he has been off the air many times promoting himself with Kathy Griffin, just last year.
His e-mail to his friend Sullivan is certainly suspect and did not come from 'out of the blue.'
Everything he does now is circumspect.
Welcome to the club of the not so innocent, Anderson.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the cilp from 'Anderson' about Star Jones "...emerging from the shadows" to diss Anderson and Mom Gloria asking "Who's Star Jones?"
Totally get that and that Twitter Anderson read. Where has Jones been since being kicked off 'The View'?
And Anderson's invitation to Jones to be on the show and her refusal, "I think she would want as much publicity as possible given her penchant for publicity."

Good to see the old-fashion Anderson snark in the 360 clip. One problem witih the 'Ridiculist' is how often it's on; often it is not organic to Anderson, not his own creation but instead written by a staffer. Back when Anderson snarked on whatever set off his Snark-o-Meter, the snarkiness was better.


aries moon said...

He didn't come out for ratings. Nothing suspect about his email to Andrew Sullivan unless you're inclined to always think negatively about him, which clearly some folks are.

Anonymous said...

I am really glad that Anderson stood up for himself against that creepy Star Jones. He has been constantly taunted about being gay, then not admitting he's gay and then when he comes out he is criticized for that too by people like Star Jones. She only wishes she could have as much class as Anderson does.

Anonymous said...

Star Jones was also mentioned in AC's May 2005 story in "Details" magazine about how vacations aren't necessarily fun:

"Sure, celebrities take vacations, but that's part of their job. ... Do you think Al Reynolds enjoys smearing suntan lotion on Star Jones like butter on a lobster at a Jamaican resort? That's work, people."

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Anderson has brought this negativity upon himself and it has nothing to do with his sexuality.
There is a clear and subtle way to 'fly under the radar" and he did it for years.
His credibility lapsed the minute he started to hang with the celebs.
Even on 60 Minutes, not one piece was about serious material, only subject matter that focused on him, either alone or with a celeb, Michael Pheleps, Lady Gaga, Adele, Madonna, the list goes on.
There will always be fangirls who will hang on till the bitter end, for better or worse, however.
Sad but true.
Complete lose of credibility to most.
I even remember him chopping onions on 360! And then they wonder about the ratings dive.
It's been in the works for years.
Hint to Anderson and CNN, if you want to chop onions go on the food channel.