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 Monday, October 15, 2012: Co-Host Tasha Smith, 'Anderson Live's Next Big Idea' with 'Shark Tank' Cast and Food Network's Gina & Pat Neely

Tuesday, October 16, 2012: Co-Host: 'Grey's Anatomy' Star Sara Ramirez, 'Scandal' Star Kerry Washington, Cynthia Nixon  and Extreme Cheapskates

Wednesday, October 17, 2012: Co-Host: Comedian Rachel Dratch, Anderson Live Investigates: Dirty Hotels & Restaurants and Julie Andrews 

Thursday, October 18, 2012: Co-Host D.L. Hughley,  Psychic Medium John Edward and A Paralyzed Athlete’s Inspiring Story: Eric LeGrand

Friday, October 19, 2012:  Co-Host: Philadelphia Anchor Susan Barnett, Amazing Caught-on-Tape Stories and Hugh Laurie

Ratings for the week ending September 30th ~

From Broadcasting & Cable ~
Syndication Ratings: Entertainment Mags Up With Emmys 
CBS Television Distribution's Dr. Phil widened its lead over its closest talk competitor by 24%, the show's largest margin of victory since the May sweep. Dr. Phil was even at a 3.1 for the current week, holding the 19% increase that it earned in the prior frame, and up 3% over last year at this time. Dr. Phil also was the top-rated talker in the key women 25-54 demographic, improving 6% to a 1.7 and beating NBC''s Maury, which came in second at a 1.6. 

 Disney-ABC's Live! with Kelly and Michael dipped 4% from the prior week to a 2.5. Sony's Dr. Oz tacked on 4% for the week to a 2.4, landing in third place among the talkers, although Oz fell 17% for the year, marking talk's largest year-to-year decline. Warner Bros.' Ellen and NBCU's Maury both slipped 4%, dipping to a 2.3 and 2.2, respectively. CTD's Rachael Ray was off 6% to a 1.5, but had talk's largest year-to-year increase, improving 7%. CTD's The Doctors gained 8% from the prior week to a 1.4, tying NBCU's Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos, both of which were flat. Warner Bros.' Anderson Live! grew the most of any veteran talker, jumping 10% for the week to a 1.1. Debmar-Mercury's Wendy Williams and Jeremy Kyle both were flat at a 1.0 and 0.5, respectively. 

Among the closely-watched rookies, Disney-ABC's Katie remained steady for the week at a 1.8. NBCU's Steve Harvey also held at a 1.3 in households, but jumped 25% among women 25-54 to a 1.0, tying Katie in the key demo. Twentieth's Ricki Lake -- which replaced executive producer Lisa Kridos with Ricki vet Gail Steinberg, whose new shows will start airing Oct. 22 -- added 14% to a 0.8. CTD's Jeff Probst was steady at a 0.7. NBCU's Trisha gained 25% to a 0.5, or one-tenth of a ratings point, in its second week.   (Please click on link for the full article)

From The Hollywood Reporter ~
'Anderson Live' Surges Among Key Viewing Audience
UPDATED: The reinvented talk show with Anderson Cooper is up 67 percent among women 25 to 54 in the New York market, while "Dr. Phil" remains the top talker.

Anderson Live had the biggest weekly increase of any veteran talk show in national syndicated ratings released Wednesday, with viewership in the key demographic group of women 25 to 54 soaring 67 percent from the prior week and rising 100 percent from the same week a year earlier in the New York market last week.

“We know people are responding to topical news,” says Terence Noonan, executive producer of Anderson Live. “People are finding this is where they can come to get topical news, whether it’s the Housewives or (the sentencing of) Jerry Sandusky and get Anderson’s opinion on it.” 

For the week of Sept. 24, Cooper offered Julie Bowen, fresh from her Emmy win; Stephen Colbert; and the cast of Lifetime’s Steel Magnolias led by Queen Latifah, which days later became a highly-rated TV movie.  

There was also an investigation into why women pay more for many things. “That was a show people really responded to,” says Noonan. “We have always said this show is on the side of people. We are a consumer advocate. We are for the underdog.” 

Cooper himself remains an underdog in the talk show wars, as his sophomore season started slowly. It has now picked up in the ratings and key demos. 

“We believe everything is coming together,” says Noonan. “All the partners we have, our bloggers, the digital outreach. We think it is all paying off.” 

For November sweeps Anderson, which usually tapes live shows four days a week (and pretapes Friday) will be live five days a week. “We know that being live is the best way,” says Noonan. 

The ratings, released a day late due to the Columbus Day holiday, are for the week ending Sept. 30. They provide the first indication that the major changes in Anderson, which including re-naming it Anderson Live and adding a daily guest host, are beginning to have an effect.  (Please click on link for the full article)

From "The Futon Critic" ~
"Katie" Leads the Pack for the 3rd Consecutive Week Among All Freshman and Sophomore Syndicated Talk Shows
Based on National ratings for the week of September 24, 2012, "Katie" delivered the No. 1 position among all freshman and sophomore syndicated talk shows for the 3rd consecutive week with Households (1.8 rating), Total Viewers (2.344 million) and Women 25-54 (1.0 rating). During the week, "Katie" outdrew freshman "Steve Harvey" (1.3 HH rating and 1.748 million viewers), "Jeff Probst" (0.7 HH rating and 896,000 viewers) and "Ricki Lake" (0.8 HH rating and 1.075 million viewers), as well as outperforming sophomore "Anderson Live" (1.1 HH rating and 1.363 million viewers).

BLOGGER'S NOTE:  The Hollywood Reporter "updated" their original article to make it clear that the "surge among key viewing audience" was in the New York market, not the national market.  While the "biggest weekly increase of any veteran talk show in national syndicated ratings released Wednesday" is factually correct - that is when the gain is expressed as a percentage.  The actual gain was .1 HH rating  when expressed numerically.   We say this because while the 67% increase in the key demo in the NY market sounds very impressive, there is no actual rating number given, nor base number to calculate what a 67%  increase would equate to numerically.  (If you click on the link for the article, you will see that all the other talk shows mentioned in the article have their ratings expressed numerically vs percentages. )   We included the article from The Futon Critic as it shows the number of viewers to which the HH rating equates.   We hope this helps explain the ratings for those interested.  FYI - 'Anderson' premiered at a 1.1 HH rating in 2011 and for the same/third week last season had a 1.3 HH rating.

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Anonymous said...

Anderson Live goes up to .1% and Noonan is raving how great he is and everything is 'paying off.'
Right, sounds to me like a press release from CNN, and we know how that is turning around.
And, soon he will be first to be renewed. Not because the show is actually attracting viewership, but because some deal was made with TLC, like last year.
Queen Latiffa might have been the only big draw of the week but to pat yourself on the back like Noonan is doing is premature and yes, he's been getting some help on PR from the best in the biz on the Big Lie, CNN.
No one I know is wasting there afternoons watching, Anderson Live!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'd like to meet the 67% of the 'women' watching at noon, or 1PM.
All I can say is what the....?
Just a bunch of jibrish that makes no sense to anybody.
Let's just broadcast Anderson in the NY market because the rest of the country has tuned him out.
And he'll be on 60 Minutes this Sunday and the ratings will be, wait for it, surreal.

Anonymous said...

The fact remains that Anderson's ratings are way lower than they were last year, at this time, and Bill Maher took a swipe at him in his monologue this week, a well deserved swipe and nobody in his audience said, boo, and for the record, Bill's ratings, according to USA Today, have never been higher.
Just saying.

Anonymous said...

The NYT reported in Saturday's print edition, in the Arts section,
"Viewers Like Katie."
According to their sources, Katie Couric is doing better than any new show and now has the highest ratings over all with a 2.5 million viewers daily.
While her ratings are not as high as they were the first week out, she is holding steady with her 2 and a half million viewers who are loyal and seem to like her day show.
Perhaps Anderson would do well to look at what she is doing as opposed to having mutiple topics, and not having in depth conversations with anybody other than himself.

Anonymous said...

Well, I did see Anderson in his pursuit of James Bond memorabila and surprisingly found it rather interesting.
I would have liked a more in depth conversation with the latest Bond, Daniel Craig, but then there wouldn't have been time to see Anderson doing Bond like things, shooting his gun, and standing next to Bond's luxury vehicle. (I'm surprised he didn't drive it, or maybe he asked to, but that was off limits.)
Never fails, if there's a chance to promote 'yourself' don't pass it up.
Nothing like inseting yourself in EVERY piece you do...