Saturday, November 10, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Friday, November 9, 2012

BREAKING NEWS, FBI INVESTIGATING TIP PETRAEUS HAD AFFAIR WITH BIOGRAPHER, CIA director resigns over extramarital affair:  Report by Anderson Cooper
Follow up discussion with Suzanne Kelly, Fran Townsend and Bob Baer


POWER FAILURE, Local utility companies slammed in report:  Report by Deborah Feyerick and follow up  discussion with Anderson

NEW YORKERS STILL WITHOUT POWER, Councilman says LIPA & Gov. Cuomo responsible:  Anderson's interview with James Sanders, New York City Councilman

CASHING IN ON DISASTERS, Charity scams prey on donor's desire to help:  Report by Drew Griffin and follow up discussion with Anderson

STORM VICTIM FEARS LOOTERS, Staten Island man patrols his block at night:  Anderson talks to Joe Ingenito, storm victim

DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS, FIRST TIME IN U.S.,  Delaunay, Problem is there is no coordinated medical effort:  Anderson talks to Sophie Delaunay, Executive Director, Doctors Without Borders USA

THE FISCAL CLIFF FIGHT, Does the White House have the upper hand?:  Anderson's discussion with David Frum and Mary Matalin   (Note:  Found this entertaining and couldn't resist clipping!)

The two little boys who drowned in Hurricane Sandy were laid to rest today ~


Anderson was on The Late Show With David Letterman tonight ~

And a behind the scenes moment from Election Night, posted on Twitter ~

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aries moon said...

James Carville was on Real Time with Bill Maher and he said he hoped Republicans continue to turn off the electorate because he wanted their party gone for good--his wife Mary Matalin with her rigid conservatives can do no wrong stance and her inability to grasp or accept that there are serious problems within her party is one of the reasons why Republicans have lost support and can't attract a diverse group of voters to join them. David Frum was laying it all out as plainly as possible but he just couldn't pierce that bubble that Matalin is stuck in. It was interesting that she called Frum an "intellectual" as though it were a strike against his character.

Anderson had one of his better appearances on David Letterman, very good discussion about him being a newly out gay man.

Anonymous said...

All of Anderson's reports concerning New Yorkers and Hurricane Sandy were excellent. He was in the field and talking to local politicians, people trying to help and real people. It would have been awesome if this topic was the entire show.

I didn't pay much attention to the first segment about Patreaus, I saw this covered with Blitzer and it sounded like Townsend, Kelly and Baer were cvoering the same ground.

When Anderson announced Matalin and Frum for the political panel, I changed the channel, wasn't interested in hearing two conservatives babble. So thanks, ATA, for the clip, that was a good segment seeing two conservatives - one smart guy who gets it and one who continues to spin and stretch "facts" to fit her fantasy.
Mary Matalin said exit polls showed that voters do not want to raise taxes to reduce the deficit. What? What poll is that? All of her answers shows that Matalin is not only in the bubble but also making it thicker and more opaque.

Big thanks for the Letterman clips; it looks like he enjoys talking to Anderson and Anderson enjoys being there.


Anonymous said...

@aries moon: Glad a fellow commenter watched Bill Maher.
If you remember Bill pointed out that only 39% of the white voting population, voted for Obama.
I was really shocked but it seems like it is true according to USA Today which gave the actual break-down in percentages.
Minorites actually made up the rest of his total.
If the Republicans had had a better, more likeable candidate that told the truth, and wasn't as stiff as cardboard, they might well have won.
Really disliked that woman from MSNBC on his panel....a real know-it all.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:23 -I watched Real Time, too. I watch it every week. I think the bigger point is that the white voting population is dwindling and if the Republican party keeps being the party of white men, they may never win another election.

The fact that the Romney team thought they couldn't lose despite what the polls were saying, showed not only a party in denial, but also showed the superiority of President Obama's ground game at identifying their likely voters and getting them out to actually vote.

I found it extremely interesting that Mary Matalin said on AC360 night after night the women would vote on the economy and weren't concerned about the rape comments and women's health care issues, yet President Obama won the women's vote and Senators Akin and Murdoch both lost their election to the Senate; yet Mary doesn't see a problem with the Republican message. I hope AC360 drops her as a pundit, as someone who just doesn't get it shouldn't be rewarded with air time. She lost all credibility in my book earlier this year and last night proved that she won't be getting it back.

It was also interesting to hear the debate about if President Obama won a mandate. Let's see the Dems gained in the Senate and in the House. If not for the redistricting, gerrymandering, Dems would have won the House back - they actually received more votes. And IL flipped four Repub House seats to Dems as did a few other states. So, yes, I would say that President Obama won a mandate. Or at lease voters sent a message. I hope he uses the mandate too as leverage over the "party of no" since they will be up for re-election and he won't.

I wish AC360 would drop Baer and Townsend as pundits as well. Their sketchy pasts gives them no credibility and I'm sure there are others experts in the field that could be called upon for comment. I had enough of their biased theories on Benghazi to last me a lifetime. Even the Republican Party came to realize that intel shows there wasn't some massive cover up in Banghazi. It's time AC360 found some new voices and stuck more to actual reporting vs. so much punditry.

I, too, enjoyed Anderson on Letterman. He seemed to loosen up more and Dave engaged him with some good questions, while keeping it light and funny at times.

I was glad to see Anderson back on Staten Island and calling out local officials. I was afraid he would be calling out FEMA and the Federal Government. The failure on Staten Island seems to be the result of Bloomberg initially ignoring one of his burrough's problems in favor of going ahead with the NYC marathon and turning down President Obama's offer to visit and survey the damage, saying they could handle it themselves. State and local government has to request federal assistance, and if they don't do their job.... Apparently Gov Christie could teach them a thing or two?

-- Jenn

aries moon said...

anon 10:23, Jenn's response is far better than anything I can say, but I do agree about the obnoxious S.E. Cupp of MSNBC's The Cyle on Real Time--I'm not a fan.

Anonymous said...

@Jenn: The only element missing in your well documented piece, is the fact that the House is in control in Congress under GOP leadership, and if the Dems don't get it together, the will of the people wouldn't matter one bit.
We need a leader to lead, someone everyone fears, and though the POTUS showed us he's well liked, if nothing gets passed, the GOP doesn't have to take the Presidency...ever.

Anonymous said...

I agree Jenn.
Bloomberg should resign.
He has made too many bad calls during this disaster.
He's far more concerned about how large everyone Slurpie is, and less concerned about things that really those poor residents in Staten Island left unattended and on their own, waiting for local volunteers to help them evacuate and salvage their belongings.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:54PM - Since you seem to have all of the answers, how does President Obama lead when the GOP controlled house is a bunch of obstructionists? Why should the Dems give in when they won the Presidency, both the electoral and popular vote; gained seats in the Senate and in the House? It seems to me like the electorate sent a message to the GOP, but for some reason they think they don't have to listen or are so arrogant they haven't received the message.

POTUS had his first "throw down" to the Repubs on Friday, now it's time for them to put on their big boy pants, act like adults, consider the good of the people/the country ahead of their own childish ways, and take an action other than "obstructionism".

President Obama won't be running for re-election in 2014, but all of the House will be and a good chunk of the Republican Senate. Perhaps it's time the Repubs do listen to the will of the people and not act like privileged brats.

And for your information, POTUS got The Affordable Care Act passed and DADT repealed in his first term - something many said couldn't be done.


Anonymous said...

@Jenn: I do not know why you have "an attitude."
I agreed with you, however, all Presidents have had to deal with issues of opposition that is why it is called a Democracy.
Yes, the President won re-election, but it was an uncertain, hard fought, re-election.
President Obama has to show more leadership skills if his legacy, which is important to ALL Presidents, is to be a good one.
Lyndon Baines Johnson, a Democrat, was feared, AND he passed major Civil Rights legislations during an unpopular war.
Every President has opposition and it is their job to get things done, and overcome the "obstructionist views."
I'm looking forward to tax hikes on the wealthy where there will be major objections that President Obama must overcome.
He is far too concerned about being well liked by the Republicans.
That is a major flaw in his personality. He must come to terms with this or his 'legacy' will be sealed, and his second term will be stagnant.