Friday, November 16, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Friday, November 16, 2012

BREAKING NEWS, EXPLOSIONS HEARD IN GAZA TONIGHT, Local media reporting "bombardment renewed":  Reporting by Anderson Cooper with Sara Sidner in Gaza City: Ben Wedeman in Ashkelon, Israel; and Jodi Rudoren, Jerusalem Bureau Chief (NY Times) in Gaza City (by phone)

BREAKING NEWS, EXPLOSIONS HEARD IN GAZA TONIGHT, Officials, 30 killed in Gaza, 300 wounded:  Anderson Cooper interviews Mohammed Sulaiman, Palestinian living in Gaza, by phone and Anderson's follow up discussion with Reza Sayah in Cairo and Fouad Ajami (in NYC with Anderson)


PETRAEUS TESTIFIES ON BENGHAZI, General gave classified testimony on attacks:  Dana Bash reports with Anderson

GOP CONGRESSMAN, OBAMA LIED, Rep. Rohrabacher accused president of lying about Benghazi attacks:  Anderson's interview with Rep, Sana Rohrabacher, (R) California


BENGHAZI ATTACKS EXPLAINED TO CONGRESS, Source, Talking pts. used by Amb. Rice were altered to protect classified sources:  Anderson's follow up discussion with Fran Townsend and Dana Bash



The man behind CelebriGum had a little fun with the photos from Anderson's arrival at The Late Show With David Letterman last week.

The post starts out... "This is troubling on a couple of levels.

I've been informed by the FBI that these hitherto-unpublished CelebriGum photos of Anderson Cooper were discovered on Paula Broadwell's computer. While not "classified" in a military sense, they're confidential and highly sensitive. It's a serious security breach for CelebriGum."  Click here for the full post with more photos.


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There were a few curious things about Friday's 360.

At the end of the first segment, concerning the Israel/Hamas conflict, Anderson had to explain that although a photo they put on the air previously was now found out to maybe have been staged. He stated emphatically that he is not taking sides, he's just trying to report the facts and get to the truth.

Later, at the start of 'KTH' Anderson said that they don't take the sides either Democratic or Republican "like other cable channels do" he just reports the facts. He then had another look at Rep. Rohrabacher's comments yesterday about President Obama lying, comments Rorhabacher was stepping away from today.

It made me wonder what kind of feedback Anderson has been getting, not just here at ATA but from all over including from his bosses. Two statements in one night about not taking sides and just reporting the facts?

The other curious thing were the upcoming stories teasers in the commercial breaks. One was about preventing a subway bomber and the other about Hostess bankruptcy. Neither story was covered and there wasn't a Bulletin. Perhaps all taken out to make room for a 'Breaking News" update from Sidner in Gaza, which broke apart quickly because the audio connection broke down.

However, there was still room for the Ridiculist. It was a pretty good Ridiculist about a "demonic" goat but wouldn't it have been more "newsy" to have the Bulletin instead?