Monday, November 19, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Live From Gaza, Monday, November 19, 2012

Anderson Cooper opened AC360 with an overview of the days events ~

Anderson was joined by Ben Wedeman, Arwa Damon and Wolf Blitzer (from Israel).  Ben and Arwa filed reports and there was a follow up discussion ~

Next up, Anderson spoke with Yigal Palmor, the Israeli Foreign Ministry Spokesman about the possibility of  finding a diplomatic way to end the conflict ~

Anderson's report on the aftermath of a rocket attack in Gaza earlier in the day ~

Ben Wedeman, Bob Baer and Baraba Starr joined Anderson for a follow up discussion about the possibility of a ground game and who benefits ~

David Kirkpatrick, Anne-Marie Slaughter and Fouad Ajami joined Anderson to talk about the changing dynamics in the Middle East and who may help broker an end to the conflict ~

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN:  Susan Hendricks

Anderson brought in Ben, Arwa and Wolf, for their final thoughts, to end the program ~


NOTE:  AC360 will be LIVE from Gaza Tuesday night.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

Excellent show last night! Anderson is his best when he is in the field. Man, I wish he would do WAY more of this!

By the way 360 ended it seems that Anderson is headed home or off on vacation. He didn't say he or 360 would be back live there tonight. But I saw a commercial saying Wolf would be live from Jerusalem today. So I wonder what's up with that? Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

360 was excellent and Anderson was top-notch; this is what he does best. The first segment covered a lot of ground but I also appreciated the later segments about the wider MidEast perspective and about diplomacy.

The only thing missing was at the very end. Anderson asked Blitzer, Wedeman and Damon for their final thoughts but gave none of his own. I hoping Tuesday or Wednesday we'll see an old-fashioned '"Reporter's Notebook" from Anderson.

Two questions:
Does it seem to you viewers are getting more coverage and more information about Gaza and less about Israel? Is this because Gaza is much smaller, more concentrated, more dramatic and/or easier to cover? Is Israel too large, the rocket landings too random and far apart and/or not scary enough?
Viewers are seeing the Israeli side being covered and Israeli guys stating their opinons but video-wise we are seeing much more of Gaza.

Next - an Anthony Bourdain show on CNN? Why?


Anonymous said...

@Jaanza - there's more to show on the Paletinian side. As one of my Facebook friends wrote, are we supposed to turn off iron dome and stop running with the kids to the shelter?
Having said that, I feel that AC is trying to be impartial, from some reason he's being attacked on twitter constantly, by people from both sides, claiming he's supporting the other. On that note, can someone please take Pierce Morgan away? Ship him back to England, or something. Sarah

Anonymous said...

You would be seeing less of Israel because Israel is very protective about showing background.
All media is checked thoroughly and there's much discretion as to what is shown and not shown.
They didn't gather one of the best military weapontry and sophistication by giving away their secrets.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that Anderson is finally wearing a helmet in one of the later post photos.
It is just common sense if he's wearing a protective vest, he should also be wearing a helmet, especially if bombs are going off as he's reporting.
While it might be awkward to report that way, he should realize by now, it is for his own safety.