Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Live From Gaza, Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Anderson Cooper opened AC360 with an overview of the days events ~

Anderson Cooper brought in Wolf Blitzer, Ben Wedeman, Arwa Damon and Fouad Ajami to discuss the days events and their views on the conflict ~

Anderson Cooper and Michael Oren, Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. discuss the Israeli view ~

Anderson Cooper brought in Jill Dougherty, Anne-Marie Slaughter and  Fouad Ajami for a follow up discussion ~

Anderson Cooper, Ben Wedeman and Anne-Marie Slaughter discuss the popularity of Hamas and if the Gaza fight gives Hamas a political boost ~

Anderson Cooper, Ben Wedeman and Arwa Damon discuss the effects of the blasts on civilians and their scramble to seek shelter ~

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN:  Susan Hendricks


A couple of behind the scenes photos of Anderson at their press location ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

Another terrific 360 under difficult conditions. The first segment was excellent, reviewing the last 24 hours and including some scenes not seen on the ealrier clips of Anderson on the other CNN shows.

I really liked Ben Wedeman's report about Hamas; who they are and what they do. It was good information. It was good to see Anderson interview Amb. Michael Oren, I was hoping Oren would show up on 360 soon. I also liked seeing Arwa Damon's and Wolf Blitzer's reports on how the average Palestinian and the average Israeli are dealing with this battle.

Since it looks like CNN is not doing a lot of news on Thanksgiving night ("Cruise to Disaster"? Really?), maybe Anderson and his crew will head up to Tel Aviv for a nice meal or at least a good night's sleep.


aries moon said...

Good reporting by AC, Arwa, Wolf and Ben--the bomb blasts are unnerving to witness during the broadcast. I'm glad that Anne-Marie Slaughter has been on hand to talk about the conflict to balance out Ajami's typical anti-Obama view.

Anonymous said...

In all Honesty, no one else but Hillary could have brokered a cease fire deal with Hamas except a stellar personality such as Hillary.
Could Susan Rice do this?
Fat chance.
Perhaps Anderson will travel home now that there is a cease fire, fragile as it is.

Anonymous said...

Fouad Ajami must go back into the little hole he crawled out of.
His agenda is to discredit the Obama Administration and Anderson should not allow him to be on his program to show his bias.
He is also anti-Israel and the minute I see his face I change the channel.
If Anderson finds McCain and his friend Fouad that informative, he should have a private intervention party, not televise it, and they can all share tall tales of heroism.