Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360 Monday 11/12/12

KEEPING THEM HONEST, PETRAEUS SEX SCANDAL:  Anderson Cooper and Suzanne Kelly  reporting

WSJ: FBI AGENT IN PETRAEUS CASE UNDER SCRUTINY: Fran Townsend, Rep. Peter King and Thomas Fuentes talk with Cooper
After the break the discussion continued with Col. Steven Boylan

POLITICS AND SEX SCANDALS: Martin Savidge reporting

KEEPING THEM HONEST, SANDY POWER STRUGGLE: Victor Blackwell and Anderson Cooper reporting




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Anonymous said...

The Patraeus scandal is a big story but covering every little detail and taking 2/3 of the show was too much. I took refuge in 'Antiques Roadshow' but kept checking back to see when Anderson would talk about something else.

The story about the electricity and LIPA was good and I appreciated the map showing where Far Rockaway was located. Was Anderson in Far Rockaway? I missed him saying where he was but did see him scolding LIPA for taking so long.

The Veteran's Day tribute at the end was very well-done.

I watched some of Rachel Maddow. She had 3 minutes at the start about possible changes in the Obama cabinet and then a very good political segment that included an interview with my amazing Senator, Amy Klobuchar. I would love it if Anderson had a Minnesotan politican on the show, if not Klobuchar, how about Sen. Franken or Rep. Ellison (who won re-election in the 5th district with 74% of the vote!).


Anonymous said...

I have nothing to sell AC wise.
I do have a signing he did in his hardcover book which I plan to keep, but nothing more.
Concerning the Patraeus scandal, I too think there is way too much being made out of this.
If he weren't the head of the CIA, nobody would even bother scrutinizing his email.
And speaking of email, maybe I'm missing something here, but if I wanted to keep something really secret and I was a high ranking officer in the army and now the head honcho of the all important CIA, and my partner had equal impressive qualifications, why in the world would I email her/him??
I never was educated at West Point and I don't run 5 miles a day, and I have no badges of honor, but I think I'd have the 'common sense' NOT to let the world know that my emails could be read by the FBI....duh?
Like the late and great Nora Ephron once said: "Nothing is a secret."
And I also think Patraeus should testify. He cheated on his wife, and unless he cheated on his country, we sure hope not, he should, as one commenter put it, put on his "Big Boy Pants, and let the world see him in the hot seat.