Thursday, November 08, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Thursday, November 8, 2012

KEEPING THEM HONEST, D.C. DYSFUNCTION:  A report by Anderson Cooper

CALLING FOR COMPROMISE, Outgoing moderate Senator has had enough:  Anderson interviews Sen. Olympia Snowe, (R) Maine

ELECTIONS AND CONSEQUENCES, After a tough Tuesday, does the GOP change course?:  Anderson's follow up with Gloria Borger, David Gergen and Mark McKinnon, Co-founder, No Labels

TAKING STOCK OF THE TEA PARTY, Has movement lost its momentum?:  Report by Gary Tuchman

TEA PARTY IN JEOPARDY?, Fewer candidates in 2012 than 2008:  Anderson's follow up discussion with Van Jones and Ari Fleischer

OBAMA CAMPAIGN'S SECRET OPERATION REVEALED, Massive data-mining enterprise key in gaining cash, votes:  Anderson's interview with Michael Scherer, White House Correspondent, TIME

NEW YORKERS STILL WITHOUT POWER, Residents struggle after Superstorm Sandy, nor'easter:  Anderson's interview with Nick Camerada, Staten Island Resident

WHERE IS FEMA?, Complaints that disaster relief is not getting to those in need:  Anderson's interview with Martin Golden (R) New York State Senate


THE RIDICULIST:  Confusing Sweatshirts


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Anonymous said...

This seemed like one of those 360s in which Anderson, while not exactly "phoning it in" nevertheless seemed kind of lazy about it. He wasn't as engaged in the interviews like earlier in the week and he would ask a question then ask the next question on the list, no real dialogue.

Most of the panel about compromise sounded like a repeat of the same topic yesterday. However, Mark McKinnon was an appreciated new face and he made a few sensible comments. And I give Gergen credit for saying "Republicans are living in denial before the election and still now."

Gary Tuchman's report on the Tea Party was very good. He mentioned Rep. Bachmann "barely" won her district; I'd like to add that to win she had to spend 10 times as much as her opponent. The panel that followed was decent but not necessary.

I had problems with the "Obama's Secret Ops" segment. The interview with Scherer was just fine. However, there is nothing new or earthshattering about "microtargeting" - businesses have been doing that for years. Is it really so shocking to use it in politics?
Furthermore, the use of the phrase "secret operations" in the title and then "mysterious codes" in the subtitle on screen gave the impression that this is the stuff horrible James Bond villians do. Why couldn't they phrased it "Obama's Smart Campaign" or "serious research" or "strategic codes"?
On a personal note, the Romney campaign mailed me one of their big colorful postcards. If they had done a little research, they would have known not to waste the time and money.

The report on NYC and the Nor'Easter was pretty good. I wish news peoplle would also ask 'Where is the Red Cross' while asking 'where is FEMA'. After donating to the Red Cross several days ago, I then read an article stating they are not doing a good job in NYC.


aries moon said...

The two parties have to compromise, but the GOP need to realize that the president DOES have a mandate and they're going to have to do a better job of cooperating with him. If the Tea Party is holding Boehner hostage and he's incapable of doing what's right out of the fear of how the TP might react, then it may be best that the TP continues to lose momentum, I certainly won't miss them.

President Obama wasn't kidding when he said in his election night speech that his team ran the greatest campaign in the history of this country--the segment on the campaign operation was really good--apparently Romney's "Orca" system which was supposed to rival the Obama GOTV organization, failed spectacularly--and we were supposed to trust him to run the country?

Anonymous said...

I was 'micro-targeted from day one of last year by the Obama team.
I did support him in 08 and gave a rather large donation to his campaign, but did not do so this time around.
It did not matter. I still got a beautiful photo of the Obama family with a photo copied letter from Michelle thanking me for my support in 08 and for my 'continued generosity in 012.'
And every day there was an e-mail from their campaign staff that I found rather annoying.
But I got nothing from Romney's team.
Could it be because they weren't following my personal voting trend or they were, and over looked me?
I voted for the President once again, but this time, minus the donation.
Had Mitt Romney been a better candidate, I just might have reversed my own strategy regardless of their persistence on the President's behalf.

Anonymous said...

At Jaanza and Aries Moon -

I was a volunteer in President Obama's ground game in a low level leadership position. While what was reported in the interview with Scherer was accurate, there was so much more to it. The ground game never really totally quit working after the '08 election as we worked on some of the president's initiatives in 2010 and then started ramping up for the 2012 election in early 2011. There was a process with many different facets and the ground work that had taken place all summer and lead up to our GOTV campaign (which took place the last four days, including election day) was what made the GOTV work successful. I would laugh when John King and Company would show up on AC360 and say the ground game wasn't the same as it was in 2008 and doubted it. I knew it wasn't the same, but different was better. I saw the passion and dedication in the volunteers in my group and the number of people contacting me asking to help as election day drew nearer. King and others were totally wrong in their assessment and this was proven as the election results came in.

Sounds to me like the Romney campaign thought GOTV was a one day event and their plan failed miserably,mostly because it was never tested and poorly communicated. You are right, if it was any indication of how Romney planned to run the country, it's a good thing he will not be anywhere close to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

FYI to NY/NYC if you had let President Obama visit when he asked to survey the damage, FEMA may have been able to move in faster. It is the responsiblity of the local and state officials to request federal help and identify the areas of greatest need. Sounds to my like Bloomberg failed Staten Island and Long Island miserably.