Thursday, November 15, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360. Thursday, November 15, 2012

BREAKING NEWS, UP TO 2,000 ISRAELI TROOPS ON THE MOVE, Headed for the border with Gaza:  Anderson Cooper reports

BREAKING NEWS, ROCKETS POUNDING ISRAEL, Israel says 300 rockets fired from Gaza since Wednesday:  Reporters:  Sara Sidner  from Gaza City, Fred Pleitgen from Southern Israel  and Noga Tarnopolsky (Global Post Senior Correspondent joined by phone from Israel); Anderson and Fouad Ajami were on the balcony in NYC

WHAT PETRAEUS WILL TELL CONGRESS, Frmr. CIA Director testifies before intelligence committees Friday:  Anderson and Barbara Starr report

CONGRESS SEES BENGHAZI ATTACK VIDEO, Bash, GOP, Democrats members see video differently:  Anderson and Dana Bash report and also discuss Sen. John McCain's outburst when a CNN reporter asked him why he didn't attend hearings on Benghazi yesterday

CONGRESSMEN SPEAK OUT ON ATTACK VIDEO,  Will it change their perspective?:  Anderson's follow up with Rep. Peter King (R) NY and Rep. Adam Schiff (D) California

MITT ROMNEY DRAWS HEAT FROM GOP, He attributes loss to (President) Obama buying minority votes:  Anderson's report and follow up discussion with Ana Navarro (Republican Strategist), Charles Blow (NYT Op-Ed columnist) and Mary Matalin

GULF OIL SPILL SETTLEMENT, BP agrees to pay $4.5 billion in government penalties:  Anderson reports and interviews Keith Jones (family member of one of the victims)



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sandyeggo said...

Just curious...does anyone know why he's been on the roof all week? Makes his nose red.

Anonymous said...

What was up with Mary Matalin and her facial expressions tonight?

Thought the opening story on Israel/Gaza was good, straight up reporting and what AC360 does best. Wonder if Anderson will be packing his bag and reporting from there soon?

-- Jenn

Anonymous said...

@Sandyeggo - thanks, I've been wondering where Anderson has been anchoring these last few days. While it looks great on TV (never noticed a red nose) how much longer can he do it?

In any case, Anderson wasn't where he wanted to be. I coudn't help thinking if it wasn't for his daytime show, Anderson would already be in Israel. The opening segment about Israel/Hamas was great. Excellent reports from those in the country and even Ajami had some sensible comments.

The Benghazi report made me itchy to change the chennel until Anderson asked about McCain's temper tantrum after being asked why he missed an important Benghazi hearing. His spokesman's answer later ("scheduling problem") didn't make any sense. McCain was holding a press conference at the time. Hopefully next time McCain is on 360, Andersom will bring this up.

***Anon 1:42 am in yesterday's 360 post - you brought up this very issue and today it was on Blitzher's show and 360! Maybe someone at CNN does read ATA.***

The panel with Rep. King and Rep. Schiff was spirited and it was great seeing both political parties represented.

Gov. Jindal had the best line of the night, "If you want voters to like you, you have to like them first." Why is that so difficult for Republicans to figure out?

Sometimes I wonder how Carville can stay married to Matalin. She sees the Republican party as the party of "upward mobility" and it's liberals who are hampering women with things like "teacher unions" and "minimum wage laws". Loved how Charles Blow shot that down, telling her that health issues and reproduction issues ARE economic issues. Although Anderson ended the segment right there, I'm curious how Matalin would have responded to that.

The report about BP, their oil spill in the Gulf and the settlement was very good, much better than the usual Crime & Punishment segment.

It would be awesome to see Anderson in Israel but I figure he staying here and working on his 'Make Your Turkey Extra Special This Thanksgiving' segment for the daytime show.


aries moon said...

I'm glad Charles M. Blow of the NY Times was a part of the panel discussing Romney's latest stupidity. I guess Matalin thought she was going to run all over him, but he wasn't having it--her party is behind the times and insulting to much of the electorate, she can continue to delude herself about why they don't connect with voters because that kind of denial (Ana Navarro seems to get it) is what's eroding the GOP and considering that some of them still haven't gotten the message, good riddance.

Finally 360 brought in some Democrats like Blow and Rep. Adam Schiff to counter the conservative views--I don't know why they are so lax about having really balanced panel discussions--Blow was still outnumbered in spite of this.

John McCain and Mitt Romney both need to just go away permanently.

Did someone give an explanation why Anderson's reporting on a roof?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I too wonder why he has been outside all week. Is he getting a new set? It can't be because of Superstorm Sandy considering the buildings behind him had power and he was in a suit. At first because of all the talk about Israel and Gaza, I thought he was reporting from the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jaanza. It is far more important for AC to spend time making "his turkey extra special this Thanksgiving," than going to the Middle East.
But isn't 'his turkey' his show?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was thinking the same thing about Mary Matlin saying the the "teachers' unions" were hampering women.
Right Mary.
As a retired teacher I'm really feeling hampered these days living in the state with the lowest property taxes in the the country and having a good solid pension that I worked for, over 35 years, which is not an entitlement by the way folks, because a percentage of my pay was deducted each month for this time in my life.
Yes, sir Mary. I am hampered by your stupidity and I too wonder how James Carville can stay married to someone who doesn't share any of his political attributes, like civility, you Mitt Loving moron.