Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday 11/7/12

CONFRONTATION OR COMPROMISE? Anderson Cooper and Dana Bash reporting
 Follow up with John King, Candy Crowley, Gloria Borger and David Gergen

WILL GOP CHANGE COURSE? Anderson interviews Sen. Lindsey Graham, R SC

 HOW PRES. OBAMA WON: John King at the magic wall

REPUBLICAN'S REGROUP: Panel discussion with Erick Erickson, Ari Fleischer, Alex Castellanos and Kristen Soltis

NO PLACE FOR MITT ROMNEY?  Anderson, Gloria Borger and Candy Crowley discuss

BROADENING THE BASE: Anderson interviews Rudy Giuliani

SECOND TERM ROLLER COASTERS: Alex Castellanos, Cornell Belcher and Van Jones discuss


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aries moon said...

Since AC360 wanted to spend so much time discussing how the election affected All Things Republican, they could've at least done it in the second hour--yes, we know they need to self-reflect and change, but that's not the MAIN story here, the country re-elected President Obama and that should've been THE story during the first hour--his vision, his coalition and how it held together and busted the conservative myths--how Obama supporters were determined to push back against GOP voter suppression and stand in line for hours in order to have their voices heard--instead AC360 relegated President Obama to the bottom of the hour in order to fit in MORE conservative commentary and analysis. Rudy Giuliani suggested recently that President Obama resign--he's as worthless and as vile as Donald Trump these days and 360 should've been ashamed to have him on. I hope 360 will someday figure out that many people in this country voted for the President and WANT him to enact HIS agenda, not Republicans and they think it's time for REPUBLICANS to stop obstructing and reach out to HIM for a freaking change. Gloria Borger and David Gergen still don't get that.

Anonymous said...

I would have changed a few things in Wednesday's 360 but overall it was pretty good. It was great to see Anderson in Washington D.C.

The opening segment about Obama working with the legislature and vice versa was a good topic but Anderson had too many people to talk to; why not limit it to King and Crowley?

The interview with Sen. Graham was a waste of time. Anderson could have summed it all up by saying "Sen. Graham thinks the answer to everything is the Simpson Bowles tax plan." and then moved on to a better topic. I see here the titie of the segment was "Will GOP Change Course?" Left up to Graham - no. After watching the "Live" clip, this time would have been better spent talking to Maghan McCain.

John King's time explaining the demographics at his magic map was educational and thought-provoking. Especially about the possibility of Texas turning blue in another two or three presidential elections due to the Latino vote. Strong deja vu to an old Olbermann Special Comment about Gov. Perry threatening Texas secession. Olbermann said "Okay, go." and pointed out that Hispanics in *New Republic of Texas* could become the majority by 2020 and could hypothetically vote to join Mexico. Looking at things now, Texas could shake things up Electoral-College-wise.

Two interesting comments from the right-wing pundits. Fleischer "Republicans are not comfortable talking to certain groups." Yeah? You think? And Erickson, "It's hard to win Hispanic voters when they think you hate them." Has he just figured that out now?

Even Guiliani had some insightful remarks on Republicans needing to change ("become more libertarian") on social issues to gain Hispanic and women voters. Loved the conversation about Romney's future in the Republican Party,
Guiliani, "We don't reject our candidates."
Anderson, "A lot of rejection today."
Guiliani, "Well, it's the day after."
But like Crowley said earlier, Romney and the Republicans wasn't a good fit; Romeny, I'm guessing, will go back to being a corporate raider.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with aries moon, I turned on 360 hoping that the partisanship would be over, but AC/360 & Co still seem to be stuck in that mindset. If they had offset the GOP talk with some Democratic views it would have been interesting, but they didn't and it wasn't.

One person I could really do without is the former Mrs John King, Dana Bash. I now she is an expert in the political arena, but ever since she called the pictures from the cabinet room, after Sandy a photo op I turn the TV off or mute her. I never heard one word from anyone on CNN about Paul(Eddie Munster)Ryan stopping at a soup kitchen, after they were asked not to come, and pretending to wash dishes.

Dana, Gloria and the rest of the CNN arm of the GOP are totally out of touch with what is going on and CNN better do something or their ratings will plummet again.

aries moon said...

anon 8:38 am, EXCELLENT point about the non-discussion on CNN regarding Paul Ryan's phony dish washing campaign stunt.

It bothers me that Anderson was calling Gergen, Borger, King and Bash the "non-partisans" on the CNN Team. They're anything BUT that at times since they have a tendency to prop up the GOP positions against the President and Democrats. I do want to give some credit to John King's skill with the Magic Map--I'm generally not very happy with King, but there's no denying he knows his stuff and is fascinating to listen to during an election night--the detail and statistics about various states/cities/counties that he goes into is extremely impressive--he is without a doubt the best at this.

Anonymous said...

@aries moon: I think your right about Donald Trump. When it comes to politics, he's worthless, annoying and crass.
Guiliani on the other hand, was a God sent during 9/11 and anyone in the area at the time, remembers him for that and he did concede to Anderson that "Republicans need to change their strategy."
I also give some credit to my former Governor of NJ, no longer a resident there, for calling President Obama and reaching out in a bipartisan manner.
He's smart. He probably didn't want to associate with Romney, BUT, if Romney had won, Christie
would have had to run against an incumbent, so he decided to keep his distance.
Whatever the reason, Chris Christie, the Republicans new great, hope, may in fact, be showing a bipartisan upper hand.
We can only hope.

Anonymous said...

I'd also like to give some credit to both Eric Erickson and Alex Castallanos, a man I always felt was most objective and reasonable.
Eric did concede that Romeney was not a good candidate. I know this comes out now, but he must have felt that way all along.
He said he made mistakes and his biggest, and I've read this elsewhere, was made four years ago.
Romney was taped saying that the assembly line workers should go bankrupt. (I remember him saying it.)
The Obama strategists showed this in that area repeatedly, and that negativity was the biggest issue in Ohio. People in the auto plants that received the bailouts remembered.
And the 47% tape also resonated.
I consider myself, though quite comfortable, part of that 47%, and Romney was caught, in action, insulting almost half the country.
And then, there was the 'war on women.'
What in the world was that about?
Women of all races were insulted.
So yes, there was a lot of vital mistakes made by this candidate.
If his OWN PARTY didn't want him to run, there was a reason.

aries moon said...

@anon 10:28, I agree that Giuliani did a fine job during the harrowing 9/11 crisis and was a calm, stablizing presence then--he deserves praise for that, but since then he's gone over the edge with the rest of the Republicans. Chris Christie has somewhat of a history of backing away from the more extremist elements/opinions in his party and he worked well with the President on Sandy and was very gracious.