Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Wednesday, November 14, 2012


PRESIDENT OBAMA, GOP NOMINATION FIGHT, McCain to block Amb., Susan Rice if nominated to be Secy. of State:  Anderson's interview with Sen. McCain

NASTY NOMINATION FIGHT LOOMING, President Obama not yet decided to nominate Rice:  Anderson's follow up discussion with Dana Bash, Gloria Borger and David Gergen


BREAKING NEWS, NEW DETAILS ON PETRAEUS INVESTIGATION, Tracking the possible legal fallout:  Anderson's follow up discussion with Suzanne Kelly and Fran Townsend

WHO ARE THE KELLEYS?, Fla. couple caught in Petraeus scandal:  Anderson and Drew Griffin reporting

ANTI-OBAMA SENTIMENT RUNS STRONG (note:  in a tiny town in Texas), Pres. Obama won just 5 votes in King County, Texas:  Report by Gary Tuchman

ISRAEL KILLS HAMAS MILITARY CHIEF, Hamas warns Israel has opened "the gates of hell":  Anderson's discussion with Sara Sidner, David Kirkpatrick and Fareed Zakaria

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN:  Susan Hendricks


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aries moon said...

John McCain has no room to question the judgment of President Obama or the qualifications and intelligence of Susan Rice. McCain gave us the "gift" of Sarah Palin, so his opinion on practically everything should be discounted outright. I'm sick of 360 giving McCain a platform for his useless commentaries on the President, but I was relieved that Anderson asked him why he was basically being a hypocrite in opposing Susan Rice when he didn't oppose Condoleeza Rice.

Gary Tuchman's report on a bunch of Texas racists who don't like the president was a waste of time--so what if he only got a few votes in that area, there were reports of Romney getting ZERO support in several battleground districts, but 360 didn't see fit to send Gary to those places.

Anonymous said...

Thought tonight's story order was a little off. The actual news of the day was the last story.

I also found it interesting what AC360 focused on out of the President's presser today. When our country wants our leaders to come together - CNN/AC360 picks the decisive parts.

I was so happy to see Anderson attempt to call out John McCain, but I almost threw something at my TV when Yellin said the Benghazi story was more personal for McCain than political. If it was so personal, why did he skip the two hour closed door meeting on the Hill about it today? Guess he was too busy posturing on the Senate Floor and then going on TV? His actions spoke louder than his words. If he wants to get to the bottom of what happened, attend the meetings and gather facts. I disagree that both men are still reliving the 2008 election. President Obama won and has moved on, Sen. McCain has never accepted his loss.

I have no respect for Fran Townsend or believe anything that comes out of her mouth, so I FF through that part. And again, for a program that's supposed to give the 360 view and just the facts, it was all Republican tonight. I wish AC360 would dump the pundits and do straight up reporting. Suzanne Kelly is doing a good job on reporting the facts of the Patraeus story.

Poor Gary Tuchman - what did he ever do to get the stories he seems to get stuck with? Imagine a tiny white town in rural Texas not supporting our President! Really? That's news worthy?

Was happy to see the Sara Sidner, David Kirkpatrick, Fareed panel. Good reporters with good insight.

Anonymous said...

360 started out well enough covering Benghazi but when John McCain showed up, I changed the channel. 'The Truman Show' was on AMC with fun facts about the movie popping up on the bottom of the screen.

When I checked back to 360, there was Gergen so back to 'Truman' then it was Borger, later Patraeus and "Who Is Jill Kelley?" I didn't care. "Truman' won.

I did see the Ridiculist and the most ridiculous thing about the Indiana man wasn't his RomneyRyan logo tattoo. It was his Vikings shirt. The guy must be a big fan of losers.

@Anon 1:42 am - thanks for your post, it gave me a good idea of how 360 reported on things. It's good to know I didn't miss much.


Anonymous said...

John McCain has proven that he is a bitter, old man, who has never gotten over losing the 08 election to a black man, and while he is a veteran of a war, I believe that his negativity towards President Obama, is racially motivated.
He now wants to have 'Watergate" type Congressional oversight committee hearings, on what happened in Bengahzi.
He's dreaming IF he thinks this lazy media is the same as the media that investigated Nixon, and so far there is nothing to lead anyone to believe that the POTUS committed a crime....nothing.
However, for Anderson to compare Condoleeza Rice to Susan Rice, is like comparing apples to pears.
Condoleeza was mentored and educated in foreign affairs through people such as Colin Powell.
She made some mistakes, one aligning herself wiht W., BUT she knew her stuff.
Susan Rice, no relation, other than having a position as ambassador for the UN, has little formal training in foreign affairs.
And following in the steps of Hillary Clinton is no easy task for anyone, but especially someone who is, not qualified for Secry. of State.
This is obviously a political favor from one former Chicago resident to another....the Obama's and Susan Rice go way back and so does Susan's support.
I hate to say McCain is right on anything, BUT, he is not wrong in his opposition to Susan Rice.
There are better qualified people out there and the President should look a little farther than Chicago on this one.

Anonymous said...

I watched the President's presser and he said he didn't know who he was going to nominate for Secy of State. Last I knew, Hillary Clinton hadn't yet resigned. I think this is McCain/Graham grandstanding because they lost the election and the media picking up on it and making assumptions that from what I can see are baseless.

McCain is a bitter old man and his outburst today proved just how bitter and desperate he has become. It saddens me to see what he has become, because I once had great respect for him.