Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Anderson Cooper Live From Gaza Anchors Newsroom 2PM, November 21, 2012

Anderson Cooper anchored two hours of Newsroom beginning at 2pmET today.   The BREAKING NEWS was the Israeli/Hamas Cease Fire Happening Now.  Anderson started off with an overview of the cease-fire set to begin and the events of the day leading up to it.  Joining him in the discussion were Fred Fred Pleitgen in Ashkelon, Israel; Ben Wedeman in Gaza City; Sara Sidner by phone from Tel Aviv, and Wolf Blitzer with Anderson in Jerusalem ~

After the break, Anderson brought in Jill Doughtery from the White House ~

Anderson discussed the celebratory gunfire in Gaza City and weapons coming into Hama with Ben Wedeman and Gen. Mark Kimmitt, U.S. Army (Ret.)

Anderson brought in Nour Odeh (on phone) from Ramallah, West Bank & Michael Oren in Washington, D.C. to give the Palestinian and Israeli perspectives ~

Anderson played part of a speech from Khaled Meshal, a Hamas political leader and then brought in Nic Robertson and Reza Sayah for discussion to end the first hour ~

To start the second hour there was further discussion with Anderson, Wolf Blitzer, Ben Wedeman and Sara Sidner ~

After a break, Anderson brought in Hanan Ashrawi (on the phone from Vienna, Austria) a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council/PLO for her thought on the cease-fire along with Naftali Bennett, Frmr. Chief of Staff for Israeli P.M. Netanyahu for the Israeli perspective ~

There was U.S. News "Just In" - Rep, Jesse Jackson Jr. Resigns

Anderson and Reza Sayah discussed the longer term agreement discussions to begin in 23 hours assuming the cease-fire holds and then brought in Paula Newton on CNNi to break down how the weapons get into Gaza ~

After a break, Anderson spoke with Karl Vick, Jerusalem Bureau Chief by phone from Tel Aviv, who called Gaza a "step child of history" and asked  what he meant by that ~

After the break Anderson played a portion from a documentary that follows 4 children caught up in the conflict, for a year and then brought in the filmmaker, Jezza Neumann for follow up discussion ~

Anderson brought Jill Dougherty back in for more discussion, this time regarding Secretary Clinton's legacy if the cease-fire holds and also details on the phone calls between President Obama and President Morsi of Egypt and P.M. Netanyahu

Anderson ended the program with a report by Fred Pleitgen about following an Israeli police unit in Ashkelon, Israel ~

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