Friday, December 07, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, December 7, 2012

OPPONENT OF DISABILITY TREATY DEFENDS STANCE, Sen. Mike Lee & 37 fellow Republicans blocked treaty:  Anderson's interview with Sen. Mike Lee (R) Utah
PROPONENT OF DISABILITY TREATY SPEAKS OUT, Fmr. Atty. Gen. Dick Thornburgh's son is disabled:  Anderson's interview with Dick Thornburgh, Former Attorney General

SUPREME COURT TO TAKE UP SAME-SEX MARRIAGE, Pair of cases takes on DOMA, state ban questions:  Anderson and Jeff Toobin discuss

ROYAL PRANKS TURNS TO TRAGEDY, Nurse who answered prank call apparently commits suicide:  Anderson's interview with Max Foster, CNN Royal Correspondent

BATTLE FOR A LITTLE GIRL, Biological father has seen his daughter only twice:  Report by Randi Kaye
FATHER FIGHTS FOR CUSTODY OF DAUGHTER, Mother gave up baby without dad knowing:  Anderson's interview with Terry Achane, Fighting for custody of daughter and Mike Wiser, Achane's attorney

WHO IS BLACK IN AMERICA?, Activist uses "brown paper bag test" to teach lesson to kids:  Preview of Soledad O'Brien's upcoming special



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Anonymous said...

I missed the first two minutes: did Anderson say the 'not taking sides, we're all about the facts' slogan again?

The segment about the U.N. disability treaty was very good. A little on Santorum's take on it and an interview with Sen. Lee who voted against it. Then later an interview with Dick Thornburgh who was an advocate of the treaty. All very balanced and fair unless you didn't like Anderson saying Santorum wasn't facing the facts or the fact that Sen. Lee couldn't come up with one case when the U.N. impacted U.S. law/courts and the fact that Lee was spinning faster than a daisy wheel in the wind.

Anderson and Toobin discussing the U.S. Supreme Court taking on a gay marriage case was also very good. This should have been first because this was new news today and the Senate vote on the disability treaty happened two days ago. Anywho, it was a terrific discussion.

Everything about the Aussie DJ prank and nurse suicide segment was well done but still left me wondering where Richard Quest has been this week. Quest would have had some saucy words for those disgusting DJs and the royal pregnancy and just about any other topic you'd want to throw at him.

Two Bulletins! When was the last time we've seen that?

The biological father fighting adoption report didn't interest me, it was channel surfing time. More channel surfing during the 'Black in America' promo.

Fun clips in the Ridiculist but the best part was Anderson's impersonation of Brad Pitt in that perfume commercial.


aries moon said...

Anderson did a good job interrogating Sen. Mike Lee--the extremists in the GOP with their paranoia and conspiracy theories have done a lot of damage--AC's questioning showed that Lee had no evidence to support his fears of the U.N. Too bad conservatives like Dick Thornburgh don't have as much influence on the Lee's and Santorum's in the GOP these days.

The husband and child of the nurse who committed suicide were not with her before it took place--I wonder if they may have been able to prevent her from even considering such a sad, extreme act--it's not their fault, but she could've used some support when she was at her lowest point--such an awful story.