Thursday, December 06, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Thursday 12/6/12

KEEPING THEM HONEST, Disability Treaty Defeat:  A report by Anderson Cooper
POLITICS KILLS TREATY FOR DISABLED,  38 Republican U.S. Senators vote against U.N. treaty:  Anderson's interview with Ted Kennedy Jr., Advocate for People with Disabilities

ASSAD'S NEXT MOVE:  Report by Anderson Cooper
ACTIVIST, "NOBODY CARES ABOUT US," Despair inside Syria amid chemical weapons fears:  Anderson's telephone interview with Zaidoun, Syrian Activist
BRINK OF CHEMICAL WARFARE?, A closer look at the impact a Sarin gas attack could have in Syria:  Anderson's follow up discussion with Bob Baer and Dr. Sanjay Gupta

EXCLUSIVE, SUBWAY HORROR, Photographer defends taking pictures of man seconds before he's killed:  Anderson's interview with R. Umar Abbasi, Freelance photographer for the N.Y. Post

POLYGAMIST SECT AND CHILD LABOR, FLDS uses kids to work on pecan ranch:  Report by Gary Tuchman and Gary's follow up discussion with Anderson

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN:  Susan Hendricks


Anderson made an appearance on CBS's Early Show this morning:

And last night on HLN's 'Dr. Drew on Call':

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Anonymous said...

Most of Thursday's 360 was excellent. Fantastic start reviewing the Republicans voting down the U.N. disabled rights treaty (totally loved the list on screen naming all those senators) and Anderson's talk with Ted Kennedy Jr. The Syria/chemical weapons segment was very good, rather difficult to listen to Zaidoun and the plight of orginary Syrians but still believe it would be a disaster for the U.S. to get involved. Anderson's interview with NY Post subway death photogprapher Abbasi was also alright (more on Abbasi later).

The report on the FLDS and child labor in the fields was not surprising. Anyone here surprised they would farm out the kids to make money? The report fell into the same old routine of Tuchman trying to talk to the people involved and getting nothing.

Anderson's voice was gravelly at times; hope that doesn't get worse.

This is the second night of the week Anderson started by stating 360 doesn't take sides Democrat or Republican like other cable channels, he just tries to report the facts. I'm still wondering why Anderson feels the need to say this.

The CBS Early Show appearance was very good with two exceptions:
- not asking about impartiality and fairness in the news media and feedback claiming bias either way
- the chatter about the horrible John Travolta/Olivia Newton John video and showing the horrible video.

Anderson's time on the Dr. Drew show was a great discussion, an expansion of their talk on 360 the other day. In this report, the clip of Abbasi saying he was surprised people "...100, 150 feet away did not reach out to help Mr. Han..." WTF? Abbasi himself was closer than 100 feet and he's blaming others for not helping? This is why I don't like this guy.


aries moon said...

Good interviews with Ted Kennedy Jr. and the NYPost photographer. There's no possible excuse for those 38 senators to vote against the U.N. disabilities treaty--it really is another sad example of how dysfunctional and extreme the GOP has become. I hope Kennedy is right in his belief that the treaty eventually go through, meanwhile a giant purge of the extremist and nutty wing of the GOP needs to happen ASAP.

The subway situation is difficult, but I do agree with AC and the photographer that actually being in the situation and having to make a real life and death decision is a lot more complex than just watching at home and making judgements about the people who didn't help. Apparently the guy who pushed the victim was trying to get him to stop harassing him but the victim persisted--I'm not saying he deserved to be pushed, but I guess there's more to the story.

Gary Tuchman's report of children being taken out of school to pick pecans was pretty disturbing--not much can be done about the continuing influence of Warren Jeffs but the businessman who has enlisted the children of FLDS to do this work should be ashamed and hopefully will be stopped. I doubt he's unaware who's actually doing the work for him.

Anonymous said...

The View was on this morning when I was getting a pedicure - it was on mute. There was a woman on who I thought was Erica Hill, but maybe it wasn't her.

Does anyone know if she subbed on that show this morning?