Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 12/11/12

8:00 PM HOUR

BREAKING NEWS, SHOOTING AT OREGON MALL: Anderson Cooper reporting and live reports and interviews from KOIN and KATU were shown.

Subtopics covered included:
Authorities: There are multiple victims
Sheriff's Dept: At least one death, maybe more
10 ambulances on the scene
Shoppers, workers hid during shooting spree
Happened in suburb of Portland
Sheriff Dept. wants to talk to witnesses
Witness: Heard what I thought was firecrackers
Sheriff Dept.: Shooter is "neutralized"
Witness saw people ducking for cover
Swat team going through mall and escorting people out
Gunman entered mall through read entrance
Gunman wore hockey mask

Anderson interviewed security expert and retired police officer Lou Palumbo and witnesses Holli Bautista and Kara Rowland and ended the program with an interview with Rick Bella, staff writer for the Oregonian

NORTH KOREA LAUNCHES LONG-RANGE MISSILE: Anderson, Barbara Starr and Paula Hancock


Continuing coverage of the Oregon mall shooting including another interview with Rick Bella and Macy's employee Austin Patty, who heard the shooter speak and saw him nearby.  More with Lou Palumbo and Paula Hancock and Barbara Starr on the N. Korean issue.

NEW OFFERS TO AVOID FISCAL CLIFF: Anderson Cooper reporting
FISCAL CLIFF, CONSERVATIVE SOUNDS ALARM:  Anderson speaks with Sen. Tom Coburn (R) Oklahoma


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