Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360 Tuesday, December 18, 2012

REMEMBERING JESSICA AND JAMES, Funerals for 6-year -old shooting victims ~

AMAZING GRACE:   Anderson's conversation with the parents of Grace McDonnell ~

NEWTOWN STUDENTS RETURN TO SCHOOL, All but Sandy Hook Elementary reopen:  Anderson and Kyung Lah discuss

TEACHERS DEALING WITH TRAUMA & GRIEF, Schonfeld is an expert on school crisis response:  Anderson speaks with David Schonfeld, Dir., Natl. Ctr. for School Crisis and Bereavement

REMEMBERING NOAH POZNER, Six-year-old's uncle shares his memories:  Anderson speaks with Alexis Haller, Noah Pozner's Uncle ~

NEWTOWN IN MOURNING, Community comes together, seeks meaningful action:  Anderson speaks with Lillian Bittman, Former Chairwoman, Newtown Board of Education & friend of victim's family relays comment from sibling to Pres. Obama ~

INVESTIGATING SHOOTER'S MEDICAL HISTORY, Medical Examiner, Gunman was diagnosed with Asperger's:  Anderson and Dr. Sanjay Gupta discuss

REMEMBERING ALLISON WYATT, Grace and All the others Newtown has lost ~


Anderson was on with Wolf in the third hour of The Situation Room today ~

Anderson posted a photo to his Instagram page last night ~

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Anonymous said...

Grace's parents were remarkable in their interview with Anderson and their daughter did seem to have a
talent for art.
Unfortunately, that dream will never be fulfilled because one parent in their town made the wrong decision, and introduced her son to target practice,' knowing that he was less than stable.'
Sorry, but this is a sad fact, but true.

Anonymous said...

Another good but sad 360. Anderson and his team are doing a great job with this difficult story. However, I thought there was a bit of disdain, if not outright scorn and contempt, from Anderson after he read the NRA statement, adding "What exactly that means, we're not sure." It was a welcome change in the middle of being a serious and solemn reporter.

I really liked Anderson's interview with Lillian Bittman and her desire to make some kind of community action in the areas of gun control, mental health and kid safety.

The 'Amazing Grace' video was still heartbreaking the second time.

It would have been okay with me for Anderson to take 30 seconds for a Bulletin or 15 to say something about Richard Engel. Even though Newtown is very newsworthy and emotional, other news can be mentioned.


aries moon said...

The interview with Grace's parents was heartbreaking but inspiring. It's amazing that they can be as composed and forgiving after having gone through the worst and most unimaginable thing a parent can ever experience--their strength is admirable. Anderson handled the interview with sensitivity and compassion. It was sweet that the parents gave AC one of Grace's drawings.

Anonymous said...

Anderson has been doing a great job with this tragedy. You can tell he really cares. My heart goes out to all those parents that lost loved ones. I also felt bad for Anderson when he was reading the names of the fallen the other night. You could tell he had a hard time getting through them.

I have to give the McDonalds a lot of credit with their interview. I don't think I could be that forgiving, but I am sure they are being strong for their son Jack.

I was also glad that Anderson didn't interview any children. The ones I saw were just heartbreaking and don't think the other stations should have done that.

Thanks for showing the extra clips when he was on as I was only able to watch 360.

Thank you