Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Wednesday 12/5/12

BREAKING NEWS, FISCAL CLIFF COMPROMISE?, Signs progress may be made:  Report by Anderson Cooper and discussion with Jessica Yellin, Dana Bash & David Gergen

BREAKING NEWS, FISCAL CLIFF COMPROMISE?  GOP Sen. Coburn backs tax rate hike on wealthy:  Anderson's interview with Trent Lott (R) Fmr. Senate Majority Leader

BREAKING NEWS, NBC:  SYRIA LOADS CHEMICAL WEAPONS INTO BOMBS, Awaiting orders from Pres. Assad to use them:  Report by Anderson Cooper and discussion with Barbara Starr, Bob Baer & Fran Townsend (on phone)

KEEPING THEM HONEST, DISABILITY TREATY DEFEAT:  Report by Anderson Cooper and  Anderson's follow-up interview with Sen. John Kerry (D) Massachusettes

GOP DEFEATS TREATY FOR DISABLED, Republicans concerned about U.S. sovereignty:  Anderson's interview with Rep. Jim Langevin (D) Rhode Island

QUESTIONS ABOUT NYC SUBWAY DEATH, Suspect arrested and charged with murder:  Report by Anderson Cooper and follow up discussion with Chad Lindsey, 2009 NYC Subway Hero

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN:  Deborah Feyerick


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Anonymous said...

I got to 360 a few minutes late, could not get into the fiscal cliff stuff. However, Anderson's comment mentioning his talk with George Mitchell "it was like talking with adults" and years ago the two sides actually sat down and talked and negotiated and were more civil. Gergen agreed.
I was surprised to see Trent Lott, thought he was gone and forgotten but he's back. Lott agreed that the animosity between Democrats and Republicans is worse now than "the old days... things were tough but we got things done, we talked with each other insteead of AT each other." Lott may have had other thoughtful comments but I was distracted by wondering if that was a toupee; there was an odd plasticky sheen to whatever that was on his head.

The Syria segment was pretty good. Best part was Anderson and Robert Baer talking about "rationality" of Assad and his regime.

I missed the start of the report on 38 Republicans voting against the U.N. anti-discrimination treaty for the disabled. Did Anderson ever say anything like 'we tried to get one of those horrible Republican senators on the show to explain but they all deciined' ? I'd love to see any of those guys try to explain themselves, if not to Anderson, then Jon Stewart.

Good interview with Chad Lindsey but the segment also should have mentioned photographer Abbasi on the 'Today' show and what he said.

The Ridiculist was ho-hum. An old man does the new macarena. Big whoop.


aries moon said...

There was a time when you COULD compromise and negotiate with Republicans but even Boehner recognizes that some in his party have gone completely off the rails and have to be dealt with - he kicked some extremist conservatives off key committees the other day. The thing that Gergen/AC/Lott, etc. don't want to acknowledge or address is that THIS current crop of Republicans are not and have never been willing to compromise with President Obama - this is not a "both sides do it" issue. If the Democrats have grown a spine and are not willing to back down on their principles, it's because they've tried MANY times to cooperate with Republicans and put before them legislation that they THOUGHT would be agreeable, such as bills with large spending cuts, but as with the anti-discrimination treaty, a completely sensible and humane thing to do, they blocked it. This is what they've been doing since Obama took office but now he's not willing to play their game and it's upsetting the Beltway pundits like Gergen who want to place all of the blame at Obama's feet and gloss over the unprecedented obstruction of the GOP against him. The President does have something of a mandate now and polls consistently show that the public supports him and the Dems and perhaps it's time for the GOP to stop showboating and start trying to work with Democrats. The President IS leading, in spite of what Gergen likes to put out there about him.

Anonymous said...

Jaanza he probably couldn't get a Repug on last night because the House canceled their Thursday session and went home a day early - yep you heard right they wet home. Heard it just an hour after 360 on Rachel Maddow's show.

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza and @Aries Moon, I agree about the Republican obstructionism and Trent Lott's interview.

It's about time Boehner came to his senses and at least made an attempt to control his party. Talk about a failure to lead. But then again, that doesn't fit the narrative of Gergen and company.

I love that President Obama is standing up for what he campaigned on and people voted for this time around. His recent approval ratings are at a 3 year high. That should tell the Republican obstructionists something. But then again, I think they comprehend little and really don't care about what the general public wants/thinks.

@Anon 4:20am, Anderson acknowledged the House leaving early for the weekend on AC360 last night and tweeted about it just prior to the program.

aries moon said...

anon 2:39 PM, great point about Boehner's long-time inability to lead and get his party in line. I recall Rachel Maddow bluntly saying that he's bad at his job.

Anonymous said...

President Obama may try to be leading, but he has not established the element of 'fear.'
The fear factor is missing in his leadership.
What is the penalty if the GOP doesn't go along.....nothing.
And while he had a 'small mandate,' and it was small, there isn't enough of an outcry from the public about a do nothing Congress or the Party of NO and until, WE, as a Nation get involved and make some noise, nothing will change.
The GOP would like nothing more than to make Presient Obama a 'lame duck' Presidency....and they can still do it.