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Anderson Cooper AC360, Tuesday 12/4/12

BEHAVE LIKE 'SPOILED' CHILDREN: A discussion of Congress with AC and former Sen. George Mitchell
Follow up with Erick Erickson and Rich Galen

SYRIA SLAUGHTER: Anderson Cooper reporting and speaking with Sen. John McCain

Anderson interviews Mathew Staver and discusses the legality of the CA ban with Jeff Toobin
Follow up with Dr. Drew Pinsky

SUBWAY DEATH SPARKS OUTRAGE: Anderson talks with Dr. Drew Pinsky 




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Anonymous said...

I'm glad Anderson's back, still worried about his eyes. It would have been fine with me if he did 360 while wearing 'Blues Brothers' style sunglasses. I'm not a doctor, have no idea how the bright lights of 'Heroes' differs from the bright lights in the 360 studio and don't know how well Anderson could see or how painful his eyes were on any particular night.

I'm just glad he's back and hope all is well.

Curiously, 360 started with Anderson saying again the show doesn't take sides Democrat or Republican "like other cable channels do", they just report the facts. Made me wonder again the feedback he's been getting. The fiscal cliff debate has been a lot of blather and hot air but fortunately Anderson talked to George Mitchell about it. Mitchell explained things really well and has a good perspective. I hope to see him more often on 360. The panel with Erickson and Galen was okay.

It's not like everybody is ignoring Syria, as Anderson opined. We know what's happening, we feel terrible about it but we also know it's a bad idea to get involved in a foreign country's civil war. As for McCain time with Anderson, 'Night at the Museum' was on TMC.

Anderson showed a clip from "Anderson" explaining his sunburnt eyes. I might have wondered why he showed a clip of him explaining rather than explaining directly on 360... but then I figured "Anderson" needs all the publicity it can get. Loved Isha's motherly comment, "This is what happens when I let you go out unchaperoned."

Not a huge Dr. Drew fan but he and Anderson had a terrific discussion about the NY Post photo, the photographer and 'bystander effect'.

The Ridiculist was also back after a long time gone. Anderson had fun making fun of the Romney face tattoo guy, who fully deserves all the fun being made about him. My favorite thing about that guy? His Christmas tree. That's a wonderful Christmas tree behind him.


Anonymous said...

So according to AC360's Isha and Anderson banter - Anderson's sunburned eyes were the reason he was off AC360 last night. I'm not surprised. An hour with Klieg lights pointing up at him wouldn't be good for sunburned eyes, I wouldn't think. As for 'Heroes' being different. He was on the stage for very short periods of time over the two hours and overall the auditorium was dark vs. a well light studio and klieg lights shining in your face for an hour straight. I'm glad Anderson and Isha set the record straight.

As for the cab incident referred to in the previous thread. I did a little digging since the one poster listed the tweet. Here's what I found in that conversation that was posted last night

@erkishh wasn't his cab stealing during hurricane sandy aftermath? Haha

@JustJam3s yes and it's not funny. (lol)

So it sounds to me like the "cab stealing" didn't take place last night. Last night was when the person tweeted about it. I guess the previous poster seemed to miss this part of the conversation?

So Anderson was off the Friday after Thanksgiving and last week for a 60 Minutes assignment/vacation time from CNN and last night because of his eyes. That's 7 work days from my calculation - not three weeks. He used his earned time off, and I'm glad he's back in the AC360 anchor chair again.

@Jaanza -
I'm over John McCain, so I, too, tuned out when his face came on my television.

The fiscal cliff is a lot of media hype and posturing for the media. There are things going on behind the scenes, and public opinion polls show the Republicans will be blamed if a deal is not met, but I'm guessing that's something we won't hear CNN discuss.

I thought Dr. Drew did okay with the "bystander effect" discussion. The whole situation is sad. If the photographer was trying to use his flash to alert the train conductor, why are the pictures on the front page of the NY Post? He certainly didn't have to publish them. I agree, when people are more worried about getting "the shot" vs. preventing someone from dying - it's a sad day in our country.

Glad Anderson was back in the anchor chair and I hope his eyes heal and he's learned the importance of sunglasses!

aries moon said...

Good to have Anderson back anchoring--hopefully the eyedrops or whatever other treatment he's getting will bring him back 100%--he seemed to be a little tired but that's understandable.

Rich Galen is one of the few conservative commentators that don't annoy me and Erick Erickson is one I hope will be on the chopping block if Zucker REALLY wants to change things there. NO pundits would be my preferred option. Rachel Maddow did an eye-opening report about how ludicrous it is for pundits (like David Gergen, David Brooks) to lambast President Obama's fiscal cliff proposal when the GOP's proposal is essentially them asking for everything and offering nothing. So much for compromise.

The story of the man pushed onto the subway tracks was so sad, that pic is horrifying to look at--one of my biggest fears is being pushed onto train tracks. It's hard to know if anyone could've saved him and I don't want to judge the people who may have been afraid to attempt anything, it's a difficult situation, but of course you'd want someone to do SOMETHING.

Whenever John McCain makes another unwelcome appearance on 360, it's time for the mute button or some good old channel surfing. I don't share AC's enormous admiration of McCain and I don't care to hear anything he has to say about anything at all.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but to claim Anderson was off Monday because of his eyes is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard when he did Heroes Sunday with MUCH, MUCH brighter lights. And then was out at the ping pong club with his buddies. There was nothing wrong with his eyes then. And then he was on the talk show, with bright lights also. So his condition changed that drastically in one day or night? Not buying it! That's just an excuse because many people were asking why he laid out of work.

Sorry, but the man says one thing one day and another thing the next. He's continually said his eyes are fine. No problems at all. If they were so bad he couldn't work Monday he wouldn't have been able to do Heroes Sunday. Light is light no matter how long you stand under them or look in them. It would hurt his eyes if he were still having problems with them.

Some people believe anything that comes out of his mouth, even when he contradicts his own self, which he has a knack for doing quite a lot.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:00 am - none of us know Anderson intimately, personally and can say for sure how his eyes felt on any particular day. The closest I've ever been to sunburnt eyes is when I have pupil dilation during eye exams and it's a sunny day.

Maybe Anderson's eyes hurt like hell on Sunday night but he felt obligated to host 'Heroes' anyway. Maybe he felt like his eyes were okay enough on Sunday afternoon, did the 'Heroes' show which made his eyes feel worse, then maybe his eyes felt better after sleeping so he did 'Anderson' which hurt his eyes again so he took Monday night off. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

The thing is - we don't know.

And you don't know.

But I still care about Anderson and hope he feels better.


Anonymous said...

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