Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Anderson Live Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Anderson's guest co-host today was Rosanna Scotto (back for a second time).  Enjoy the 'First 15' ~

There was a bit more after the break ~

GUEST/TOPIC SEGMENTS:  Medical mystery - woman who grows fingernails instead of hair; Camille Grammer


From the 'Anderson Live' photo booth ~

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Anonymous said...

The only part I really cared for was the first 15 Minutes with Rosanna. Camille Grammer was tacky bringing up all that is going on in her divorce that belongs on another talk show, say Dr Phil or Dr Drew not Anderson's.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

The only part of today's show I liked was Camille Grammer. I like her on RHOBH but am disappointed she isn't on more. She was a good guest on Anderson's show. I'd like to see her co-host sometime.

Anonymous said...

There are some new pics of AC and Ben with Kelly Ripa at the Madonna concert. Are you guys going to post a link to that, or is it a forbidden topic? I'm not trying to stir anything, just wondering.

The ATA Team said...

@anonymous 8:53, If memory serves us we posted a picture of Anderson at the Madonna concert shortly after he attended.
The pictures you are referring to surfaced recently and are for sale by the photographer. We don't purchase images and try our best not to violate copyright laws so we will not be posting them. If anyone is interested in seeing additional pictures of Anderson watching Madonna they can go to http://www.corbisimages.com/ and enter Anderson Cooper in the search box.