Friday, January 18, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, January 18, 2013

8:00PM HOUR:

BREAKING NEWS, AMERICAN KILLED IN ONGOING HOSTAGE CRISIS, Other Americans still unaccounted for:  Anderson Cooper with Jill Dougherty reporting

KEEPING THEM HONEST, LANCE'S LIES:  Report by Anderson Cooper
LANCE'S LIES, Outrage over Armstrong's confession to doping:  Anderson's follow up discussion with Bill Strickland, Daniel Coyle and Jeff Toobin

WHAT'S NEXT FOR LIVESTRONG?,  Armstrong founded cancer charity 16 years ago:  Report by Deborah Feyerick
THE FUTURE OF LIVESTRONG, Mulder was biggest fundraiser in 2012:  Anderson's follow up interview with Jeff Mulder, Livestrong Supporter & Mich. businessman

BREAKING NEWS, AMERICAN KILLED IN ONGOING HOSTAGE CRISIS, U.S. Official:  Six others freed or escaped in Algeria:  An update on the latest out of Algeria from Jill Dougherty

MANTI TE'O SILENT AS HOAX QUESTIONS MOUNT:  Report by Gary Tuchman and follow up with Anderson
MANTI TE'O MYSTERY DEEPENS, Latest reporting rises still more questions:  Anderson's follow up discussion with Timothy Burke, Editor & Tony Barnhart, Report, CBS Sports via phone

GUN CONTROL FIGHT, Bloomberg calling for mayors' help on legislation:  (Part 2 of the Big 360 Interview from last night) Anderson and Mayor Michael Bloomberg

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN:  Martin Savidge


10:00PM HOUR:

BREAKING NEWS, LANCE ARMSTRONG'S CONFESSION, "I feel ashamed":  Anderson with panelists:   Daniel Coyle, Bill Strickland, Jeff Toobin and Betsy Andreu, Wife of Armstrong's fmr. teammate (on the phone) discuss part 2 of Oprah Winfrey's interview with Lance Armstrong that aired tonight

BREAKING NEWS, AMERICAN KILLED IN ONGOING HOSTAGE CRISIS, Algerian Press: 12 hostages total were killed in military op:  Latest information on the situation by Jill Dougherty


From Flickr, a few photos of Anderson in Times Square on New Year's Eve.  (Hey, it's still January!)  Please click to enlarge ~

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Anonymous said...

Friday's and yesterday's 360 were the unfortunate offspring of a late night drunken liaison between 360 and ESPN's SportsCenter. Way too much time for Armstrong and Te'O and not enough time for other news.

Although the story on the Algerian hostages was given a minute and a half at the start, I didn't understand why the reporting of this was split - a little bit at the start and a little more time halfway through the show. Anderson said during the first Armstrong segment, about the Oprah interview upcoming part 2, "a lot of people are anxious to hear what Armstrong will say..." Not me. Maybe Anderson is hearing from all over the place that people are intensely fascinated by the Armstrong debacle and I'm in a miniscule minority for not caring at all.

I channelsurfed quite a bit during the Armstrong reports, stayed put for the news on the Algerian hostages and more channelsurfing during the Te'O report. I came back after the start of Anderson's interview with Mayor Bloomberg. The info here on ATA states it was part 2. I thought i was seeing a repeat of yesterday's interview because of how Bloomberg described Connecticutt "suburbia...Norman Rockwell...." Maybe Bloomberg repeated himself from earlier in the interview.... or maybe it was the same interview. The transcripts aren't up yet so I can't be sure.

I saw only the 8 pm (EST) hour. Hopefully Monday will be better, they'll be the Inaugeration to talk about.


Anonymous said...

Liked the show much better than the last edition. Luckily they only spend 8 minutes on the football player gf hoax.

Personally I am really fascinated by the discussion about Armstrong because I have friends and family who are cyclers and even compete in races so we have always been watching the Tour de France and followed all this, well, crap closely.
Sadly I was too tired to watch the second hour of 360. Was it worth it? And if so did anyone record the discussion of the second part of Armstrong's "confession"? :)

I really enjoyed the interview with Bloomberg. Kind of wish they had aired it in one go.

Hopefully there will be more information coming out on the hostage situation in Algeria soon.

The ridiculist was hilarious. Reminded me of the Trump vs Rosie popcorn classic. What is it with Trump going off on endless rants to show how much he doesn't care about someone who "dissed" him, thus showing how much he actually cares? Well, makes for a good old mocking. It was also strangely sexy. Must have been the lose tie and the porn music.
Damn, I really want Anderson to get a regular satirical, super snarky segement in one of those fake news shows.