Friday, January 25, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, January 25, 2013

BREAKING NEWS, ANTI-DOPING OFFICIAL: ARMSTRONG LIED TO OPRAH, U.S. Anti-Doping Agency's CEO Travis Tygart talks to CBS:  Anderson Cooper reports and follows up with Betsy Andreu who testified against Armstrong and Juliet Macur, sports reporter, NY Times

EXIT INTERVIEW, Pres. Obama & Secy. Clinton talk to "60 Minutes":  Report by Anderson Cooper

ONE TIME POLITICAL RIVALS NOW SIDE-BY-SIDE, Pres. Obama and Secy. Clinton talk to "60 Minutes":  Report by Kate Bolduan  and Anderson's follow up discussion with John King & Candy Crowley

HIGH-SPEED BOONDOGGLE?, New taxpayer-funded train just 28 minutes faster:  Report by Drew Griffin

REMEMBERING TIM HETHERINGTON, Film debuts at Sundance Film Festival this month, airs on HBO in April:  Anderson's interview with Sebastian Junger




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Anonymous said...

As expected, it is Steve Kroft who is interviewing the POTUS and the soon to be former Secry. of State, Hillary Clinton.
Of course Steve has been following President Clinton since his early days of his Presidency, back in 08.
This 60 Minutes piece is the President's way of thanking Hillary for the many miles she has flown on our behave, and also a way of thanking her, and her husband, Bill, who was not mentioned, in this piece.
Without Bill Clinton's help, President Obama may in fact, not be the one sitting beside Hillary talking to Steve Kroft, and they both know it.
She will be missed in this position.

Anonymous said...

A slow news day on Friday but 360 provided something for everybody.

For cyclists and cycling fans and those keenly interested in Lance Armstrong, there was the Armstrong segment.
For political junkies, there was Raw Politics with Crowley and King.
For me, there was Drew Griffin's report on high-speed trains promised and not really delivered; I saw a number of parallels and implications for the light-rail broohaha here in the Twin Cities.
And for Anderson there was a nice look at a documentary about war-zone photographer Tim Hetherington. Parts of this segment was close to a eulogy.
For people who like silly goats, there was the Ridiculist.

The only things missing were a report on Casey Anthony, a report on the Dow Jones today and Anderson putting on his own glasses when he mentioned Hillary Clinton's glasses after talking to Crowley and King. Sure, the show did have room for improvement but hey, it's Friday and people want to get home before it gets too blasted cold.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Anderson's interview with Sebastian Junger and I'm looking forward to the documentary on Tim Hetherington. He was an amazing photographer. I would like to see Anderson do more of these types of interviews on AC360 - smart, intelligent, no pundits giving their views, etc.

@Jaanza, like you said, something for everyone, because I found watching the Drew Griffin report about as interesting as watching paint dry and the thought that they are sending him out to report on more of these projects made me go why? I think everyone knows there is a lot of earmarks and wasted government spending that has gone on in the past and continues to this day. When congressmen quit fighting for and insisting on funding for their districts, it may stop, but not until then. It's certainly nothing new - has been going on for decades. It's the reason many congressmen get re-elected b/c of the money and jobs they are able to secure for their district. Was disappointed Drew's report made it sound like something new and only because of the stimulus package congress passed.

While I enjoyed the clip from 60 Minutes on POTUS & Hillary's interview - the report from Kate Bolduan aired during the inauguration coverage and Candy and John King had almost the same discussion then. I guess like Jaanza said, it was Friday and everyone wanted to get home? This is exactly the type of thing that I hope quits happening on AC360 - a lazy staff - that instead of coming up with a better follow up for the 60 Minutes preview - throw up a pre-aired piece and get the same reporters to discuss it again. Perhaps CNN needs to realize that we just elected a president and had an inauguration and it's a little early to be pushing 2016?

Not surprised that Lance Armstrong lied to Oprah, but disappointed the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency is considering lifting his ban from competition. Lance keeps on lying and still gets what he wants. What kind of message does this send? I hope Anderson keeps on this and exposes Armstrong and Tygart if he lifts the ban.


Anonymous said...

CNN is pushing 016 because it is the only time their ratings are good.
Special or tragic events bring in their numbers.
Otherwise they revert back to being the third in cable, and they know it.