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Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, January 24, 2013


WOMEN ON THE FRONT LINES, Defense Dept. removes gender restrictions on combat duty:  Anderson's follow up discussion with Lt. Col. Allen West, U.S. Army (Ret.), (R) Former Florida Congressman & Gen. Rick Heller (Ret.), Frmr. Chief of Defense, Canadian Forces and Author, "A Soldier First"

THIS TIME IT'S PERSONAL, Gun control hits home for one lawmaker:  Report by Dana Bash and follow up discussion with Anderson

THE MASS MURDER THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN, How alleged teen shooter stopped short of a mass killing rampage:  Report by Kyung Lah

BABY BORN WITH HEART OUTSIDE OF BODY, After surgery organ is safely back in her chest:  Report by Anderson Cooper and follow up discussion with Dr. Sanjay Gupta

MANTI TE'O, "WHAT I WENT THROUGH WAS REAL", Notre Dame football star speaks out in first on camera interview:  Report by Anderson Cooper

MANTI TE'O SPEAKS OUT ABOUT HOAX, "I felt overwhelmed a lot by this whole circus":  Anderson's follow up, first with Jeremy Schaap of ESPN and then with Timothy Burke of who broke the story



BLOGGER'S COMMENTARY:   I found the first clip interesting for two reasons; I had no idea that Dianne Feinstein was the person who found Harvey Milk's body when he was assassinated, and I want to agree with Joe Biden, that when people speak up Washington listens.  I've heard Anderson and reporters and pundits say the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) wouldn't pass and that DADT wouldn't get repealed and both happened.  I know that a lot of "grassroots" effort was made in calling congressmen and senators to urge passage despite it not being the popular thing to do.  I want to hope that the same can happen with an assault weapons ban (which then Pres. G.W. Bush let expire) and the multi-clip ban.  On Inauguration Day, President Obama called "We The People" to action and I feel it's our duty to make our voices heard.  One can hope, can't they?  

I know the "T'EO" story hasn't been popular with some readers, but I found the Couric interview fascinating and the discussion with both the ESPN reporter who had the off-camera interview with TE'O last week and the reporter that broke the story interesting.  Both were careful not to say exactly what they believed.  We are all left to form our own opinions, of course, but I know a little bit about Notre Dame athletics and they are not the squeaky clean athletic department/institution they like to portray.  There have been a few incidents rather recently that have earned them the name "Notre Shame" by some.  So while I have my opinions about TE'O, if more shoes do drop as the reporter claimed was possible, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Notre Dame was involved in perpetuating the hoax.  I think it will be fascinating to see how this does affect TE'O's draft pic/NFL career.  Teams have to be weighing his talent against either how naive he is or how much he lies - at least it would be a consideration were I a scout/team president.  There's talent, but there are also PR considerations which tend to be a distraction for all involved.  ~ Wonz.


A couple more photos of Anderson in D.C. reporting on the Presidential Inauguration for CNN.  The first was taken by Billie Weiss and posted on his website.   The second was posted on Flickr.   ~

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Anonymous said...

It's been a while since Anderson started the show with "we're not supporting Democrats or Republicans...we're just reporting..." Again it makes me wonder what kind of flak he's been getting and from where.

The women in combat segment was very good. I'm glad 360 had clips of comments from Gen. Dempsey and Rep. Duckworth. It was interesting they had Duckworth's comment about 'how people used to think African-Americans couldn't be flying aircraft but then the Tuskegee Airmen proved them wrong' right before bringing on Allen West. West had the negative point of view but was amazingly calm about it. I always picture West as ranting and foaming at the mouth. The other guy, Miller, brought up the point about physical standards, specifically push-ups. But he didn't say how often push-ups are necessary in combat.

In the segment about Sen. Feinstein's new assault gun legislation proposal, I would have had more information about the murder of Harvey Milk and George Moscone rather than the family killed in New Mexico. I might be one of the few people who know about Milk and Moscone without ever having seen the Sean Penn movie.

Transcripts aren't up yet but it seemed to me Anderson was not totally paying attention in the baby heart surgery segment. It seemed like Sanjay Gupta talked about what would happen to the little girl in the years ahead. However, Anderson then asked about her future, as if reading off his list of questions and not really listening to the answers.

The Manti Te'O segment... yep, more Manti.

The Rediculist was okay. Anderson didn't have to pause and make a funny face after saying "Subway really wants to give you 12 inches." It was like a comedian who pauses to wait for laughs or applause. The good ones don't h ave to do that.

Note to Wonz - I'll check up on the Feinstein bill but I think it has to pass the Senate first and I have no doubt my two Senators - Klobuchar and Franken - will vote for it. However, it's probably good to let them know my viewpoint, don't know what the pro-gun advocates will be throwing at them.


aries moon said...

Whose bright idea on 360 was it to have Allen West on? The guy is a lunatic/extremist and has a terrible military record--yeah sure he tried to pretend as though he was reasonable, but his record is out there--he is the last person to speak on what's right for this country and especially for women. Florida voters rejected him in November and 360 should've done the same thing. Was Anderson that desperate to find someone to say the administration and the Pentagon's decision to give women a combat role was politically motivated that they had to dig up West to do it? You'd think 360 would never want someone with such an awful reputation on the show, but they never fail to surprise me.

People really need to speak up loudly about the assault weapon ban--some of these politicians, Dems and Republicans are too fearful of their gun-loving constituents and the evil NRA--they won't stand on principle but they will listen to the public if the outcry is strong enough.

The Ridiculist a little bit racy, but funny.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the commentary on the assault weapons ban! Actually after watching this yesterday I thought it was a bit.. dunno, depressing that everyone seems to be convinced this is not going to pass anyway. But maybe it will. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

The segment about the kid who killed his family was chilling.

The story about the baby was really fascinating. They did warn about the images of the heart but it was not disturbing at all. Actually quite beautiful. How awesome that they can fix something like this.

And I have to admit I have changed my mind a bit about the Te'O thing, mainly because I find the discussion of internet indentity theft and security really interesting. And the whole story does have a certain entertainment value because it is so grotesque.

The Ridiculist was hilarious. Anderson's reaction to the 12 inch thing has the potentional to become another classic. XD And did I meantion how much I love the cackling of his crew?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if Anderson knew that the Ridiculist line about the 12 inches was coming up on the prompter. He seemed genuinely taken aback and surprised. It is possible that he always previews the Ridiculist before taping it, but there might be times when he just does it without having looked at it prior to the taping. Last night's seemed like one of those moments.

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza - I found the first line laughable since in the first segment, he had on a Republican and no Democrat. I thought the segment would have been much better without West and just Anderson interviewing the Canadian general about how the integration worked for their troops. Like aries moon, I think West's sole purpose on the program was to have someone say they felt it was politically motivated. As hard as he tried Wednesday night, Tammy Duckworth and Margaret Hoover wouldn't go there and I think he and John King needed validation for their statements of it being political. Actually, I think it's a cable news problem - everything has to be politically motivated to fit their narrative. I really believe that the cable news networks pushing the partisan divide and political motivation to pretty much every thing makes it worse than it would be if they didn't exist. Too bad the "we're just reporting" lip service Anderson started out with isn't representative of the actual program.

@aries moon - yes, it never ceases to amaze me how much AC360/CNN seems to have pundits on their programs with questionable reputations. Fran Townsend and Bob Baer are two prime examples. Both have questionable backgrounds and are no longer in government jobs b/c they got called on their actions and charges were levied against them at one point.

@trampadoo - the "everyone" that seems to be convinced the assault weapons ban won't pass also said Obamacare was dead and the repeal of DADT wasn't going to happen. Apparently they want to dissuade people from contacting their congressmen/women and senators so our voices are heard. Change is up to "we the people" not CNN or any of the their pundits, reporters or other cable networks. That's why I was very impressed to see JFK's grandson, Jack, at the inauguration and speaking out on CNN's coverage. It would be nice to see more young people (from both sides of the aisle) on AC360, but that doesn't seem to fit CNN's narrative.

While I've been critical of AC360, I want to make it clear that I don't think this is all Anderson's fault. I think it is a CNN narrative that he has to follow and reflective of his booking staff's abilities/EP's choices. I'm hoping when the talk show ends and Zucker starts making changes, that Anderson will get more involved in the process and the tone of CNN will change. Maybe I'm wrong, but I remain hopeful because I know what Anderson/AC360/CNN used to be like. It also seems to me that Anderson has lost some of his good staff members as they've moved on to better jobs - and with CNN in cost cutting mode, those people have been replaced with young, inexperienced staff. The program is only as good at the total staff behind it.

A CNN narrative example, the NM killing story last night being on AC360 - highlight's were shown during Newsroom in the afternoon and the story seemed to be shown as a set-up/promotion for one of Piers' guests. Why not show the package with the guest on one show or the other? If this is a Zucker change, then yuck. I'm hopeful that maybe Anderson will move back to the 10PM time slot once the talk show ends and his hour won't be where they stick all the promotion for Piers, Soledad's specials, etc. I really miss his 10PM and 11PM slots b/c they would sometimes show segments in the repeat hour that they didn't have time for at 10PM. I'm also not sure why all the international news stories have been moved to Erin Burnett's program when Anderson is so much more knowledgeable covering the issues. Since his move to 8PM; especially lately, it seems international news (for the most part) has been taken away from him and given to Erin.

Stepping off my soapbox now -

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza: Surely Anderson doesn't write the Ridiculist himself. He didn't make a pause for comedy effect, he was trying not to egain his composure since he nearly had another giggle fit. And I think the writer was aiming for that. ;D

@Jaanza and Jenn: I already didn't see that Anderson and John wanted to present it as a politically motivated thing last time and I think you could only assume this in yesterday's segment if you already have your mind set on it. Looked to me as if they wanted to present one person who is pro women in combat and one who is sceptical/against it.

I don't really agree with the notion that it should be CNN's job to promote gun legislations (again, from a European perspective they are pretty partisan already ;)) but that is simply my own personal preference. To me they show both sides, their opinions and if that is what they think, what can you do? If it turns out they were wrong with being so pessimistic, even better.

Haha, I love the 8PM time slot for purely egoistic reasons because 10PM is too late at night in this part of the world. ;) Are CNN and CNN International different? Because they sometimes show updates and new segments at 10PM that didn't make it into the 8PM show.

I'm a bit sceptical regarding Zucker. Didn't he completely mess up with Conan? I am honestly a bit scared of what he will be doing with CNN... o_O

Anonymous said...

@trampadoo I was referring to the women in combat roles story when I said AC and John King wanted the "it was a political move" narrative. John King stated it was a political move on Wednesday night and at least twice on Wednesday night Anderson asked Rep. Duckworth and Margaret Hoover if they didn't think it was a political move and neither would agree with that - so AC360 found someone that would - Allen West, and had him on Thursday night.

I don't think it's CNN's job to promote gun legislation, nor do I feel it's their role to boldly state that proposed legislation has no chance of passing. They've said that before and been proven wrong - one would think they would learn from past mistakes, but apparently there's a long learning curve for CNN and it's anchors, reporters and punditry.


Anonymous said...

@Jenn: I was reffering to that as well. I just don't see that they are trying to portray it that way. He had guests/pundits on who thought it was a political move and others who don't. He asked the question and people told him they agree or disagree.

And I don't see how they boldly propose it will fail. I remember they mentioned several times that they had been wrong about what they thought would happen and that you would never know, it's just people stating their opinion on what they think will realistically happen. That's not always what we want to hear obviously.

Anonymous said...

President Obama and VP Joe Biden will do their best to get an assault weapons ban passed.
If for no other reason, President Obama wants this to be part of his legacy and because this mass killing of children in public school happened on his watch, some piece of legislation will pass.
It matters not what the pundits think on CNN or Anderson Cooper.
Not that we will ever know for certain what Cooper thinks or doesn't.
But to sure, something will go down.
The question is, will that something have teeth and make a difference?

Anonymous said...

I sure hope something will go down and that it won't just be a gun control light version.

Regarding Anderson, it's not his job to voice his opinion, it's his job to report the news and ask others about what they know and what they think.