Thursday, January 31, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, January 31, 2013

Anderson opened the Anderson Cooper 360 Town Hall:  Guns Under Fire ~

Various panel members took to the stage over four segments:   Dan Gross, President, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence;  Charles Ramsey, Philadelphia's Police Commissioner; Sandy Froman, NRA Board Member; Gayle Trotter, Senior Fellow, Independent Women's Forum; Colin Goddard, Virginia Tech Shooting Survivor;  Asa Hutchinson, Natl. Director, NRA School Shield Program; Sheryl Olson, Co-author, "Grand Theft Childhood"; and  Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chief Medical Correspondent; 

Some guests in the audience, including, Sarah McKinley, Shot and killed home intruder; CPL. Josh Boston, Opposes Sen. Feinstein's gun ban proposal;  Jeffrey Toobin, CNN Senior Legal Analyst; Sheriff Brad Rogers, Elkhart County, Indiana; Amardeep Kaleka, Father killed in Sikh temple shooting; Veronique Pozner, Son Noah killed in Sandy Hook Elementary shooting; Joe Zamudio, Helped subdue Tucson gunman; and Liza Long, Wrote blog post, "I am Adam Lanza's Mother" also spoke.   At the end of the hour Anderson closed the program and tossed to Piers Morgan who had a couple of questions for Anderson ~


AC360 posted a couple of photos from today to their Facebook account ~

Several photos showed up on Twitter and Instagram from the Town Hall taping this afternoon.  Thanks to our readers for passing some on ~

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Anonymous said...

That was a very interesting question Piers Morgan asked Anderson, who paused for a moment to gather his thoughts, before he answered, that the laws already on the books, must be enforced, according to the NRA.
Well we know this and they're not so the next question should be, why?
During AC's discussion he did ask some panelist who was a pro-gun activist, if car's were regulated, why not guns, and her answer, stupid as it was, was because "cars weren't part of the Second Amendment."
Anderson should have said, but dear, there were no cars when the Second Amendment was written, but he let it slide. What?
How stupid of her as an NRA panelist to have given such a reply.
Even the audience seemed to take offense, yet AC said not one word and proceeded with his questioning like nothing had occured.
It is times like these that make you wonder, is someone not doing HIS HOMEWORK?

Patrick DeMent said...

Dear Anonymous..sounds like you were looking for the Piers Morgan hour..Piers followed Anderson..

I thought Cooper did a fair and respectful moderation of the discussion and advanced the debate in a direction where it may be possible for all sides to agree to solutions that work rather than emotion driven personal attacks on America's law abiding gun owners..

Again, you'll find the tone that YOU seek on Piers' show..every night..same time..same station.

Anonymous said...

I though Anderson did an excellent job. It was a well balanced town hall. I also think Anderson did do his HOMEWORK. It was much better than Piers Morgan's town halls.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the clip with Piers Morgan. I missed parts of the whole debate because of the breaking news from Mexico (was that just on CNN International?) and also didn't realise Anderson would do a little sum up of the debate with Piers so I missed that one as well.

First of all, I really enjoyed the discussion. All sides were represented, it was a civilized, relatively calm debate and nothing like the show Piers did recently. The problem is that he tends to invite people that absolutely can't be reasoned with so a debate with them is pointless. In general I find pro-gun advocates a bit.. well, lets not get into this, but at least the ones they had on yesterday did not resort to yelling and pure polemics.

Anderson is a really good moderator and kept the discussion on track, managed to cut in so the guests wouldn't start to ramble but without constantly interrupting in mid-sentence.

Anon 2/1/13, 12:01 AM:

I rolled my eyes at the "cars weren't part of the Second Amendment" comment as well. Yes, that was childish, but that is part of the fundamental problem. Saying that cars had not been invented back then would have been equally childish and it was not Anderson's job to get into lenghthy arguments with his guests.

The problem is that she has a point, as silly as it may be. Because the right to own guns is so inbedded into the constitution since such a long time it is easy for gun-advocats to just through that out there without ever taking a moment to consider if it is not time to review the constitution once in a while like the founding fathers suggested.

It IS a dilemma. There is no amendment about cars but neither was there one on horse-drawn carriages and carts that were crucial for transportation and also killed quite a few people. And yes, people don't have a constitutional right to own a car (even though they can, even if they don't have a drivers licence, they just can't drive it while you can't own a gun if you don't pass the background check. Unless buy one at a gun show or privately. Duh.), they do have the right to own a gun though.

The problem is that while the things you must do and provide to be allowed to dive a car are evolving according to what makes sense and is safe (though the USA is not doing a great job in that respect either), the 2nd Amendmend sort of cock-blocks all reasonable changes because everyone can just yell "It's my right! End of story!" and those amendmends are really seen as untouchable by many, almost like some kind of holy book or religion.

So in a way I liked that moment because it was revealing. There wasn't really much Anderson could have said there without questioning the 2nd amendmend and the constitution (Sacrileg! Anti-American! and all that jazz...) and that is exactely the problem and why it is so diffcult to make any changes at all.

aries moon said...

Gayle Trotter, the woman who got so much attention for her statements on how guns make women safer was strongly opposed to the Violence Against Women Act--that's a lot of hypocrisy right there, IMO.

Anonymous said...

@aries moon: I thought she was the worst of the whole panel. Undue burden, what a bunch of nonsense... Not to mention that she complained about possible background checks when guns are pass on to relatives even though mentally ill people or others who for whatever reason shouldn't handle guns and get them from their relatives is clearly a problem.
I'm also not buying that women are safer when they own guns. How come the USA still has higher rape rates than most other western countries?

Anonymous said...

The right to own "muskets" is imbedded in the Constitution and guns to defend oneself from a militia.
No where does it say automatic weapons and most of what the NRA is putting out there is "childish."
It makes absolutely no sense at all and they should be HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR STUPIDITY.
La Pierre started it with his armed school guards at the doors and Kansas, home of Dorothy and guns galore, now has a guard at the door with a pistol in every elementary school, according to USA Today.
My question: What happens if a child in a classroom brings a loaded gun for show and tell and then uses it on his fellow classmate?
Will the guard at the door have helped the situation IN THE ROOM?
And yes, it is the job of the moderator/anchor to direct the tone, and if it is going in the direction of 'stupidity' well then, who's leading this show?
The "Do Nothing Congress," and Anderson Cooper should be "held accountable."

aries moon said...

@trampadoo, exactly, this is why so many of the arguments against gun control fall apart--I do not understand the resistance to background checks--and no, women are not necessarily safer with guns and this is why the VAWA is needed.