Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 1/22/13

3 WOUNDED AT TEXAS COLLEGE SHOOTING: Anderson Cooper and Ed Lavandera reporting. Freshman student Amanda Vasquez spoke to Cooper by phone about being on campus during the shooting

Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee and Texas State Senator Dan Patrick debate how to prevent school shootings while a feisty Anderson Cooper plays devil's advocate:

KEEPING THEM HONEST, DC'S REVOLVING DOOR: A report on Congresswoman  Jo Ann Emerson by Drew Griffin



UP CLOSE, FASHION LIGHTENING STRIKES TWICE: Anderson interview designer Jason Wu




Another twitter pic of Anderson in Washington, DC yesterday.  This one from @wvaspartan

And a cute Twitter pic titled "I met Anderson Cooper" from @NHL_Live2013

And just because we're in an exceptionally good mood tonight after an exceptionally good AC360 we'll add ATA's Shot of the Day.  Enjoy!!!

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Anonymous said...

Tuesday's was a very good 360, a variety of stories and even a redemption for one I ignored in the broadcast.

The first story was the shooting at Lone Star College, as it should have been. I appreciated that the panel were new faces instead of the usual pundits. It would have been better with the Dan Patrick of sports instead of TX State Senator Dan Patrick but of course 360 went with the logical choice. Anderson mentioned during the panel that he did "a lot of stupid stuff" in college and he knew many others who did "a lot of stupid stuff" and how much worse the stupid stuff might have been if anyone had a gun. Anderson brought up suicides. Dan Patrick had a answer for everything but came across as a loud 'I'm always right' blowhard. Anderson had to emphasize to him that he wasn't taking sides. As an example of this Anderson asked Rep. Lee shouldn't freshman 'Amanda have a weapon isntead of cowering?'

Drew Griffin's report on congressmen and women leaving office to become lobbyists was terrific. I never get tired of seeing politicians trying to ignore reporters and tough questions. I loved how the segment ended, with Griffin pointing out the jump in salary for Rep. Emerson. The only thing missing was info on how her seat will be filled. Will the Governor appoint someone or will there be a special election? Special elections are expensive. Who will pay for that?

I liked the footage in the first Bulletin of a man rescuing a woman who fainted onto the subway tracks in Spain. Someone send that footage to that NY Post photographer who didn't save the guy on the NYC subway tracks.

At the start of the Bob Costas interview, I stupidly channelsurfed. Then later I wondered if Anderson asked Costas who he likes in Super Bowl 47. Thank you, ATA, for posting the Costas segment so I could see it. He's a great sportscaster and had some smart comments. Sadly, nothing about the Super Bowl. I'm rooting for the Ravens.

The interview with Jason Wu was very good; what a charming guy.

Even though I had a premonition Anderson would bring up Milli Vanilli, overall it was a fun Ridiculist. I liked Anderson's comment "Francis Scott Key himself would send Beyonce a fruit basket."

Loved the ATA Shot of the Day. William is adorable and the bow at the end was a fantastic finishing touch.


Anonymous said...

I was disappointed that AC360 started off the program with the shooting at Lone Star College. While it was a news story as the story was unfolding mid-afternoon, by the time AC360 aired it was the story of an altercation between two people that happened to take place on a community college campus. It wasn't a wacko randomly gunning down people at a college campus. People getting shot in gun crossfire is an everyday occurrence in every major city in the U.S. The discussion of concealed carry laws was fine, but the shooting story was basically a local story and nothing more and should have been a bulletin mention at best. It was nice to see Anderson push back in the discussion. I like feisty Anderson.

The Bob Costas interview and the Jason Wu interview were both interesting, but needed to be balanced out with some weightier news stories, IMO. Earlier in the day AC360 was advertising coverage of the situation with the hostages in Algeria. And there was plenty of political news to be covered.

I will say that I loved Anderson's coverage at the inauguration over the weekend and it was nice to see him more engaged in tonight's AC360. It seems like when he's engaged the program is more interesting.

The shot of the little boy dancing was adorable.

aries moon said...

Gun advocates who behave the way Dan Patrick did on 360 aren't doing themselves or their cause any favors--he was belligerent and rude--Anderson handled him well by just continuing to ask questions. It might be a good idea to not come across as angry many of these gun lovers tend to be, but some of them are beyond being reasonable.

It was good to see live interviews with Bob Costas and Jason Wu.

Good Ridiculist, but if we want to talk about a REALLY great rendition of The Star Spangled Banner, no one has ever surpassed Whitney Houston's breathtaking and powerful version, IMO.

Anonymous said...

I agree,AC360 yesterday was great!

It's pretty clear where Anderson and CNN for that matter stands on the gun control question but I like that Anderson is playing devil's advocate because all sides should be questioned and then you can draw your conclusions. Which were pretty obvious last night. Feisty indeed. He is so good at letting those kind of people make themselves look like fools. Patrick came across as unreasonable, arrogant and ignorant. Which seems to sum up the majority of the typ of pro-gun people who are not interested in any restrictions at all and would rather everyone carried concealed guns.
I like that Anderson brought up the suicide issue and also that he mentioned him doing stupid stuff in college even though it was fairly good school (only Yale, pffff...).

The segment about the lobbyists was very interesting and also shocking. I had no idea...

Good to see that for once people saved a person who fell on the tracks instead of just watching, taking images.

Even the update on the footballer's fake girlfriend was okay because they focused more on the pitfalls of social media and his two cents on Armstrong were intersting as well.

The interview with Wu was less lightweight than I expected. And what a cute guy.

The Ridiculist was fun. Do people really believe this was lip-synched? I am with Anderson there. If it was it was the damn best lip-synch job on the planet.

Anonymous said...

"It is pretty clear where Anderson and CNN stand on gun control."
It is pretty clear where Piers Morgan stands on gun control because he doesn't mince words or play the "Devil's advocate," but
I missed the part about Anderson and CNN.
Where DOES he stand on gun control?

Anonymous said...

@Anon: Please, he's not even subtile about it. But apparently you need to have everything hammered home partisan-style with a sledge hammer.

Well, lets hope Anderson will at one point finally throw his principles out of the window and become the left version of Bill O'Reilly's opinion show so you can respect him. Or respect him again, since you claim to have respected him once. Which is, again, kind of funny because I remember quite well that even he didn't question that nuclear weapons in Iraq bs so I have now more reason to respect him than I had at times back then.

Anonymous said...

Over the many years Anderson has anchored 360, he rarely complemented the Obama Administration and has gone out of his way, to make disparaging, snide remarks about the POTUS.
Some like to use the phrase snarky and think it is cute. Not when it comes to the President of the United States. Did he do this about W.?
It is no wonder he will never get an interview with President Obama for 60 Minutes and it is about time he did use a "sledge hammer" to show us all where he stands on issues, besides gay rights which is obvious.
Maybe this just might be the key to improving his low ratings.