Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 1/29/13

BREAKING NEWS, NEW VIDEO OF DESTROYED BRAZILIAN NIGHTCLUB: Anderson Cooper and Shasta Darlington reporting

Follow up interview by Anderson with Jennifer Killin and Denise Correia, both Newtown residents

BORDER INSECURITY: Anderson Cooper and Gary Tuchman reporting
Panel discussion with Margaret Hoover and Charles Blow

Follow up with Gloria Borger

POSSIBLE NEW BIG WAVE SURFING RECORD: Anderson speaks by Skype with Garrett McNamara



Anderson said 'we'll be right back' but that was it for the 8 PM hour, so no Ridiculist tonight.

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Anonymous said...

More from the NYPost this morning. According to their sources Erin will be moved to the morning show with Cuomo. That is if she agrees. Her contract is for a primetime slot and she doesn't have to take the morning show. They will probably have to give her way more money.

And they are saying Soledad was promised a primetime slot. Which I don't understand because if she can't get good ratings in the morning then she won't in primetime either.

And last but not least it says Zucker told Anderson that his show will not be repeated in primetime anymore. But it does not say if he will stay at 8 as he is now or go back to 10 as he was before. But his 10 slot gets way better ratings so I'm betting he will go back to live at 10.

Wonder what will Zucker's next move be!?

Anonymous said...

If I'm being selfish for a moment I have to admit I prefer the 8 PM time slot because 10 PM is in the middle of the night in my country so it's nice that it is on twice but it definitely makes sense if that time slot gets better ratings.

I really don't know if one can trust Zucker to do the right thing looking back at some of his screw ups in the past (the Jay Leno backpaddle come to mind). I hope Soledad doesn't get the 8 PM slot because I find her a bit over-enthusiastic and obnoxious to watch and I agree, why would she fare better in primetime?

Is that just on CNN International or does everyone else get those super short previews of what is coming up next on AC360 during the commerical breaks? I think this is new since two or three days and I find it annoying because it makes everything seem more rushed and kind of all over the place? I assume that is Zucker's doing and I wouldn't mind if they canned that one right away.

Anyway, overall I enjoyed last night's show. Decent balance between news and discussion and a bit of entertainment. The interview with the surfer was quite refershing. "Dude, are you kidding me?" XD

Anonymous said...

I loved Anderson's interview with Garrett McNamara and I'm really looking forward to his report on 60 Minutes sports.

I thought the CNN exit interview with Secy. Clinton was weak. The ladies just didn't ask interesting questions IMO and I'm over the will she/won't she run in 2016. Give is a rest. The 60 Minutes interview was much more interesting.

While I'm interested to see how Anderson's Town Hall on Gun Control will go - I thought the interview with the Newtown residents last night was boring and way too long. Sometimes AC360 just needs to air a report or interview without follow up and last night was a good example of that, IMO.

I really like Gary Tuchman, but I'm not sure why they sent him back to the border to report on the border fence. AC360/Gary have been there, done that and nothing has changed. I did think that Margaret Hoover made some good points on Republicans and Immigration Reform - while some may be motivated, many aren't so well see how far this "bipartisan" effort lasts.

Anderson came back at the end and said they ran out of time for the RidicuList, I'm guessing it's because he let the Newtown residents talk longer than planned.

@Anon 6:06AM - The PageSix article said Soledad would have a role in Prime Time - not a slot/show of her own. That could mean any number of things and again it's PageSix/The NYPost that had Ann Curry replacing Anderson a couple of weeks ago - so take it for what it's worth - gossip.

As far as Anderson's AC360 not being repeated in prime time, I expected that to be Zucker's first move. I never understood why CNN would show a repeat in prime time. I think it was lazy on Jautz's part and showed that he wasn't really able to develop a prime time program. I hope Zucker's next move is showing Jautz the door.


Anonymous said...

"his 10PM slot gets way better ratings."
Yes, but compared to who?
Please note that Zucker's main concern is his competition and AC cannot seem to beat his competition, unless there is an actual crisis....like a mass shooting.
@Jenn: He was run multiple times because he had 'star quality.'
And look what he did with it. JMO
Soledad and Zucker go way back.
My bet is....she's covered.
And she's talented and CNN needs an anchor of ethnicity.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1/30/13, 11:33 PM:

Zucker's main concern might be ratings but look at what he did with it in the past years. Failure after failure and when he managed to improve ratings it was usually at the price of quality. Not sure what CNN was thinking, hiring the guy but here is hoping he doesn't continue his trend of failure and stupid decisions.