Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday, January 8, 2013

KEEPING THEM HONEST, Guns & Health Care:  A report by Anderson Cooper

GUN LANGUAGE INFECTS HEALTH CARE BILL, How NRA got its way and which top Dem. helped:  Report by Jim Acosta

GUNNING FOR DOCTORS, Law restricts their exam room weapons questions:  Anderson's follow up discussion with Jim Acosta and Dr. Sanjay Gupta

MOTHER CALLS FOR GUN CONTROL, Daughter was killed in Tuscon shooting spree:  Anderson's interview with Roxanne Green

BATTLE OVER GUN CONTROL. How much could issue cost members?:  Anderson's follow up discussion with Margaret Hoover and Charles Blow, NY Times

KEEPING THEM HONEST:  Too Big to Fail, But Not to Sue?:  Report by Anderson Cooper

FROM THANK YOU TO "BLANK" YOU, AIG thanks taxpayers, then says it might sue govt.:  Anderson's follow up discussion with Ali Velshi

KEEPING THEM HONEST, Getting Away with Rape:  Report by Anderson Cooper

CALIFORNIA RAPE LAW ONLY FOR MARRIED WOMEN, Law was passed in 1872 but is still on the books:  Report by Kyung Lah and follow up with Anderson

CALIFORNIA RAPE LAW ONLY FOR MARRIED WOMEN, State legislature considering new bill to fix law:  Anderson's follow up interview with Kamala Harris, California Attorney General

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN:  Deborah Feyerick




Congratulations Isha!   Can't believe we missed this last night....


Kathy Griffin talked about texting Anderson when he was "on assignment" as part of her new special and read one his replies....


Will he or won't he?......

Organizer:Cooper expected at Dyngus DayPosted by: Emily Lenihan

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - Dyngus Day Co Founder Eddie Dobosiewicz says Anderson Cooper is expected to participate in this year's Dyngus Day celebration. News 4 has received no confirmation of the plans from Anderson Cooper.

Dobosiewicz says he has been in touch with Anderson's staff since August, and barring any breaking news, Anderson Cooper is expected to be in Buffalo for the celebration.

Dyngus Day topped Cooper's "Ridiculist," last April. When he talked about the celebration, Cooper erupted into 70 seconds of uninterrupted on-air laugher. Cooper seemed baffled about the Dyngus Day tradition of squirting water and using pussy willows in a flirtatious manner as a sign of affection.

Cooper eventually ended up apologizing for laughing at the event. The topic was refueled when Dyngus Day topped the Ridiculist for all of 2012.

NOTE:  Dyngus Day falls on Monday, April 1st this year!

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