Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Wednesday 1/30/13

ALABAMA HOSTAGE CRISIS: Anderson Cooper reporting
ALABAMA HOSTAGE STAND OFF: George Howell reporting from the scene, Byron Sage (former FBI hostage negotiator) and Mark Potok (Southern Poverty Law Center)

NYPD TOP COP ON GUN CONTROL: Anderson speaks with Ray Kelly


NFL'S LINEBACKER'S PAST & PRESENT: Ed Lavandera reporting

SNOWMOBILE DAREDEVIL CRASH: Anderson interviews Jacko Strong via Skype



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Anonymous said...

Anderson is the only anchor I know that could make an interview with Ray Kelly, the highest law enforcement official in NYC's NYPD, extremely boring.
I am a big fan of Ray Kelly.
He single handedly took a city that was in ruins and remade it, safe and secure.
The NYPost ran a front page lead story on the tremendous job he is doing with the help of a very well trained NYPD.
Kelly did say that he thought hand guns were the enemy and not assault weapons and I guess in a city like NYC, that is true.
However, mass shootings are still
the cause of mass deaths, like the one in Newtown.
And after watching La Pierre testify
before the Senate, I would very much like to see a ban on all assault weapons...if only to 'get' La Pierre who is now against background checks as well!
Yes, this is what he is for: NOTHINNG.
According to Piers Morgan, the NRA completely reversed itself since 99
We wouldn't have this problem if George W. Bush and his friend Cheney, who shot his friend in the face, hunting, we need to be reminded of this, hadn't let the assault weapons ban expire.
Shame on them all!

Anonymous said...

The first half of Wednesday's 360 was great; the second half not so great.

Everyone did an excellent job with the story about the hostages in Alabama. It was especially good to see Mark Potok again, he should be on more often.

I really appreciated 360 for broadcasting Rep. Giffords' speech in its entirety. The news concerning the decline in funding for gun research deserves a segment all by itself. Police Chief Ray Kelly did a very good job in the interview. Next up it might be interesting to hear from the Police Chief of Chicago.
At the end of this segment Anderson promoted his upcoming Town Hall on gun control, again emphasizing he's not taking sides. Okay but there were several points in the segment that probably pissed off gun right enthusiasts. However, there were also points where gun control advocates probably thought he didn't go far enough.

I loved the headline on screen "Tornadoes in the South Midwest". International 360 watchers - did you get a good idea where the South Midwest is? I guess you could say I'm in the North Midwest.

360 kind of fell apart with the 'Ray Lewis May Be Involved in 13 Year Old Double Murder... or Not'. I can think a lot of better Super Bowl related topics. It felt like someone thought 'Hey, we haven't done a Crime and Punishment report in a while' also while thinking 'Super Bowl is coming up'. And so the Ray Lewis report was thrown on screen.

Same with the interview with the X Games snowmobile guy. Reminded me of Letterman's old bit 'Newtork Time Killer'.

One good thing about the last half of 360 was the Manti Te'O hoax guy being only the 3rd story in the Bulletin.

Someone, not Andeson, put time and effort into writing the Ridiculist. You could tell the effort was there but it just didn't work out that well.

@Trampadoo - yesterday's post - yes, we also see the super short promos run during commercial breaks.

One small article I've seen about Zucker and things shaking up at CNN: Erick Erickson is out. I can't complain about that.


aries moon said...

Three sports related reports on 360 seemed kind of odd and the hostage crisis didn't seem like a national news story, but maybe I'm wrong. I wonder if 360 is feeling the influence of Jeff Zucker already or is about to.

Anonymous said...

I didn't find the interview with Ray Kelly boring at all, quite the opposite. Actually I'm often working when I watch news shows and I had to stop for the hostage segment and the interview.

Other than that I agree. I'm pessimistic though. When it comes to guns the USA just seems to be immune to positive change and talking a look at all those other countries that handle things better. There seem to be far too many people who will just claim that nothing will improve the situation, even though the whole world is an example for what works.

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza: Yes, I read that about Erickson as well. He claims he left on his own but I suspect he that wasn't his own decision. Can't say I am too sad about that either. Apparently he will be joining Faux News now. Well, good match, what an improvement, eww.