Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Wednesday 1/9/13

WHAT GUNS ARE GOOD? Randi Kaye reporting
SETTING THEIR SIGHTS ON GUNS: Discussion with Jeffery Toobin, Margaret Hoover and Peter Beinhart

THE BIG 360 INTERVIEW: Ret. Gen. Stanley McChrystal

MISSING: Anderson Cooper reporting on the capture and holding of Robert Levinson
PHOTOS OF MISSING RETIRED CIA AGENT: Anderson speaks with Christine Levinson

WILL ARMSTRONG COME CLEAN? Anderson Cooper reporting
LANCE ARMSTRONG TO ADMIT DOPING? Interviews with Betsy Andreu and
Juliet Macur


THE RIDICULIST: "Lion on the Loose"


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A picture of Anderson's firehouse that was posted on Twitter:

There was a segment that AC contributed to on Jimmy Kimmel's show last night:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

At the very start, Anderson took a minute to state Zaidoun Al Zoubi was released by the Syrian police. It was great news, the kind of news that begged for a good review on what's going on in Syria nowadays. Maybe Zaidoun will be able to give a thorough interview in the days ahead.

I had a couple of problems with the gun segment. In Randi Kaye's report, concerning the second case in Arizona, it was not clear if the guy who disarmed the shooter had a gun himself or was simply able to wrestle the shooter's gun away. And the panel's first half was very disorganized and chaotic. Eventually it settled down and people were able to talk without a lot of interruptions.

The best segment was Anderson's interview with General McChrystal - good questions and answers and far better than the gun panel.

It seemed the only reason for the Lance Armstrong segment was because it was announced Oprah will interview Armstrong. I thought it was a flimsy reason to drag the whole doping scandal out into the light again and give it it's own segment and barely paid attention. However, I noticed 360 had a clip of a '60 Minutes' report on Armstrong which I thought was from quite a while back. Later, when I tried to research the date of that '60 Minutes' report, I found out the big breaking news on Armstrong was his attempt to donate money to the anti-doping agency who was investigating him. This was very new news but I don't remember it being mentioned in the 360 segment. If someone paid better attention to it, could you let me know if this donation attempt was discussed?

Loved the Ridiculist. Charles is one adorable labra-lion, such a happy cutie-pie. I bet he's goofy too.


aries moon said...

Always good to see Jeff Toobin on the show and the addition of Peter Beinart and Charles Blow have elevated the commentary and discussions on 360--it's been a relief not having to see folks like Ari Fleischer or Mary Matalin on but I suppose they'll be back. The McChrystal interview was smart and fairly lengthy and it was live which enables AC to get more questions in.

Never been much interested in Lance Armstrong, but the two guests certainly made him out to be a pretty rotten guy--I'd be surprised if he made a full confession to doping.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is so great not to see Ari Fleischer or Mary Matalin. Hopefully they are off the show permanently.

Anonymous said...

Watched it yesterday and also stuck around for Morgan, which was not good for my blood pressure I think.

The ongoing debate about gun laws is very interesting even though I remain puzzled how some of this is even a debate. Canada, Australia and 50+ European countries, many of which are comparable to the US when it comes to immigration percentage, wealth etc., all are allowed to own guns (more restrictions in the UK) and have similar, strict gun laws and the constrast to the US when it comes to gun-related deaths and injuries and of course those mass shootings is insane. Not to mention that many European countries have a much higher population desity than the USA which should in theory lead to more aggression. The gun laws clearly make the difference.

I just don't understand how people who advocate no further restrictions at all can ignore those facts.

The discussion on 360 was interesting and mature with exception of the blond lady. I guess she knew her stuff but the way she reacted everytime the two guys said something she disagreed with just made her look kind of immature. So that was a little minus. Maybe they could get someone in next time who acts a bit more professional.

The interview with the general was the highlight for me, too. Very telling and informative.

Speaking of professional, I guess I expect so much of AC360 that watching Morgan afterwards was such an odd contrast. While I mostly agree with him this is more like Faux News in Opposite Land. That assault rifle advocate guy made me want to pull my hair out. I'm glad that Anderson usually doesn't even invite those kind of people to 360 because there is no way to have a useful interview with them anyway.

I especially liked how the guy imagined there would be an element of surprise at who carries the guns in his little armed schools and universities scenario. Yeah, element of surprise and random concealed carrying people reacting to a shooter in chaos and panic is exactely what you want at a school or university. And it would get even more interesting if one of the people who would be allowed to carry would be the one to freak out start a shooting. The guy is clearly insane.

Morgan made a good point that none of the dozens of mass shootings in the USA in the past decades has ever been stopped by a civilian and AC360 also mentioned that one occasion were a mad shooter was stopped by an professional of all people while in another incident a civilian nearly shot the guy who stopped the shooter.

I guess banning assault rifles should be a no brainer, even though it probably won't happen, but I don't think banning all guns is necessary at all. All the other western countries do perfectly well with owning a crapload of guns and their strict gun laws.

PS: That Alex Jones guy needs to see a shrink. o_O

Anonymous said...

I have to say I really enjoyed last night's show. So many different topics and I like they are using different people for the discussions. It has been awhile since I could say that.

The dog looking like a lion was adorable.

Thank you