Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Anderson Live Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Anderson's guest co-host for the day was Dari Alexander from NY Fox 5.   Enjoy the 'First 15' ~

There was more after the break ~

GUEST/TOPIC SEGMENTS:  "Cougar Town" star, Busy Philipps; unbelievable stories caught of tape; "RHOA" star Kenya Moore


From the 'Anderson Live' photo booth ~

Anderson aired the following segment on Friday's talk show ~

...and he mentioned he would be in the February issue of Good Housekeeping magazine (please, click to enlarge) ~

...and 'Anderson Live' posted the following to their website ~

Video: Anderson Visits Good Housekeeping

Take a look at this behind-the-scenes video of Anderson's visit to the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. Anderson checks out the latest household products and shares a few things about himself… including his love for a McDonald's Big Mac.

Anderson also reveals that he believes the most meaningful stories are the ones about "everyday people who face sudden trauma and must figure out how to move on and continue to live their lives with dignity."

During his visit to Good Housekeeping, Anderson said he never realized how "influenced I am by advertising and the packaging, and how silly that is, and it makes me want to look even more for the Seal of Approval."

See him in his white lab coat… check out the video!

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I think Busy Phillips needs to be a co-host. She was far more interesting and entertaining that the actual co-host.

Thanks for the Good Housekeeping extras.

Anonymous said...

So now he's doing endorsements.
Is nothing beneath his dignity?
His friend Kelly Ripa was doing commercials for Electrolux products.
HM...but she's a mother, with kids.
What does Anderson know about cleaning and cooking?
Not one thing.
Someone must remind him he's a journalist.
No, he has become a TV personality...his very own branding.

Anonymous said...

Anything for a buck.
He should have taken the Tom Ford deal when it was offered years ago.
But now.....who cares.
Soon he'll be on HSN and QVC.
Just wait.

Anonymous said...

Anon, if you want to make it look like there is more than just one person obsessively stalking a man you can't stand and don't respect you might want to change formatting, puctuation and style of your posts a little bit next time.

Having said that, at least you are mildly amusing in your predictability and repetiveness. Must be really frustrating to be obsessed with someone you can never have and to whom you are completely irrelevant?

Busy was really refreshing and likable. :)

Anonymous said...


Apparently Good Housekeeping asked him to come. They sent a rep to 'Anderson Live' for a segment in October when Martin Short was guest co-hosting. Maybe this grew out of that. They segment was very funny.

If you watched the last video, Anderson talks a lot about his reporting and what's important to him.

Not everyone is as shallow as you like to make them out to be.

I really liked Busy Phillips on today's show. I agree that she would make a good guest co-host.

I'm sorry, but Terence's daily face time on the show is too much for me. I'm guessing one of these days, Anderson will have to travel and Terence and his dog Nico will host. I'll be sure not to watch. Once it a while may be funny, once or twice a show is overkill. How many times can Anderson tease him about his Botox and he not be offended or maybe he is and we just can't tell because his face doesn't move? Terence's comment today about Anderson looking old because he didn't use Botox was just disrespectful and mean. Maybe if he spent more time being an Executive Producer instead of figuring out how to get face time, the show wouldn't have been canceled.

Anonymous said...

@trampadoo, I have no intention of changing my format.
I do not call constructive criticism stalking, you might want to look that word up in a ditionary.
I will continue giving my opinions as freely as I want under the First Amendentment.
And might I remind you, there have been others right here, who have been critical.
It is you who are new here, not I.
Get used to it.
I am pleased you find me 'mildly amusing.'

Anonymous said...

"Constructive criticism". Now that is VERY amusing indeed. There's nothing "constructive" about these people who obviously dislike Anderson but still are powerless to tear themselves away from him. What do they get out of this? Or him? An actual fan of Anderson's might make some occasional criticism of him, but they are ACTUAL FANS and have some motivation for doing it. If AC did everything the critics here wanted, they'd still find something wrong with it because they are NOT fans, they are just extremely ODD characters who are totally blind to how peculiar it is to follow closely the career and life of someone who they so clearly disrespect.

Anonymous said...


You might want to look up the difference between 'constructive critcism' and 'polemics' then. And look up 'pathological' and 'aversion' while you are at it. :)

If you think anyone here thinks your rants constitute as constructive criticsm you are deluded. And I really couldn't care less how long you have been doing this. I have been readings this blog for years now and I am well aware your rants go way back and they were as polemic and unconstructive back than as they are today.

Anonymous said...

PS: Kenya kissing Anderson's hand was kind of cute. Did they cut out the segment where she said she wants him but will have to look for someone playing for her team?