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From The ATA Archives: Anderson Cooper in The Democratic Republic of The Congo, October 2006, Part 1

Anderson Cooper reporting live from Goma, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, October 2, 2006.   Below is Anderson's first live shot from Goma.  John Roberts was holding down the anchor desk in NYC and cut to Anderson ~

A few weeks ago we posted Anderson on "Inside Africa" where he talked about his reporting inside the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  In case you missed it, you may access it by clicking here.  Last month we posted Anderson's 60 Minutes report on The Kings of the Congo.   Today we are starting a Sunday Series of Anderson's reporting for AC360 from "the Congo" in October 2006.

Anderson explained the journey and the reason for the trip in a blog post on the AC360 blog ~

Friday, September 29, 2006
Dying in silence

We are on our way to central Africa. Right now we're in Dubai waiting for one of several connecting flights we'll be taking to get to the Congo.

It's a place many Americans know little about, and yet each of us carries a piece of the Congo with us, wherever we go. Minerals mined in the Congo like tin ore and coltan are essential components in cell phones, computers, and video game consoles.

The battle over who gets to mine those minerals has fueled the deadliest conflict the world has seen since World War II. More than three million people have died in the Congo since 1998 and there has been very little coverage of it.

Tens of thousands of women have been raped; often gang raped by soldiers and militia members. What has happened there is hard to fathom, and still some 1200 people are dying every day from malnutrition and disease.

It is ironic of course, that in our hi-tech world, the very place that makes our phones and computers work, is one of the least developed and impoverished places on the planet.

Next week we will be doing something I don't think any other network has ever done. We will be covering two major humanitarian crises at once, the Congo and Darfur. Jeff Koinange and Dr. Sanjay Gupta will be reporting on Darfur and I will be in eastern Congo.

Logistically this is an incredibly difficult undertaking. It's expensive, and requires a huge team of people. The truth is no one but CNN would undertake a mission like this. Our plan is to take all of you along on this journey, to two places you have rarely seen.

So many people in the Congo and Sudan have already lost their lives; so many more lives hang in the balance. There are few things worse than dying in silence, too many already have. I hope you'll join us on this trip. Posted By Anderson Cooper: 4:04 PM ET

On Monday, October 2nd, 2006, with John Roberts at the anchor desk in NYC; he cut to Anderson a few times during the broadcast.  Anderson basically gave some background information on the recent "war" in the Congo and explained what to expect on AC360 over the next three nights.  There is some duplicity in these next three live shots, but some additional information as well, along with a little JR and AC banter.  Enjoy ~

Anderson's last live shot of the night was an introduction to a fellow CNN correspondent's report from Darfur and then a couple of follow-up Q & As with John Roberts ~

Over the next few weeks we will bring you Anderson's reports from Goma/Congo on Sundays.  We hope you enjoy this look back and remember the region is still facing hardships today.  Wonz.


Anderson was in LA Saturday night to host a fundraiser for Sean Penn's Haiti relief organization.  He first tweeted about the three year anniversary of the quake and then about hosing the fundraiser~

While professional photos have yet to surface, there were a couple on Instgram and Twitter that we thought we'd share ~


Anderson's stay in LA will be short as he will be broadcasting AC360 Live from Newtown, CT, Monday ~

One month after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, Anderson Cooper will anchor a special AC360° "United in Newtown" , airing at 8 and 10pm ET. 

Cooper will speak with Mark Kelly about the political action committee he launched with his wife Gabrielle Gifford, about their recent visit to Newtown and what their lives have been like in the two years since the shooting in Arizona. 

And in honor of the lives lost, country superstar Kenny Chesney recorded a special version of “Amazing Grace” for AC360°, which premiers on Monday's program. 

Cooper will also visit with family members of Newtown and ask about their push for change in gun control policy, and of the overwhelming support the community received from people around the world. An example of which is evident when Gary Tuchman visits a warehouse filled with letters, toys and gifts sent to the town from every corner of the globe.

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Anonymous said...

@Wonz, thanks for posting this. I really enjoyed seeing it again. The sad thing is I don't think much has changed for the people of Congo.

Did anyone notice how much younger Anderson looked. I know it has been 6 years and Lord knows I look a lot older. LOL

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting those gems. Yes, it's really depressing how things have not really gotten better for the people of Congo. :(

Any news from the Haiti fundraiser? From what I have read Anderson had fun. I hope it was a big success.

I'm looking forward (if that is a suitable term for the topic. Not really I guess.) to tonight's AC360. The conspiracy theorists are getting their panties in a bunch out there because of the segment Anderson did on the prof. It's sad and scary at the same time.

And I wonder if Anderson will go to Mali to report on the situation there? I almost hope he won't. Sounds very dangerous and unstable and Islamists and an openly gay journalist? Not a good combination. Not that this has ever held him back before.