Monday, January 21, 2013

Inauguration Day 2013 10 PM Hour, A Special Edition of AC360

Anderson Cooper opened a Special Edition of AC360 with an overview of the days events ~

OBAMA ON OFFENSE, Second inaugural speech features tougher tone:  Anderson's discussion with David Gergen and Douglas Brinkley

INAUGURATION NIGHT, V.P. Biden and wife also attend celebrations:  Anderson listens in to V.P. Biden speaking at the Commander-In-Chief Ball

FIRST LADY BALL GOWN REVEALED, Jason Wu design chosen for 2nd time by Michelle Obama:  Anderson's discussion with Sally Quinn and Robin Givhan (Washington Post contributor)

INAUGURAL POET, "MY STORY IS AMERICA'S STORY", Richard Blanco is first Hispanic; openly gay man to read inaugural poem:  Anderson's interview with Richard Blanco

"WHEN TIMES CHANGE, SO MUST WE", President Obama's message in inaugural address:  Report by Anderson and follow up discussion with panel of Paul Begala, Van Jones, Margaret Hoover, and Alex Castellanos

OBAMA ON OFFENSE, Second inaugural speech features tougher tone:  Anderson's continued discussion with the same panel

"WHAT HAPPENS TOMORROW?":  Anderson poses the question to Alex and Van

FIRST LADY BALL GOWN REVEALED, Jason Wu design chosen for 2nd time by Michelle Obama:  Anderson's discussion with Alina Cho and Robin Givhan

Anderson closed the Special Edition of AC360 with scenes from the day ~

A couple of photos found on Flickr from Sunday's coverage ~

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys are doing an amazing job. Thank you so much for posting all those clips for us! :) CNN International didn't broadcast the whole thing so I am very thankful for being able to watch it here.

Not watched everything yet but what I saw yesterday I enjoyed very much. It was a good mixture of serious discussion, trivia and entertainment and quite nice to watch over a long period of time (those kind of broadcasts can get quite obnoxious if the reporters are super over-enthusiastic all the time).

Wolf and his music band obsession and him waving to the Obamas and Bidens when they walked to the White House cracked me up. ^_^

I thought Obama's speech was amazing. I got goosebumps and I am not even American. I wish he would be able to achieve everything he mentioned, which will be incredibly hard if not impossible, but it was great to hear him talk about it in such detail. I absolutely didn't expect him to mention climate change, social security and gay rights.

Speaking of which, damn, that clearly meant a lot to Anderson. I was so thrilled for him and the whole LGBT community in the USA. Sometimes just this kind of validation can be very important. Loved the interview with the poet. A handshake AND a pat on the shoulder/back? That is like Anderson's equivalent of wanting to give the guy a hug. ;D

Okay, off to watch more videos.

Anonymous said...

Yes, so why do we all get the feeling Anderson supported McCain in the last election? McCain is always AC's 'go to person' on every controversial issue on 360.
I am American, and it clearly was the wrong choice.
It gave me goosebumps just thinking about 08.

Anonymous said...

Supported McCain in the last election? Yeah, tell that to the republicans/conservatives who were annoyed by his "obnoxious" insistent pointing out of Palin's nonsense.

And you mean he occcasionally invites people to comment on controversial issues who might present a viewpoint YOU don't like? Oh no, that's awful! There is no way people can make up their own mind about this.

I wish you would once in a while be a bit more consistent with your polemics. Once day you claim Anderson only cares about gay rights, the next you suggest he supported republicans. Right.